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Dutch league at full speed: Jaspers, Merckx, Blomdahl

Posted by on April 12, 2019

Dutch league at full speed: Jaspers, Merckx, Blomdahl

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Eddy Merckx has been attracted by the champion team SIS Schoonmaak

THE HAGUE - There was a fear that the Dutch three cushion league would lose strength after Caudron and Leppens will leave for Korea, but the opposite is the case. Eddy Merckx has signed a contract as the leading player of the champion team SIS Schoonmaak in The Hague and earlier this week, Torbjörn Blomdahl reached an agreement with HCR Prinsen in Haarlo. The replacement of Hofman with Merckx and Leppens with Blomdahl  undoubtedly makes The Hague and Haarlo teams even stronger. Furthermore, has strengthened itself with Peter De Backer, after the loss of Frédérick Caudron. Moreover, it looks like Dion Nelin is coming to Sluiskil for a number of matches.

Eddy Merckx was very pleased with his new team in the Netherlands. The Belgian star player signed a contract with La Baule in France earlier this week and now with SIS Schoonmaak in The Hague. Both teams are the reigning champions in their country. Merckx: 'I couldn't have wished for better than to receive these great offers so quickly. It looks great for me in the coming season.'
Torbjörn Blomdahl was delighted with the offer in Holland. 'I'm pleased to play in one team with Dick Jaspers again." The Swede is not asked by the Korean organization PBA for a contract. 'But sure, I would never play in tournaments that are not approved by the UMB.'

Cor Trampe, team leader of the Dutch champion SIS Schoonmaak, said on the day of Merckx' transfer,  'We were not so happy when Glenn Hofman told us he is to leave, because we had an agreement for another year, but we seem even stronger now with this big fish Eddy Merckx, a two fold world champion and world class player.' SIS Schoonmaak, the main sponsor, has extended the three-year contract by one year and will remain at least two years more at The Hague.'

The Dutch league will be at full speed again next year with top guns like Jaspers, Merckx, Coklu, Blomdahl, Horn, Martinez, Forthomme, Nelin and Ceulemans.

Torbjörn Blomdahl returns to the Dutch league


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My Comments

Notice to UMB by PBA's Belgian Law Firm
Carom fans deserve to know what is going on other than Kozoom's one-way news and propaganda.
Please read PBA news as well to maintain neutral insights and balanced attitude.

Hope to watch the Dutch League on Eurosports-2 TV even once.

Message 1/8 - Publish at April 12, 2019 12:27 PM

Balanced info?
For your information, I (and probably lots of other carom fans) read PBA informations as well as Kozoom information. And guess what? PBA´s version of the truth suits PBA - and Kozoom´s version of the truth suits Kozoom/UMB. Big surprise, right? So we read and inwardly digest, and form our opinion from what both sides want to reveal. A bit like watching both CNN and Fox News.

For further information: We were not able to read PBA info until late March, after having urged the editors of the PBA FB page numbers of times to translate their output to English. At that point I was close to convinced, that PBA didn´t care at all about carom outside Korea (I still can´t quite get rid of that suspicion).

Xavier Carrer puts a simple question to you - now I do too (for the second time, btw): Identify yourself. I have no desire to agree with everyone whose path I cross, but I do appreciate knowing who I am talking to. Me? I am the co-leader of a pretty powerful Danish team, based in Copenhagen. I have relations (not close, but still...) with guys like Glen and Eddy, and I tell you: This war is tearing me to pieces (like many others, I guess). And quite frankly, I do NOT see you trying to solve anything - au contraire.

Publish at April 12, 2019 8:21 PM

About propaganda
Dear "inception" (or anonymous PBA promoter), you can learn and enjoy here the so called "freedom of speech" by using our own website to criticize Kozoom anonymously. It would be easy for us to delete this kind message but it's not our policy. We do believe it's much better for billiards community to read your post and see how you are acting.

Message 2/8 - Publish at April 12, 2019 4:00 PM

Reply to Xavier and Tlau
I am not a PBA promoter. All I want to see is the environment of carom becomes better than now for the players. As a weekend hobby player, I meet the KBF players occasionally and hear their sympathetic situation. I tried to convey what I have heard in English so that carom fans worldwide could share.

I regret if my posts are simply criticized just for making Kozoom uncomfortable.
Yes! Everybody has 'freedom of speech' and every public media has 'ethics of publication' as well.

I only wish UMB and PBA will find solution to work together or separately to render better future to this struggling cue sport. I mean it!

Publish at April 16, 2019 5:55 PM

Tired of trash-talking
@ Inception
I do not criticize you for "making Kozoom uncomfortable". I criticize you for your aggressive approach, which I find unnecessarily hostile, disrespectful and utterly counterproductive. If you want a sober debate (read: friendly exchange of opinions), you might consider using a different tone.

Kozoom (mainly Frits Bakker) has loyally reported news concerning this dreadful conflict, expressing Kozoom´s point of view, and not once spoken a harsh word about - or pointed a finger against - any player who chose PBA. Still, he is the subject of offensive trash-talking like "one-way news and propaganda" - "crooks Kozoom" - even accused of lying; the exact words being: "misinforming people by writing lies".
In other circumstances, someone might be facing legal actions, but hey - this is SoMe, which means: Anything goes - no rules for decent behavior apply, right?

Accept the fact, that Kozoom is a significant party in this conflict, and as such you can´t be expected to be 100 % neutral. Just as PBA is hardly 100 % neutral either.
For your info (once again, told you already on April 12.): In complex matters like this, I always seek information from at least two sources. Always did - always will. So your kind advice is not needed, thank you.

"I only wish UMB and PBA will find a solution..." Well, that´s good news, and a statement I´m sure is shared by the likes of KORZI (Billy), Klimanek and others. You would all look a little more credible, if you stopped littering the debate with mocking, disrespectful and insulting comments.

Publish at April 17, 2019 12:45 PM

Nice, SIS Schoonmaak
That is one powerful line-up, Cor Trampe. Cangrats. Giving way a little, though, to your principle idea, that your team is strictly for Dutch players ;o) Anyway, good news for your team, and for HCR Prinzen and Dallinga as well.

Message 3/8 - Publish at April 12, 2019 8:35 PM

Real NEWS ?
Mr. Xavier ,by attacking to one of the best ever players in the world many times You dont think that is like attacking to all the other players that switch to PBA or only Caudron ?

Also posted only the UMB Kozoom News with the way you want for sure it's much better for billiards community to read your post and see how you are acting.

Kozoom news mean only news that you want to Post or like the World federation partner mean that is all about 3Cushion news around the world ?

Message 4/8 - Publish at April 12, 2019 9:04 PM

Me tired of it
Suspending a player for year(s) or lifetime is not acceptable in any individual sports. Xavier or Kozoom in general has argued this is common within Ice Hockey, Volleyball etc. Well – these are team sports – not played by individuals. Almost any player can be replaced. But in individual sports? Good luck finding any examples. One boxing federation not wanting another boxing champion in their match? Hahah, come on. This is where the biggest money is. And if any other billiards federation breaks your monopoly? Only good for this sport. Shame on you for wanting to rule the billiards world. I am happy there are these brave souls who want to control their own calendar.

Message 5/8 - Publish at April 16, 2019 2:45 AM - Edited at April 16, 2019 2:45 AM

Suspension of players by UMB
I am deeply impressed with your post, Klimanek!

I will translate it into Korean language and post it on billiard internet websites in Korea.

Really good point and I expect official response from UMB soon.
Will it happen? I doubt, but .......

Publish at April 16, 2019 6:01 PM

Some comments...
First, « Lifetime » sanction has never been mentioned by UMB. You can even not find this case in UMB regulation. It’s useful to blame the UMB, create drama and victimize players who are following PBA money.
Second, 1-year to 2-year are usual sanctions faced by athletes for participating in events not authorized by their international sports federation. Individual or team, it does not matter. Check out this document if you need examples:
Third, I can deal with your insult. I know what Kozoom made the past 15 years to promote billiards and make 3-Cushion more professional. I care much more about our journalist Frits Bakker who is facing attacks and insults on Facebook from people who are targetting Kozoom accross himself. No one else has written more stories about 3-Cushion... He deserves a minimum of respect, even from players who don’t like the way he used to write their story. Anyway, the division orchestrated by the PBA is on its way. Let’s see where it will bring Billiards.

@Inception. Still you don’t say who you are :) Not a big deal. Everyone understood you are promoting PBA here. You are free to do it but challenge yourself by making it nicely, without being agressive or insulting.

@korzi. You are probably the greek guy who is spending his time to attack Kozoom since 2 or 3 years because we did not allow you to republish our videos on your Facebook page. The current conflict is making your page more famous. You enjoy this conflict and you don’t care about the future of 3-Cushion.

Message 6/8 - Publish at April 17, 2019 1:00 AM - Edited at April 17, 2019 1:03 AM

some questions ...
Mr. Xavier .you dont answer to my Question "by attacking to one of the best ever players in the world many times You dont think that is like attacking to all the other players that switch to PBA or only Caudron ?".

Also do you think that the viewers of your news in Kozoom get all the informations they need to know about 3cushion around the world or just what you and your partner UMB want to write ?

It is your videos you said and propably you mean that you can make money with the videos of the athletes like Caudron even if UMB have to suspend Him ?The future suspended Players has any rights of their own videos anymore you think ?

You think the quality of your streamings is the proper and what are you thinking when you watch BilliardsTV Live productions , You think that you are a Pro or Amateur ?

I am not enjoy your conflicts and i realy care about the future of this game thats why i re-open my page "3Cushion World news" before 2 months after a more than one and a half year that the page was closed just to inform Billiard fans the real truth and not the half like you Offer it with your "News"

"3Cushion World News" the page you mention that i just spend my time to attacking Kozoom has more than 6 years of life and more than 32.000 followers and over 14.500 posts ,that means more than 6 years promoting Kozoom tournaments ,what change the last 2-3 years Me or You ?

Your advantage all this years by exclusive broadcasting UMB events give you the exclusive know How about the 3Cushion Future ?

Your old and suspended Flash system on your Site gives you the right to say that in 2019 you care about the future of the Sport and your members joyable viewing ?

My page is famous because My attacking to Kozoom you think or because I give all the informations that a 3Cushion fan want to know ?

Also when you mention a country Like Greece please use caps for the first letter ...

Hope for answers Mr. Xavier

Billy Threpsiadis

Publish at April 17, 2019 6:40 AM

Lifetime suspension?
@ Klimanek

As already pointed out by Xavier Carrer, no such sanction as "Lifetime suspension" exists.

I quote from UMB Statutes, Chapter 6, Article 124.1: "Depending on the gravity of the infringement, it is possible to accumulate sanctions. A sanction may be coupled with total or partial suspension. If a sanction with suspension is pronounced, the details or its repeal must also be specified. The duration of a suspension may not exceed three years."

It took me 5 minutes to find this on UMB´s homepage. So - if I can, you can. Read this relevant document, before you engage in spreading false information.

Publish at April 18, 2019 12:31 AM

The real truth?
Billy knows the real truth? What is this, the real truth and who you are, that you can say you knows everything?
One truth is, that nobody attack’s Caudron. But I must say, that both sides are a little bit sensitive in these days. Me too. That’s why, I follow Frits Bakker, when he say “stop this war and let’s speak about our wonderful sport.

Markus Schönhoff

Message 7/8 - Publish at April 17, 2019 7:25 AM

Who is the owner of a certain billard-player?
Can someone conclusively explain why the UMB can/must claim exclusive ownership of any of its members or what kind of compulsion there may exist which even prohibits UMB to allow its members to decide freely where, when and under which organizational roof they are playing billiards?

There are even dual-citizenships, but in sports dual-memberships should not be allowed likewise? Have F.C. or any other players at any point in time committed to pay back a previously received "scholarship" or other financial or non-financial privileges by exercising eternal abstinence from tournaments of other organizations?
Once someone has reached a skill-level in sports that allows to make a living from it, it is nothing else but consistent that "mammon" becomes a key factor - whether one likes it or not. This applies to all kinds of jobs.

It is a fundamental right to exercise several jobs if needed/wanted, but once a job is called "sports" then this fundamental right is to be restricted? Of course, UMB is allowed to regulate and decide whatever they want to, they have got that right to do so. But what kind of mind-setting is hiding behind this single-mindedness? We are basically discussing the fundamental right of private persons to exercise their sport/job in free self-determination.

If and at what extend the "competitor's" objectives may primarily or solely be profit-oriented rather than being set to develop billards in general may well be questioned and evaluated, no doubt about that. But as long as everything is legal (!) where players are involved in, there is no justification for the UMB to punish/ban them.

What exactly does the UMB lose once F.C. and others will be playing additionally under a second organization? Why is it of advantage for the UMB when the best players in the world never take part again in UMB tournaments compared to these players will be playing at least a few more times per year under UMB's patronage?

Crunch question: What is the overall and non-disputable benefit for the entire billiard-world, including amateurs and beginners, when "renegade" players are no longer allowed to take part in UMB tournaments?

Message 8/8 - Publish at April 18, 2019 12:42 AM

First of all:
Fundamental right to execute several jobs? True I guess - if you are a chemist at Pfizer, you can easily work "on the side" as a reporter for Kozoom; but if you, as a chemist at Pfizer gets an offer for a similar position at Novo Nordic - I´m pretty sure, you will immediately be forced to make a choice.

As for ownership - I don´t see UMB claiming ownership of any player. UMB has a number of times agreed to the fact, that signing up with PBA is anybody´s rightful and free choice. UMB simply claims that taking part in PBA tournaments is an infringement to UMB statutes . Whether they are right in laying out the gospel like that, is anybody´s guess, until PBA and UMB have had their "day in court".
UMB think they have a good case, in spite of the fact, that more than one EU ruling indicates otherwise.
Why? Again, anybody´s guess. On that matter, I am keeping my thoughts to myself, at least for the time being.

Crunch question - I see no benefits at all in this entire conflict. I see two groups of alpha-males, each having made statements so pompous, that giving even half an inch can only be seen as "eating humble pie" - an expression hardly in the vocabulary of any of these fine men. So, rather than working things out, we will probably see a lot of time wasted - and lots of money wasted too. Probably, even a close friendship or two will be going down the drain as well. Sad.

Well, no more guesses on my part. Now I´m pulling the plug for a few days, celebrating the holidays - happy Easter, everybody.

Publish at April 18, 2019 11:13 AM

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