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Dutch team league launched with a full schedule

Posted by on September 12, 2020

Dutch team league launched with a full schedule

© Ton Smilde
Therese Klompenhouwer, the only lady in the premier league in a field with 48 players

NIEUWEGEIN - The Dutch three cushion team league, the DKM Tools league, will be launched tomorrow (Sunday 13 September) with the maximum schedule. Twelve teams are at the start for a long marathon of 22 matches. On the first day of play, 30 Dutchmen, 14 Belgians, two Germans, one Dane and one Frenchman come into action for the 12 teams. Therese Klompenhouwer, making her debut in The Hague, is the only lady in the field of 48 players. Most of the teams (eight out of twelve) come from the province of Brabant, the teams from SIS Cleaning, Aartsbouw Sprundel (formerly 's Landswelvaren) and Dekker Keukens are starting at a new location.

Before the Dutch start, measures were taken at all locations required due to the COVID-19 crisis, mainly for the number of spectators, which is limited. Many foreign players are not allowed to travel to the Netherlands. In the German bundesliga, a Cup round is played, so that some players (Jaspers, Forthomme) will not start in the Dutch premier league. PBA players Glenn Hofman and Jean Paul de Bruijn have travelled to Korea, where they will play a tournament soon.

Ronny Hazewinkel, team leader of Bousema Lochem, preferred to not plat the home match against Dallinga from Sluiskil, but eventually affirmed. ''I wanted to postpone our start, because I miss a few strong players. Johan Loncelle, who lives in Antwerp, does not want to take any risks and my Turkish players Coklu and Salman cannot leave their country.'' Most Belgians, including Eddy Merckx, Peter and Kurt Ceulemans, Martin Spoormans and Peter De Backer, are at the start of the Dutch competition. In the Belgian league, two games were postponed last week, the DKM Tools competition does start with the full schedule. The team of 't Ivoor, which starts against SIS Cleaning, could not invite its Spanish players David Martinez and Ruben Legazpi.

Eddy Merckx and Peter De Backer have not yet played with their team in Belgium due to the threat of quarantines. Merckx: ''I am happy that we finally can play an official match again after six months.'' Peter De Backer: ''At least, it must have been forty years since I have not played matches for so long." The Belgian all-rounder starts with a distant away match in Gelderland, 560 kilometers up and down.

SIS Cleaning is launching the competition with an away match against 't Ivoor. The title candidate will appear in a line-up with Eddy Merckx, Jean van Erp, Raimond Burgman and Raymund Swertz. The renewed team location of SIS Cleaning, with the official name SIS Billiards Experience Center, is not yet ready to play and will only be officially opened on Sunday 27 September. Carl Verhoeven, the team sponsor: ''We are still working hard on carpeting, lighting, video wall and control room. The match tables will be placed next Thursday, so we asked to play the first two matches not at home. After that we are completely ready for the start.''

Therese Klompenhouwer returns from Milan this weekend, where she visited her sponsor Longoni. The world champion faces a new adventure in the premier league with J&F Auto's Den Haag, where Barry van Beers also makes his debut after a long career at STZ Zundert. Six foreign players in the 12 teams are the leaders of their team in this first round: Thorsten Frings at STZ Zundert, Eddy Merckx at SIS Cleaning, Stefan Galla at Bousema Lochem, Davy van Havere at 't Hartje van Oosterhout, Peter De Backer at Dallinga and Ronny Brants at Aartsbouw Sprundel.

Section chairman Paul Brekelmans expects that the rules drawn up by the KNBB in consultation with NOC/NSF will be strictly applied. ''It's mainly about the distance, both in the arena and with the audience. The first requirement is that the players must feel safe during the matches and in between, so that they have enough space to play. Everyone, in every location, will have to adhere to the rules, so that we can continue playing billiards in the rest of the competition.''

These measures have been taken within the teams. Huub Wilkowski from 't Ivoor, for example, who plays the home match against SIS Cleaning on Sunday: ''We only let 40 spectators in, normally that would certainly have been almost a hundred with such opponents.''

The team compositions for the first round:

DKM Tools league, 1st round (Sunday September 13, at 13.00:

't Ivoor-SIS Schoonmaak
Dave Christiani-Eddy Merckx
Jack van Peer-Jean van Erp
Huub Wilkowski-Raimond Burgman
Wesley de Jaeger-Raymund Swertz

't Hartje van Oosterhout-Dekker Keukens
Davy van Havere-Ad Koorevaar
Harrie van de Ven-Gerwin Valentijn
Martin Spoormans-John Tijssens
Frank Martens-Henk Blauwblomme

DKM Tools-J&F Auto's/Den Haag
Roland Uijtdewillegen-Jeffrey Jorissen
Jack Wijnen-Barry van Beers
Eddy Willems-Therese Klompenhouwer
Joey de Kok-Herman van Daalen

A1 Biljarts-Team Eekhoorn
Jelle Pijl-Frans van Kuyk
Richard Bitalis-Peter Ceulemans
Kay de Zwart-Kurt Ceulemans
Addy Wienk-Adrie Demming

Stefan Galla-Peter De Backer
Anno de Kleine-Allan Schröder
Frans van Schaik-Steven van Acker
Sander Jonen-Berry Dallinga

STZ Zundert-Aartsbouw Sprundel
Thorsten Frings-Ronny Brants
Francis Forton-Dirk Weeremans
Rik van Beers-Andy de Bondt
Sam van Etten-Ludo Kools

All matches live on Kozoom.






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