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Heroes remains 1 point ahead of Phoenix in PBA league

Posted by on November 2, 2020

Heroes remains 1 point ahead of Phoenix in PBA league

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The leading lady Yu-ram Cha celebrated after the fourth event in PBA team league

The fourth day of the PBA team competition has finished after five match days and 15 games with the Heroes team in top position. The margin between the two leading teams, Heroes and Phoenix, has been reduced to one point. The match between Heroes and Winners had a spectacular outcome. Heroes faced a big backlog after three losses, but Robinson Morales/Mi-rae Lee (15-14), the best individual player Nam-Soo Kim (15-7) and finally Gyeong-Seop Jung (11/5 ) made Heroes cross the line with a draw.

In the first three matches, Eddy Leppens defeated Greek Filippos Kasidokostas 15-3 in 2 innings. The Belgian also won the double match with Dong-Koong Kang.

In the match between Heroes and Phoenix, victory (4-2) went to Phoenix, which took second place on the ranking after this fourth tournament.

Phoenix and Alphas recorded 8 match points this week against 7 for Heroes and Angels.

In the individual rankings, two players from the leading team are in the lead: Nam-Soo Kim and Robinson Morales with a 66.70 percent score each. Third place goes to the first lady in the rankings, Yu-ram Cha (Phoenix) with the same percentage. Four Phoenix players are in top eight, besides Yu-ram Cha also Hyun-min Seo and Birol Uymaz with 65.5 and 64 and Frédéric Caudron with 56.3 percent.

The ranking after the fourth PBA event:

1 Phoenix 8 points
2 Alphas 8
3 Angels 7
4 Heroes 7
5 Raon 6
6 Winners 3.

The general ranking:
1 Heroes 32 points
2 Phoenix 31
3 Alphas 28
4 Winners 26
5 Raon 23
6 Angels 20.

The leading Heroes team with individual leader Nam-soo Kim on the right.



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Questions to UMB and Kozoom
Questions to UMB, some players and Kozoom Korea & Kozoom International :

I watch many recent PBA games by Y-tube and really enjoy.
But only 3 games of UMB One Carom Virtual Challenge. Many of you understand why I got so bored and sleepy.

The video of PBA were much better than Kozoom. I have been paying money to Kozoom Korea for years. In addition, PBA contents are free.

Small money and I considered as donation to carom billiard I love.
As Kozoom only covered UMB events on internet, no other choice.

A few weeks ago, I read news in billiard magazine. Kozoom Korea changed name but bought Kozoom International. I asked Kozoom Korea site what happen to my 2 year-advance payment.

Also asked who will broadcast UMB games on internet Kozoom site and sometimes on Korean sports TV?
No answer. Ask again, no answer! Does UMB know this?

I saw photo of Kozoom France new building. Nice and I felt I donated a window glass. But where is basic customer service?

I ask to players in OCVC. You players are OK as invited and payed some money but no games and money for many other players.
And if top players like you accept such poor prize money, what about other players?

Of course,money is not important in amateur sport. But too small and near insulting carom players, I think and very angry. I want UMB serve carom fans better and respect players and fans.

I do not understand why I have to read PBA news at Kozoom. I paid Kozoom for UMB games and news of players I want to watch.

Message 1/1 - Publish at November 3, 2020 1:33 PM

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