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Jaspers with his famous final sprint to title

Posted by on January 13, 2019

Jaspers with his famous final sprint to title

© Ton Smilde/Kozoom
Dick Jaspers raises his cue after the winning point and the victory over Jean van Erp

BERLICUM - The long hegemony in Dutch three cushion has been crowned again by Dick Jaspers with a new title. For the 20th time in his career, the 53-year old star player took the title in the beating heart of his own region. In front of a crowded hall (350 billiard fans), with Jean van Erp as a feared opponent, Dick Jaspers defeated the player who was loudly cheered by his own fan club in Berlicum and who made it a tough final match for the world champion. The score was 40-38 in 26 innings after a famous sprint by Jaspers with a final run of seven. The title had more than just national value for the world champion. Dick Jaspers remains the number one on the world rankings thanks to his victory with a minimal lead over Frédéric Caudron, who became champion in Belgium after a victory over Eddy Merckx.

After three days of pre-rounds and two days in the knockout phase, the tournament was closed with the winner who was predicted by all experts. But in the final, Jaspers had to put up a great fight. He was the main favorite, for sure, because in the 21 times that Jaspers was in the final at the Dutch championship, he won twenty times and only lost one time against Raimond Burgman.

Jean van Erp was close to a little miracle in the battle for gold. Jaspers was far away from his great form and trailed 33-27 to enter the final part, "Then I missed a shot which I should never have missed'', Van Erp realized. "It was decisive for the match, because Jaspers answered with six (33-33) and pulled the trigger in the next inning with a wonderful final seven. Dick Jaspers later admitted: "I didn't play well at all, couldn't find my feeling and wasn't able to score enough to keep up with Jean. And he played very good, so I almost lost my title in that final phase. But luckily, Jean made that mistake and I could still win the match with two small runs.''

It is the strength of the big champions, as it was seen this Sunday in two finals: the final strike when the heat is on. Caudron did it in Belgium almost at the same time, on a 26-26 score against Merckx. He finished with 10 and 4 and won 40-26.

Jean van Erp gave himself the illusion that he had a chance to win. "That's the only thing that counts for me, I can't live up with a second place'', the home player said in an optimistic preview. He almost did what he wanted, but eventually fell into his own sword. "That miss was my loss, I will think about it for a long time.''

The King Masters in Berlicum, was in a summary the tournament of the crowded stands in Den Durpsherd, of the wonderful fans, the royal award for Therese Klompenhouwer, which brought a lot of emotions in the stands and mosy of all for Therese herself. It were the Masters of the quick eliminations for Jean Paul de Bruijn and Raimond Burgman, Kay de Zwart's cautious breakthrough, the confirmation of Raymund Swertz's three-cushion talents and with Raymund Swertz and Jeffrey Jorissen on their way to a nice future.

And it was the tournament as well in which the KNBB three cushion section, together with the BEN organization, show that the Masters can be an example for the big tournaments coming up in the Netherlands.

The final podium at the Masters with Jean van Erp (left), Dick Jaspers, Barry van Beers and Jeffrey Jorissen

The final score at the Dutch Masters:

1 Dick Jaspers 2.000-13
2 Jean van Erp 1.535-7
3 Barry van Beers 1.660-10
4 Jeffrey Jorissen 1.431-7
5 Glenn Hofman1.515-10
6 Dave Christiani 1.380-10
7 Kay de Zwart 1.213-8
8 Raymund Swertz 1.084-7
9 Raimond Burgman 1.035-5
10 Jean Paul de Bruijn 1.396-7
11 Martien van der Spoel 1.146-8
12 Roland Uijtdewillegen 1.146-8
13 Therese Klompenhouwer 1.202-9
14 Frans van Schaik 1.160-9
15 Huub Wilkowski 0.890-10
16 Wil Janssen 0.791-6.

Dick Jaspers, showing his emotions after winning the Dutch title again

Jean van Erp, great fight in the final, but no win for his own home crowd


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