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Jean Paul de Bruijn quits PBA and returns to UMB

Posted by on May 13, 2021

Jean Paul de Bruijn quits PBA and returns to UMB

© Ton Smilde
Jean Paul de Bruijn returns to the UMB competitions after two years in PBA

HULST - The Dutch billiard player Jean Paul de Bruijn has left the Korean professional federation PBA and returns to the UMB, the official world federation. From the start of the new organisation, two years ago, De Bruijn was one of the European players who performed in the mainly Korean competition. For private reasons, De Bruijn decided not to extend his contract. ''We have to leave for Korea for many months in the near future, that is too much an attack on our private lives'', the billiard player said.

Jean Paul de Bruijn, in his career one time World champion in one cushion (2007), one time losing finalist in a three cushion World Championship (2005) and six times European champion in one cushion, has to wait until October 4, 2021, before his suspension for the UMB expires. After that, he is allowed to participate in World Cups and other international tournaments again. ''I also want to fully dedicate myself to my team of Dallinga in Sluiskil, to the Topteam of De Hazelaar and I just have signed a contract as bonds coach for the youth in the Netherlands.'' Moreover, De Bruijn will play competition in Germany for Velbert and in Denmark for Varde.

The KNBB, Dutch federation, allows De Bruijn to participate in Grand Prix tournaments and national team competitions. If he qualifies, De Bruijn will also be able to play again in the Masters, the Dutch three-cushion championship.

De Bruijn would like to explain why he stopped his PBA contract in more detail: ''The main reason is, that 8 tournaments will be played next season between June this year and March next year. That means: one tournament every month, because they want to get more TV broadcast. Besides, you always have to go for 2 weeks in quarantine when you arrive in Korea again. So there is not enough time in between. Only after four weeks of events, you have a six-week break and you could go home. That puts too much strain on our social life.'' De Bruijn made the most of his Korean travels with his wife Anita.

‘'My mother and mother-in-law deserve more attention from us, but also the other way around. And our pets play a role in this. You cannot have someone to take care of them whole the year.''

The billiard player from Zeeland confesses: ''If I would continue in the PBA, I can only play a few games for Dallinga and De Hazelaar. That's not fair to those people who have meant so much for me. And by the way, I just was appointed as national coach. That would be difficult too. I am still talking with the federation about the future regarding my participation in Grand Prix tournaments and Masters.''

The Dutch federation is pleased with De Bruijn's come-back. Paul Brekelmans: ''It's gratifying that he returns, so now he is fully available for the training of our talents. And when he will manage to qualify for the Masters in the next GP tournaments again, it will give the list of participants extra lustre.''

Jean Paul de Bruijn, once in the top ten of the world ranking, has dropped far due to his UMB suspension for two years and is now without ranking points. The decision to leave the PBA comes more or less as a surprise. At the start of 2020, he said in a newspaper interview: ''I have a contract with PBA for three years and I would like to stay longer.'' Jean Paul de Bruijn could unfortunately not achieve the successes and big money he was looking for in the PBA events.

Belgians Frédéric Caudron and Eddy Leppens, Greek Filipos Kasidokostas, Dutchman Glenn Hofman and Spaniards David Zapata, Javier Palazón and David Martinez still are the best known Europeans for the upcoming season in the PBA. French player Pierre Soumagne is one of players who announced that he probably will not extend his PBA contract.

Jean Paul de Bruijn during one of his performances in the PBA events

Jean Paul de Bruijn, very soon back in competition and facing Dick Jaspers





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Wijs besluit JP
Dit voelt zéér juist aan JP. Proficiat. Ik ben zeker dat je je weer voluit zal kunnen uitleven, genieten. Je naasten evenzeer hé. Ben blij voor jou én Anita.

Message 1/1 - Publish at May 24, 2021 10:20 AM

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