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Jérémy Bury shows his supremacy in France

Posted by on June 12, 2021

Jérémy Bury shows his supremacy in France

© Kozoom
Jérémy Bury celebrates his final win over Adrien Tachoire

ANDERNOS - The top favorite in the field of six French players eventually took the title. The number one of French three cushion billiards, Jérémy Bury, turned out to be the winner of the 3B Masters Billiards, organized by the French billiard federation in the Kozoom Studios in Andernos. Bury defeated the other contender Adrien Tachoire in the final 4-1 in sets and an excellent average: 1,880. Bury took 2.500 euros with that victory, the runner-up Tachoire 1.500 euros.

On the demanding material, Jérémy Bury proved that he still has an edge over his main competitors in French billiards when he showed the best at the important moments of the match. In the preliminaries, the French number one was not yet at his best, but even then he showed, with 1,500 on average, that he was not far down from his annual average 1,600. The only problem Bury had, was in the semi-final against Mikaël Devogelaere. The two teammates from Colmar remained down their normal level. With the score at 3-3 in sets, Bury showed his superiority again by winning the deciding set 10-0.

The number two in the final ranking, Adrien Tachoire, was the only one of six players who performed better than his normal level. After playing a tie with Bury in qualifying (4 sets won each), he powered over Cédric Melnytschenko in the semi-finals with 1,581 on average and a 4-2 victory in sets. Besides his technical qualities in three cushion, Tachoire also proved to be an excellent entertainer during the tournament: he showed some nice imitations of players.

Cédric Melnytschenko, slightly below his usual level, and Mikaël Devogelaere, far below his annual performance, finished in joint third place and received €1,000. 'Melny' must have been disappointed with his semi-final, but it must be said that his opponent Tachoire shone in the last three sets of their match. As for Devogelaere, he could not benefit from a lesser Bury in the semi-final.

The two Andernos players Gwendal Maréchal and Jérôme Barbeillon did not manage to qualify for the final rounds.

The tournament was commented by Patrick Montel, a well-known sports reporter in France. He managed to make the show more dynamic and to give the tournament an extra dimension. Together with the technician Bernard Baudoin, the duo did an excellent job. The French federation can be satisfied with this initiative.

Jérémy Bury with the trophee: the victory was good for 2.500 euros

Adrien Tachoire was an excellent runner-up

Final Jérémy Bury-Adrien Tachoire:
Set 1: Bury 2,500 (3-1-3-3)
Bury 10, Tachoire 5

Set 2: Tachoire 1,428
Tachoire 10, Bury 7

Set 3: Bury 5,000 (1-9)
Bury 10, Tachoire 0

Set 4: Bury 1,667 (1-0-0-2-5)
Tachoire 3, Bury 10

Set 5: Bury 1,428 (1-0-2-1-2-2)
Bury 10, Tachoire 6

Jeremy Bury: 4-47-25-1,880-9
Adrien Tachoire: 1-24-23-1,043-5

The final ranking of the 3B Masters Billiards (Sets-Points-Average Series):
1 Jérémy Bury (Rétro Colmar) 12-172-118-1.458-9
2 Adrien Tachoire (Laxou) 9-125-97-1,289-9
3 Cédric Melnytschenko (Albert) 6-97-80-1,212-8
3 Mikaël Devogelaere (Rétro Colmar) 6-103-98-1,051-4
5 Gwendal Maréchal (Andernos) 2-53-48-1,104-6
5 Jérôme Barbeillon (Andernos) 1-44-42-1,047-4

The six players: Jérémy Bury, Cédric Melnytschenko, Jérôme Barbeillon, Mikaël Devogelaere, Adrien Tachoire and Gwendal Maréchal. In front the French top referee Hervé Lacombe

The famous Frenche sport commentator Patrick Montel

Kozoom sponsor Bernard Baudoin, the technical commentator

The French referees at the event: on the right the winner Jérémy Bury



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