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Korean climax in men's and ladies PBA, Oh (42) the winner

Posted by on July 10, 2020

Korean climax in men's and ladies PBA, Oh (42) the winner

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The men's winner Seong-uk Oh raises his hand after his final win

SEOUL - The first of seven PBA tournaments, launched in the new season and organized by the Korean professional organization, ended in a Korean climax for both men and ladies. 42-year-old Oh from Seoul won the men's final against 43-year old Seong-youn Jeong, 4-1 in sets. Ye-eun Kim, 22, crowned the women's tournament with a victory. The first tournament was played at the Grand Walkerhill hotel in Seoul. Frédéric Caudron was the best European player with a place in the quarterfinals, in which the Belgian star was eliminated in a thriller by Vietnamese Minh Cam Ma. The top prize for men was $ 83,000, for women $ 16,500. The winning finalist had the best final sprint after 1-1 in sets with the following scores in sets: 15-5 in 5, 15-2 in 4 and finally 15-12 in 9.

Seong-youn Jeong, who played his first PBA tournament, surprised the billiard fans with a wonderful series from the start. The bachelor from the capital, who is not a professional, but is playing billiards every day, was only beaten in the final by Seong-uk Oh, another not so well-known Korean who lives with his girlfriend and who played all PBA tournaments until now.

Both finalists came from an impressive circuit. Jeong reached the final by a 3-1 win over Minh Cam Ma (1,806/1,581), Seong-uk Oh defeated HS Jung 3-2 (1,719/1,097) in the semi-finals. The Vietnamese was the top favourite, after he showed a fantastic win over Frédéric Caudron in the quarter finals. The Asian took the first set in 2 innings with the maximum final run of 15 and the last set with 11-8.

The Ma-Caudron set modes: 15-2 (2), 0-15 (3), 9-15 (6), 15-2 (4), 11-8 (8), averages Ma 2,273, Caudron 1,909. The Belgian was the last of the Europeans in the tournament. The number one in the first PBA cycle, Spaniard David Martinez, was eliminated in the second Survival round with 64 players with 1,267 on average.

The two Belgians Caudron and Leppens excelled until their elimination with very strong matches and averages. Caudron played 2,500 in the eighth final, 2,565 in the sixteenth final against Savas Bulut from Turkey (Bulut 1,364) and in the second Survival 2,591. Eddy Leppens started with 2,211, in his second appearance 2.353, then 2.500, but he was eliminated almost without any chance in the last sixteen, 3-0 by the later finalist Oh, who played 2,674 against Leppens 1,250.

David Martinez survived the first qualification with 1.136, like the other Spaniards Zapata (1,800) and Anguita (1,095). Javier Palazón and the Turk Birol Uymaz were eliminated immediately in that opening session with 1,200 for the Spaniard and 0,952 for the Turk. The previous winner of the 7th PBA tournament, Byoung-ho Kim, was eliminated in the last 64 in the second Survival round.

In the first knock-out with 32, Caudron, Leppens, Zapata, Piedrabuena and Vietnamese Ma continued with victories, one round later, Leppens lost to Oh, Piedrabuena to Ma and Zapata to Jung. Caudron was the only one of the Europeans who survived the sixteen against Dong-ku Kang, not to be confused with one of the previous tournament winners Dong-Koong Kang: (3-1, 2.500 / 2,105.

The ladies tournament was played with 92 players, 91 were Korean participants. The only non-Korean, Spanish, Najarri, was eliminated in the first round with 0,296 on average. Favourites for the finals, such as Bo-mi Kim and Mi-ra Lee, were eliminated in the early rounds. Ye-eun Kim, a 22-year-old student from Asan, south of Seoul, who spends much of her time in training sessions, played in the final against 37-year-old Ga-young Kim (two times world champion in ladie's pool) and was plagued by nerves in that match. In the semi-finals against Ga-young Kim, the later winner reached 1,429, in the final only 1,054 against the loser 0,694.

The comment from Ye-eun Kim, who played all PBA events in the first season and only reached the semi-finals once: ''I am very excited, because I still can't believe that I won. It seems like a burden that has fallen from me. This victory is so unexpected that I have not yet thought about what I will do with the 20 million won first prize. I think I'm going to put it in my savings account.''

PBA winner Oh in his comment after the final match

The two final players in the men's final match

The ladie's winner Ye-eun Kim with her trophy

Vietnamese Ma and Belgian Frédéric Caudron played a real thriller in the quarters: Ma won 3-2



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My Comments

The Miracle
To: "Professional Billiards Association Tour
My Pride, PBA Tour"

You must be proud of yourselves. This is a “dream come true” and 3C Players must praise you for your hard working effort: “hard work pay off”, you surely know that, by the results.

The best way for you to handle your justified pride is more hard work and long-term prospects.

Indeed, a Great Event, even dealing with the “COVID thing”, where everything was perfect. Almost everything is perfect, in a place of freedom, from the starting position, – a not conditioned point, any longer, a free point, as we don’t need a direct attack on the red ball, with 27 available positions - to the “sorry guy, you like to defend?”, “well, your opponent can score a 2 point bank shot” or “if I want to win this and I’m prepared to take a risk, I’ll go for 2 points, period” to … the Cheerleaders, because with such graceful performers “SARS-Co-(whatever number they have)” didn’t dare to enter the place.

If I were the PBA Chief Advisor, I would recommend that way of doing, IN ALL, for a Professional Structure, without ANY doubt whatsoever.

Congratulations to PBA. You are a Professional TEAM. Congratulations to Mr Young-soo Kim, for leading the Team, as we express gratitude, and Great Respect, for what you’ve been able to do in such a short period of time.

And I know, as well other people know, that we are seeing the top of visible part of the iceberg but not all the visible part of the iceberg (just to talk about the visible part). What a profound work and what a playing level field (Q-School Nr 3 position, SY Jeong, facing, in the Final, Ranking Nr 13 position, SU Oh, with F. Caudron, E. Leppens, etc, there, gives a good idea of the global level of the field). This is a real Miracle. No other word is enough accurate, here, than "Miracle".

Last, but not least, if I may:

1.Please, consider do not be distracted by collateral directions as you must not be surprised, at all, of real flip-flopping on several major issues (how many negotiations had taken place where I knew, for sure, from the very beginning, that an agreement was wanted by the other side just to be terminated by them, after regaining substantial positions - as soon as the first favorable occasion or opportunity is there -, while keep saying every two minutes how wonderful the win-win scenario would be?).

2.Please, consider to leave the Legal Issues aside. You did what you had to do (and YOU DID IT RIGHT and YOU WERE RIGHT !!), so let the Players solve the situation, let the Players “play the thing”, if this is possible for you, maintaining your FOCUS where it needs to be (because you know the flow of life, you wouldn’t be surprised, at all, on how fast very strong opinions become weaker and weaker after stabilized circumstances and how very weak opinions become stronger and stronger when only a few have stabilized circumstances: so, nothing better than life following its natural flow course – besides, Players have their representatives supposedly to speak on behalf of them, globally, not only on behalf of a few of them, unless a kind of “buffoon” representation is there).

Jordi Fontdevila

Message 1/7 - Publish at July 10, 2020 9:51 PM - Edited at July 13, 2020 10:44 AM

Too many mistakes in PBA News by F.B.
First, shocked to see PBA/LPBA Tour Live on Kozoom site without any announcement.
And disappeared like ghost. No VOD?

Second, Why PBA /LPBA News with many mistakes and wrong expression on Kozoom News?

Fans get right news and information via other medias and Live TV broadcasting(3 channels) and other internet portals.

No sweat for Kozoom reporter(sitting somewhere in Europe) to report it based on insufficient knowledge. Better dive in Historical UMB Virtual Challenge specially made for Kozoom.

Seems old partner Kozoom Korea (Kozoom International? Kozoom Korea Store?) does not provide correct infos these days.

For corrections.

1.The runner-up in PBA Tour final has been a Professional player since last year in PBA Dream Dream
Tour (2nd Division). S.Y.Jeong advanced to PBA Tour through PBA Q-school last month.
So,"who is not a professional" is wrong totally. Was it intentional?

2.The runner-up in the LPBA Tour final was not Ga-young Kim. It was Ji-hyun Park.
So, 'against 50-year-old mother Ga-young Kim' is shocking.
I hope Ga-young has not seen this report yet.

3. In PBA/LPBA, nationality seems not important. No expressions such as Asians, Europeans.
We are living in 21st century, except one reporter. JMHO as FYR.

Message 2/7 - Publish at July 11, 2020 4:04 PM - Edited at July 11, 2020 4:08 PM

Ga-young Kim /LPBA player
Ga-young Kim who lost to the winner Ye-eun Kim (22) in Semi-final was born in 1983.
Can not be, 50 years old this week. Not a mother, either.
The wrong info int his article has not been corrected yet, as usual.

Ga-young Kim is 2 time-World Champion in Ladies Pool WC as well as many other titles in professional women's pool before she joined LPBA last year as a carom player.

Because of her WC POOL titles, she has been and will be on National sports Pension life time.
KBF has been very proud of having the professional pool player in it for many years but suspended her the day after she showed up in the PBA exhibition match before the official start of PBA/LPBA Tour last year.

Both KBF and UMB never moved so quick before.
As a result, many players in KBF who hesitated between amateur status of KBF and professional status of new PBA/LPBA were motivated to join the PBA/LPBA instantly. They were all disgusted.

Hope Ga-young Kim and all LPBA players (fortunately 12 lady players are still in KBF for National Championship title) will enjoy their new career as professional carom players.
For men, there are still some attractive events,
But, for women carom player, I do not remember any good event for them in the past and now.

Anyway, I am not pleased this article is not corrected yet over obvious wrong infos.

Publish at July 12, 2020 2:22 PM

Thank you, Really and Inception.
Thank you, very much, Really and Inception.

It is corrected now, by You, but just for me and some others who are enough patient to read “My Comments” Section.

It’s understandable to not issue another News Article just to correct, but to not add a Post Scriptum note for such a blunder is not a good policy, Mr Frits Bakker. If you have any doubt, please ask ” Mr x.carrer@(...). This kind of things can happen and we need to live with them, in the right place.

This is just my opinion.

Jordi Fontdevila

Message 3/7 - Publish at July 12, 2020 3:02 PM

I’m very sorry for ms Ga-young Kim, please let me explain this wrong information which I corrected after I saw your comment.
My information on the final day of PBA event when I had an interview with the winner;
Ms Ga-young Kim is 50 years old, she is married and has children.
I corrected now In the articles.
Frits Bakker

Message 4/7 - Publish at July 12, 2020 3:18 PM

Runner-up Ms.Ji-hyun Park, not Ga-young
Thanks for your quick correction. You don't have to be sorry. Difficult names for you.

But, as I mentioned in my last post, the runner-up was Ms.Ji-hyun Park (I do not know if she is 50 years old and a mother, but likely. Check from your informants in Korea ,please.).

Ms.Ga-young Kim lost to the winner in the semi-final.
Comments by REALLY above about Ga-Young Kim (most famous lady billiard player in Korea and very famous in the world of POOL billiard) seem correct.

BTW, how did you interview the winner in Seoul after the LPBA Final from Holland?

Also, if you check the records of World Championship Ladies, 0.296 is not a bad average,among top lady players from every corner of the world.
Readers may smell personal feelings of the writer against certain players. No good at all !!!

Publish at July 12, 2020 6:45 PM

PBA runner-up Mr.Jeong is a professional
As I also mentioned in my last posting,

The runner-up in PBA Tour final has been a Professional player since last year in PBA Dream Dream
Tour (2nd Division).
S.Y.Jeong advanced to PBA Tour through PBA Q-school last month.
So,"who is not a professional" is wrong totally. Was it intentional?


Publish at July 12, 2020 7:05 PM

Thank You
Thank You, Mr Frits Bakker, for that.

Now, I'm joking, ok? Regarding "the Spanish, Najarri", Amal is Najjari, not Najarri, and she will appreciate the reminder “0,296 average”. She will improve. We are definitely sure.

Jordi Fontdevila

Message 5/7 - Publish at July 12, 2020 4:31 PM

The Right Account?

Ye-eun KIM (3) Ji-hyun PARK (1)
(1999-07-26) (1971-02-15)

Ye-eun KIM (2) Ga-young KIM (1) (1983-01-13)

Ji-hyun PARK (2)
Ae-rin JUN (1)

Jordi Fontdevila

Message 6/7 - Publish at July 12, 2020 8:02 PM

The Homage
The Homage

“Ga-young Kim, 2 time-World Champion in Ladies Pool WC as well as many other titles in professional women's pool before she joined LPBA last year as a carom player (…), suspended the day after she showed up in the PBA exhibition match before the official start of PBA/LPBA Tour last year. Both KBF and UMB never moved so quick before(…) I hope Ga-young Kim and all LPBA players (…) will enjoy their new career as professional carom players”. (Inception)

I offer my solidarity and respect to Ga-young KIM and to all PBA ladies. You’ve been smart and brave trying to find the path to true happiness. To you, here is the 7th Commandment, as a reminder, short and full versions, as a silent homage around the stone cold 3C World:

Short Version

“If Players are dispensable items, and (were) expelled, by UMB, UMB is a far beyond dispensable item, and is expelled, too, by Free Players. Free Players do not play along and do not give in to anger or hatred and will show no complaints, no regrets and no mercy in this two-way expulsion process”

Full version

When a deep-seated, even if, somehow, eye-catching, BANNER is served to affront PLAYERS and Players cannot take it as read differently than

“No Players at all? No Problem. As if we Bureaucrats, care. We will be here, no matter”, or

“No 3C Billiards, at all? No problem. We, Bureaucrats, don’t care, at all. We will still exist”,

Players must present a visible BANNER (and do, by all means, whatever they can do to let the 3C World know what's going on) saying

“YES, Players know that, as well some Officials, Sponsors and Fans, and many others will join the Club” and

“The POWER you have does not belong to you: we gave you that POWER and we can RECALL it, sooner or later, for the safety of the Game, for our safety and for the safety of Officials, Sponsors and Fans.”

Players don’t need controversial Statutes (to have no confidence in a particular type of management is surely enough) to expel UMB: if Players are dispensable items, and expelled, by UMB, UMB is a far beyond dispensable item, and is expelled, too, by Free Players (with no return, if no turn occurs).

With good faith, Players could have had sanctions imposed on them, by UMB, from a verbal reprehension to a written reprehension or, ultimately, a registered reprehension (Statutes, art 22, nr 2 states “under pain of sanctions”, not “under pain of suspensions”) to score a strong GOOD and NOBLE POINT and “live and let live”, which would benefit all the spectrum (and irony of the ironies, most of all, UMB) and not an unwise deliberation: feeling no wisdom and no authority (both a great mistake, my understanding), UMB Board opted for what they surely know they had: POWER and a old made at home recipe.

Instead of having a pondered way out, UMB used the MOAB (mother of all Bombs), a forced demonstration of power, following what they used less than 30 years ago (a slightly light version, because, now, players’ wives !!! were spared, just to see how repulsive things can be) - “why would someone reinvents the wheel when a good result has been obtained in the past, just securing and feeding an army, when ‘time is on our side’”? “Why would we doubt the strategy, now?” were the winner whispers, we guess.

Here is an available Wikipedia account of the old recipe: “In 1994 there were disagreements between the two associations (BWA and UMB). The UMB thus blocked players (including players' wives!), referees and organizers who took part in the World Cup, from participating in the tournaments of the UMB and CEB.”

In the 3C World Players Community, only a insignificant percentage benefits from the UMB structure (all the others are there, at their expenses, just for pleasure and to support the cause) and it is reasonable to assume that the very few beneficiaries will stand up for the “status quo”, for the warmongers, if there are any in this arena, expecting, in return, in the near future, to be recognized by that and to be paid accordingly.

However, some actions, without honor and respect for the Game and Fans (forcing concurrent events, for instance, with no other good reason than 3C prejudicial development - if a good reason is there, go for it, of course), must be presented to everybody as they really are: a complicit attempt to create division, just to cheer the baffled army (as we, in all, very well know and stand up for, Players, big or small beneficiaries, are not supposed to bring shame and dishonor on the profession under pain of being despised or not, any more, respected).

Free Players do not play along and do not give in to anger or hatred and will show no complaints, no regrets and no mercy in this two-way expulsion process. So be it, as a Commandment, the 7th Commandment, a powerful bridge, by now, to the 9th Commandment “Everybody will be happy”.

Jordi Fontdevila

Message 7/7 - Publish at July 14, 2020 9:44 AM

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