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Kozoom news, official announcement

Posted by on February 10, 2020

Kozoom news, official announcement

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Xavier Carrer with his official announcement about World Cup Antalya and other events

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10 av des Frères Montgolfier 33510

Andernos-les-Bains (France)

Andernos-les-Bains (France), February 10th, 2020

To all 3-Cushion lovers and users,


For a year now, you are witnessing an international crisis that divides the sport's promoters, players and fans. This division is the result of the brutal launch, without consultation with the federations, of a new so-called professional league in Korea. Two companies, Kozoom International and Bravo&New support respectively the UMB and the PBA with the same ambition: to make 3-Cushion a major professional sport. But our strategy is different: Kozoom is supporting international competitions and organizers of UMB events while Bravo&New owns exclusively private competitions in Korea. On each side, millions of dollars are invested to organize more tournaments with a Prize Money never reached in the history of the sport. The champions are winning more money and that's well deserved.

However, this is an absurd situation because the winners of this conflict are the big Korean sports channels that benefit from cheap broadcasting rights while, united, the promoters of 3-Cushion could raise TV rights to the level of Premium sports in Korea.

In 2016, when we created the subsidiary Kozoom International, we had one ambition: signing a contract with a Korean TV channel to finance the explosion of UMB's media rights value and to keep the internet rights of world cups and world championships outside Korea for Kozoom viewers. Within the last 4 years, the price of UMB rights has been multiplied by 30. The price of the Premium Pass has not increased by one cent. So this strategy has worked. The MBC Sports+ channel began to broadcast hundreds of hours of matches per year, which in fact aroused the interest of the entrepreneurs behind the PBA.

Today, this situation is no longer tenable. We no longer wish to co-finance a 100% Korean war that is tearing apart the world of billiards and affecting the reputation of our brand, the fruit of 20 years of commitment to promoting billiards. Kozoom Group (France), 50% owner of Kozoom Intl., disagrees with the strategy and behavior of its Korean partner (an independent company using our brand and specialized in the sale of billiards equipments). For many months now, despite all our efforts of dialog, information remains exclusively in Korea and decisions are imposed on us, we have not been able to co-manage our subsidiary Kozoom Intl. as it was dealt with Kozoom Korea. As a result, the first World cup of the season in Antalya will not be broadcast on It will probably be broadcast for free on Youtube.

For our part, we will do our utmost to assert our rights within Kozoom Intl. and to broadcast again the UMB competitions that we still wish to develop. At the same time, we will support any initiative to bring the UMB and the PBA closer together. But everyone should understand that the solution is not only in the hands of the UMB who is facing a Korean conflict who should be solved first in Korea. The Korean federation cannot be excluded from this solution otherwise this conflict can be a never ending story and there will be no winner.

In spite of this turbulent period, good news is still to come for the faithful of According to our agreement with the CEB, we will broadcast this week the European 3-Cushion Women's and National Team Championships. The new Kozoom website is under construction and will be launched within two months. It will contain a new video section with champion tips and many more new features.

More than ever, thank you for your trust and loyalty.

Xavier Carrer
President of Kozoom Group Co-founder of Kozoom International



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My Comments

World Cups
Does this mean no world cups will be broadcast on Kozoom at all this year or just the first world cup will not be broadcast on Kozoom?

Message 1/8 - Publish at February 10, 2020 3:27 PM

It's just a matter of money
Dear Mr. Carrer,

as a premium pass holder, my concern is getting a valued service in terms of the quantity I pay for. As a client, I totally assume that you will have to manage difficult entrepreneurship decisions, as the ones you are describing.

But all these Kozoom - Kozoom Intl. - PBA - UMB problems shouldn't reach us, those who pay for a service. Each message we read or hear threaten the confidence on your business, and it will compromise our membership.

It is clear that the conflicts you are describing arise from insufficient ownership from your part. But the good prospects of billiards as a global sports are there, for those ready for strong investments. That's the only way for companies willing to hold high stakes. Therefore there is only one way: put more money, buy other partners' shares and you will get sufficient executive power.

I, as a client, am the least who should know about this. Solve it, while keeping your excellent service you have brought until know. Otherwise I will have to consider other options.

Best regards,


Message 2/8 - Publish at February 10, 2020 6:57 PM

i paid for whole year membership just a month ago and now you are telling me , i cannot watch all the world cup games. Unacceptable. Fix it or refund my money.

Message 3/8 - Publish at February 11, 2020 2:29 PM

a big investment bubble about to burst
Dear Xavier Carrer

I agree with Xavier Gimenz that this situation and the dispute between the federations should not affect the Kozoom viewers.

What I am concerned about is that this situation will end in the same way as it was in pool during the 90's and beginning of 2000.

The false promotion of the billard sport, by offering huge amounts of money, ended in a shameful way. Prizes of 200'000 dollars or more were paid to winners. But only for a few years, then the investors went out and the prize money returned to a lower ground. My feeling tells me that we are facing the same situation again.

It is a right for every sportsman to receive a more than fair income. But keep feet on the ground. This will end the same way as it was in pool billards.

I think that you as Kozoom, who has a valid voice within your network (federations and investors), should start to act as mediator inbetween the federations. See this as opportunity to make the first step of a reconciliation.

If this would mean that the annual membership will be a little more expensive, go for it. I am sure that true fans of this sport will accept it. The viewers are an important part of your annual revenue, so please do not stop broadcasting the main events.


Message 4/8 - Publish at February 12, 2020 2:01 PM - Edited at February 12, 2020 2:06 PM

The UMB or PBA is not the IPT
Hello Prudenzano,

Thanks for your comment. Only one thing I don’t agree with: the professional development of 3-Cushion is linked to the Korean market with thousands clubs and million fans. This is reliable and it will run for decades. You cannot compare it with the business model of IPT based on « Natural cures » sponsorship of Trudeau...

Now the real challenge is to develop Carom outside Korea, not to fight for a part of the cake in Korea.

Message 5/8 - Publish at February 15, 2020 5:42 AM

right..that is why UMB banned players??
what did the UMB dreamed of?

Message 6/8 - Publish at February 16, 2020 3:50 PM

This statement seems 'a company announcement', not an 'OFFICIAL STATEMENT'.
OFFICIAL STATEMENTS can be only released by UMB or certain organizations.

Furthermore, it only reveals conflicts between the partners in the company.
Of course, the PAID Members can be ignored at the end of the day.

Hope a good solution to be made soon and back to ordinary service members deserve.

BTW, why responsible UMB is perfectly quiet as always when troubles outbreak?

Message 7/8 - Publish at February 16, 2020 8:14 PM

Kozoom Interview on 2-20-2018
I do not know what happened between Kozoom partners.
I found this FYR.

The last sentences are contradictory to what is stated after 2 years.

Korean carom fans must not be happy to see 'fight for a part of the CAKE in Korea'.
They will not care whether you 2 partners fight for the CAKE which was not baked for Kozoom partners.

I do not understand Kozoom Korea made counter-announcement only in SNS.
Kozoom Korea must release it on its website as well so that PAID Members come to know this conflict which may affect their right by payments made already.

Message 8/8 - Publish at February 16, 2020 8:28 PM - Edited at February 17, 2020 5:45 AM

Kozoom Korea did
Kozoom Korea's CEO William Oh did an official statement also on Kozzom website (at least the English version), but it was available for a few hours only, being withdrawn thereafter.


Publish at February 17, 2020 5:22 PM

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