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Marco Zanetti will lose his life penalty

Posted by on July 3, 2011

Marco Zanetti will lose his life penalty

© Kozoom photo
The trophies for the Worldcup in Matosinhos.

Whatever the final day of the World Cup in Matosinhos will end: Dick Jaspers will improve his position on the world ranking in any case and Frédéric Caudron climbs up from the third place to second behind Jaspers. Eddy Merckx wasted many points in Matosinhos and dropped from second to fifth or sixth place.

Marco Zanetti remains on the thirteenth place after the elimination by Jae Ho Cho and is not automatically qualified for the World Cup in Suwon later this year. The Italian however will lose after the tournament in South Korea the fifty points penalty, with which he was punished by the UMB after an incident in Suwon in 2009. The lifelong penalty has been reversed by the world federation: Zanetti will get back his fifty points at the end of this year.

The positions ten until fourteen in the ranking, important for seeding for the Worldcups and international championships, will also undergo some changes. Jef Philipoom has passed Tayfun Tasdemir and is now eleventh in the ranking.


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Marco Zanetti
Marco Zanetti
Nice picture
Very nice picture in the back! Because of my penalty points, I will be not seeded in Suwon and surely I will not play the qualification there. Then I will fall down in the ranking and so on........ THANK YOU UMB!

Message 1/5 - Publish at July 3, 2011 1:41 PM

Wildcard CEB
Tu as une Wilcard CEB pour Suwon... Forza...

Message 2/5 - Publish at July 5, 2011 7:06 PM

Marco sei sempre il migliore
Ragazzo hai perfettamente ragione. Ringraziamo la UMB per tutto questo..!!!

Message 3/5 - Publish at July 5, 2011 7:12 PM

Marco Zanetti qualifications.
Why won't you play in the qualifications?

Message 4/5 - Publish at July 7, 2011 6:06 PM

Top players have deserved - through their skill and victories - to be set in a ranking, out of which only the first 12 are seeded in the first positions of the tournaments organized by UMB.
These rules are well known and implicitily accepted.
This applies to n.1 in the ranking, to n.12, to n.13, to n. 100, and so forth and so on..
Marco obtained - through his skill and victories - a position different from the present 13th. place.
He was forced into this position by a decision taken by UMB according to a NON EXISTING rule, through the application of a NON EXISTING penalty ( have you ever read UMB Statutes and Rules ?), a decision taken without giving him any chance to put up a defence, a decision taken by the Board in his absence, in a trial that had no semblance of a civil trial ( do you happen to know the terms "prosecutor", "defending counsel", "defendant" etc. ? ).
Only the so called "prosecutor" was heard by the Board, and a penalty was issued that doesn't exist ( in the UMB Statutes and Rules ).

The irony of the .. FATE ( ? ) is that the 50 point penalty has disappeared in the appropriate column, whilst Marco's total points in the ranking keep being decreased by those 50 points ( the deduction of 50 points have now been applied to the points that he obtained - through his skill and victories - in Korea... ).

Isn't that FANTASTIC ? I call it "the magic of the stretching of the ABSOLUTE POWER".

In any case, I am an ardent admirer of people who are able to ask provocative questions..
They give someone a chance to give interesting answers.
For that, I thank you..

Message 5/5 - Publish at July 8, 2011 6:01 PM

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