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Masters gala runs into wonderful finals

Posted by on April 29, 2022

Masters gala runs into wonderful finals

© Ton Smilde
Huub Wilkowski, the 45-year old revelation in Dutch billiards these years, put up hard fights with Jaspers and De Bruijn

BERLICUM - The final sprint of Jean Paul de Bruijn, on the very right moment after a very poor period in the match, pronounced the verdict on Huub Wilkowski. Dick Jaspers came out of a deep valley against his long-time teammate Raimond Burgman at the Jumbo Masters and climbed to a high mountain top in the end. Jeffrey Jorissen survived an attack by Jean van Erp, but then went on to a resounding victory. And Barry van Beers was not at his best, but still played the strong debutant Sam van Etten out of the tournament.

The semi-finals at the KNBB Jumbo Masters runs into a final day with two Brabant players (Dick Jaspers and Barry van Beers), one from Zeeland (Jean Paul de Bruijn) and one from The Hague (Jeffrey Jorissen).

The matches on Saturday in the semi-finals:
10.30: Jean Paul de Bruijn-Jeffrey Jorissen
13.00: Dick Jaspers-Barry van Beers.
The winners play the final in the Beneluxtheater in Berlicum at 15.30.

The overviews of the quarter finals:

Dick Jaspers-Raimond Burgman 4-2

Ziggo Sport commentator Alex Lely brings in the American horror movie Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide in an attempt to explain Dick Jaspers' bizarre match. The Dutch world champion shows a downhill race before the break and skims high mountain peaks in the second part. That means in score: 22 points in 19 innings before the break (1,157), 30 in 7 in the second half (4,285). Two completely different halves, due to an unlikely metamorphosis of the winner in the break.

Jaspers smoothly smiled after the interview in which he doubtfully searched for an explanation for the change in the match. ''I started so badly, you know'', he realised. ''And when I was down 2-1, I knew something very quikly had to happen. Because I know Raimond Burgman, I know I should not give him many more chances.''

The Jaspers that came out of the dressing room after the stop suddenly showed again the immense class of the world champion, the focus, the mindset, but most of all the mental strength. ''I can come back very strong after a mediocre start, which I am known for'', he's searching for an understatement. Because, how many times Jaspers demonstrated that in the recent, brilliant months of his career with match wins, world titles and World Cup victories.

''I couldn't do anything about it'', Raimond Burgman mourns. The Jaspers from after the break really was unstoppable. I score 4 points in 5 innings. And that's it. You are leading 2-1 and in a couple of innings you are completely out of the match.''

The 10-8 for Jaspers is followed by 10-7 and 10-5 in 8 and 5 innings for Burgman. The end of the match between two players who are often each other's teammates, both internationally and in the Netherlands, is rushed through in record time. Jaspers wins 10-0, 10-3 and 10-1 in 2, 1 and 4 innings.

The averages: 2,000 for Jaspers, 1,280 for Burgman.

Jean Paul de Bruijn-Huub Wilkowski 4-3

The old master Raymond Ceulemans, teammate of Jean Paul de Bruijn in the Dutch league in Sluiskil, was on the edge of his seat. From time to time he showed his admiration, but he also shook his head after some bad shots. The Zeeland player could understand that very well: ''I played very bad for a while with some wrong choices. And then I thought, what will Raymond say later on?''

Jean Paul de Bruijn and Huub Wilkowski put up an amazing fight for the spectators: not because it is of such a high class, but because of the ups and downs of both players, the scores going up and down, the high periods alternating with inexplicable slumps. Both players sit down for the Ziggo interview table afterwards and are scarred by the battle. ''I had the match under control a couple of times and the win was within reach'', realises Huub Wilkowski, who is playing a leading role in the Dutch top of three cushion for weeks now. ''But at times, I have been childishly negligent'', he adds.

The scores speak for themselves: Huub wins the first set 10-8 in 7, Jean Paul wins the sets two and three 10-5 and 10-2 in 6 and 3 innings. So at the first break, there is a 2-1 lead for De Bruijn on the boards and Wilkowski has to hunt for his opponent.

The Brabant revelation of the last two tournaments (Grand Prix and Masters) showed himself adept in that intermediate sprint, facing a totally overblown opponent who lost two sets without a chance 10-1. Jean Paul de Bruijn says later: ''I was dead, it seemed, but I could get up again. And again I realized that Raymond Ceulemans was close to me: I want to show him that I can fight back.''

The 'Zeeuw' put his last effort out of his cue when he seemed down and out. He fought back in the sixth set 10-8 in 9, when the two rivals had to fight for every point. And in the last, seventh set, Jean Paul de Bruijn was suddenly superior again. He won 10-1 in 2 and left his opponent behind.

Jeffrey Jorissen-Jean van Erp 4-1

Two players opposite each other, two fan clubs in the stands are watching and a breathtaking start is coming up. Jean van Erp, the home player from this era, gets off to a whirlwind start with ten, the first maximum run in this Jumbo Masters. The red and white Iceman fans feel lucky, but wake up soon from a nice dream. The remainder of the match turns completely in Jeffrey Jorissen's favor.

The Hague player says later in his commentary: ''I was more relaxed than in the previous match that we played in the qualifications. But soon the tension came in the match after I was beaten 10-0 without coming to the table.''

The score progresses, more or less unexpectedly towards the end: 10, 10, 10 and 10 for Hague Jef in 4, 8, 5 and 7 innings. The averages are not even sky-high, but solid and the result of a tactical fight. Jean van Erp: ''It was not a match in which I failed, but looking back, I made four expensive mistakes. That is what cost me the match in the end''.

The set results of Van Erp-Jorissen:
10-1 in 1, 4-10 in 4, 8-10 in 8, 6-10 in 5, 7-10 in 7 (1,521/1,666, runs 10 and 8).

Barry van Beers-Sam van Etten 4-2

Routine wins from youthful flair in the end. Barry van Beers says when the match is played, that thanks to his experience, he got a grip on the match in the part that it could go either way. ''Maybe I defended a bit better in that decisive part.''

Sam van Etten wins the first set with two struggling players 10-5 in 8, in the next two rounds, it went on to 10-8 for Barry, then 10-8 for Sam. ''I could have been 3-0 down'', the Brabant player concluded. But it doesn't work out that way: Barry leads 2-1 and from that moment on he gets the match under control, because Sam defends inaccurately from time to time.

The set results in this match:
Barry van Beers-Sam van Etten:
5-10 in 8, 10-8 in 6, 8-10 in 6, 10-3 in 5, 10-4 in 8 (averages 1,358/1,131, runs 5/5.

Jean Paul de Bruijn, what a fight to take victory over Huub Wilkowski

Dick Jaspers, a poor start, an excellent finish

Barry van Beers, a win against young boy Sam van Etten, now facing the world champion Dick Jaspers

Jeffrey Jorissen took his revenge against Jean van Erp in a wonderful ambiance

The eminent speaker Bert van Druenen launches the matches for the quarters


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