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More titles, fewer top players at the Multi's

Posted by on January 2, 2020

More titles, fewer top players at the Multi's

© Dirk Acx compilation
The players for the 2020 Multi championships in Blankenberge

BLANKENBERGE - The quantity of the player field is guaranteed on the eve of the Belgian Multi championships all disciplines (Sunday 5th to Sunday 12th of January). The quality has lost some of its glory. Frédéric Caudron and Patrick Niessen, good for 128 Belgian titles together, are missing in the players gallery. Benny van Goethem, chairman of the federation and sports director at the Multi's, speaks about a sporting devaluation. "It is their own choice not to play, but we certainly regret it," says the chairman, who wants to look forward on this occasion to the new year 2020 in Belgium.

The mega-tournament of the Multi's is played in one of the upper rooms of the Blankenberge Casino. A total of eleven titles are at stake: in three cushion for men, women, wheelchairs, under 21, free game, three balk-line disciplines, one cushion, artistic and 5 pins. The fear of less crowded stands is justified. Benny van Goethem: ''I'm afraid for that, because in the past, many spectators came to the arena when Caudron played and the real fans of the classical games when Niessen played his high runs.''

Patrick Niessen makes a statement with his absence against lowering the match lengths by 50 caroms. "There are two reasons," Van Goethem explains. ''Due to the loss of quality, since some big players no longer participate, the games last much longer. Sometimes we play until we past midnight. We want to prevent that. But we also adapt to international rules: the length of the games is now the same as the balklines and one cushion at the European championship."

This time, Eddy Merckx and Roland Forthomme are the most frequently mentioned favorites for the three cushion title. Benny van Goethem wants to explain: ''Caudron and Leppens were allowed to participate officially, also in three cushion, but they cancelled. For our federation applies, that these PBA players are not in conflict with the Belgian federation, but with the CEB and UMB, which have imposed the suspensions. To play in three cushion for them, could have consequences. If Caudron and Leppens had participated, the tournament would have been infected, because of the suspensions. And let's say, if Merckx and Forthomme were to play the final, they would not receive UMB ranking points. So it would have been a knife in the back of the colleagues. That's why Caudron and Leppens have withdrawn."

The classical disciplines now have a different core of players, led by Eddy Leppens. The most recurring names are those of Maarten Janssen, Johan Devos and Philippe Deraes. Francis Forton and Johan Loncelle are finalists in one cushion. The Belgian championship artistic will be organized again during the Multi's.

The Multi championships start on Sunday (January 5) from 10:15 am with the first preliminaries for the ladies, the 5 pins and the wheelchair players. On Monday, January 6, the tournament continues with the men's three-cushion and the classic disciplines. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the disciplines continue towards the finals. The finals are on Saturday and Sunday: three cushion with the top of the men's draw starting at 10am with the quarter finals, at 12:30 the semis and at 14:30 the final. Kozoom will broacast all matches live.

The Belgian president, Benny van Goethem, looks ahead to 2020 with the board that now consists of vice-chairman Guy de Win and sports leader Henry Pelgrims. Franky de Coninck has taken over Robert Monnissen's position of secretary, Monnissen is the chief of referees.

Benny van Goethem, the Belgian president

The federation is still in conflict with the BTS, which organized the Grand Prix tournaments and the Superprestige. Van Goethem: ''The BTS is only a sleeping organization now, as far as we know. There is still a lawsuit running about the brand of cloths in various disciplines. We have been sentenced and must allow other cloths in three cushion. But in other disciplines, there is still a lawsuit, because Kurt Ceulemans persists in his demands. There are also other issues: the clubs are no longer in line to organize BTS tournaments."

The Belgian president, on this occasion, also wants to clarify the cancellation of the World Cup in Blankenberge. ''That is a sad story for us as the federation, because we have to pay the fine to the UMB. Actually, it was a matter of finance, as the World Cup organization reported to the UMB. The tournament suffered a big shortage over the two years. There was another issue at stake for the withdrawal, as I know, which I do not want to talk about. Very unfortunate, because it was a great tournament in recent years."

Van Goethem says that with Thierry Gabriels there was another candidate to take over the World Cup organization. ''He wanted another date because the hotel in which he was in charge, was not available. Therefore, he is no candidate anymore.''

The participants in all disciplines at the Belgian Multi's:

Three cushion:

Poule A: Fréderic Mottet, Kenny Miatton, Danny Geysen, Pascal Claus

Poule B: Roland Forthomme, Davy van Havere, Marc Celen, Leslie Menheer

Poule C: Steven van Acker, Danny Wuyts, Geert Meyleman, Bart Leys

Poule D: Peter Ceulemans, Patrick Kesteloo, Bart Ceulemans, Marco Janssen

Poule E: Jef Philipoom, Wesley de Jaeger, Mathy Monnissen, Dany Boutet

Poule F: Kurt Ceulemans, Ronny Brants, Eddy Willems, Henk Blauwblomme

Poule G: Francis Forton, Ronny Daniels, Martin Ravesteyn, Philippe Vandendriessche

Poule H: Eddy Merckx, Andy de Bondt, Luc Salvo, Steven D'Hondt

Three cushion under 21:
Dylan Parent, Kevin van Hees, Nick Rosier, ino Coeckelbergs

Women: Danielle le Bruyn, Jaimie Buelens, Mireille Vandaele, Martine Goedkint

Free game:
Maarten Janssen, Jean Godeyne, Johan Devos, Philippe Deraes

Balkline 47/2: Eddy Leppens, Maarten Janssen, Johan Devos, Philippe Deraes

47/1: Eddy Leppens, Philipe Deraes, Maarten Janssen, Peter Vandeloo

71/2: Eddy Leppens, Maarten Janssen, Philippe Deraes, Johan Devos

4 pins: Peter Mostrey, Peter Debaes, Ismaele Trentino, Miguel Bruwer, Angel Bustos Machado, Erwin Koen Boone

Artistic: Eric Daelemans, Erik Vervliet, Patrick Vloemans, Walter Bax, Steve Wilms

One cushion: Eddy Leppens, Maarten Janssen, Johan Loncelle, Francis Forton

Wheelchair: Johan Grimon, Stefan Neyens, Rudy Rousseau, Jean Mailleur.

The Multi's start at Sunday 5th of January from 10.15 uur with the first prerounds for women, 5 pins and wheelchairs. On Monday 6 of January, the event continues including the men's three cushion and the classic games. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the other disciplines play the matches until the final rounds. Three cushion starts at 10.00 on Sunday with the quarters, the semi finals at 12.30, the final match at 14.30.

Day pass: 5: euro
Week pass 25 euro
Weekend: 15 euro
Saturday: 10 euro
Sunday: 10 euro.

Playing center: Casino Blankenberge, Salle Saverys, Zeedijk 140, 4th floor, Blankenberge.




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My Comments

the Texas Carom Club
the Texas Carom Club
no good
someone pay caudron to play 1 cushion and balkline already, yall dont know what your missing.
patrick niessen also not playing, geez!

Message 1/2 - Publish at January 3, 2020 2:15 PM

Keith Montague
Only 4 Women playing so does this mean 6 matches only in the event and the player who wins the most or best average wins. Should be a overall final in all events and nice also to see a wheelchair tournament in the event

Mens winner will be Eddy Merckx but hope Roland Forthomme does well
Womens winner will be Jaimie Buelens
Eddy Leppens to win all of his events

Good luck to all in Belgium this week

Message 2/2 - Publish at January 3, 2020 6:39 PM

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