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Mr. Farouk Barki in Seoul: three cushion on Eurosport

Posted by on February 27, 2019

Mr. Farouk Barki in Seoul: three cushion on Eurosport

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UMB president Mr. Farouk Barki during the press conference with his partners in Seoul

SEOUL - The world federation of billiards (UMB), held a press conference today at the Olympic Garden in Seoul, South Korea. Before this conference, during the event 'Billiards Nights', which are annually organized by the Korean federation in font of around 400 people, UMB president Mr. Barki announced that the Union Mondiale de Billard (UMB), The Korean Billiards Federation (KBF) with their partners, Kozoom International and Galaxia SM, will join efforts on a future cooperation.

All events organized in Korea will take place under the UMB and KBF umbrella, including the 3C Masters tournaments (this week in Seoul) and the Ceulemans Cup, as announced and scheduled. Later, at the press conference, where press, media and several players were present, Galaxia SM gave a corporate presentation of its profile and core business.

Galaxia SM is a major Korea-based sports marketing company. The company business objectives are mainly engaged in broadcasting sports events and sports marketing consulting. The company owns the right to broadcast sports events of Major league baseball (MLB), Asian football confederation (AFC), fighting championship (UFC), international association of athletics (IAAF), Korean ladies professional golf association (KLPGA) and others through various platforms such as cable television, internet television and digital media broadcasting.

Galaxia SM and Kozoom International will cooperate even outside South-Korea for the broadcasting of UMB events. Mr. Barki proudly announced that the UMB objective to be on Eurosport, has finally come into reality. Starting from March 2019, three-cushion events will be broadcast on Eurosport on a regular basis.

The UMB will continue to concentrate its efforts on keeping all players under its umbrella. Players must then, like in any other sport, respect the democratically set UMB Statutes and Sports Rules that will be strictly applied.

UMB and its partners remain open for discussions and cooperation with any other party, interested in bringing our sport to better heights.

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My Comments

Professional Billiard Association
Is this organization still going to be formed?

Message 1/7 - Publish at February 27, 2019 11:49 PM

"Join efforts for future cooperation"
Congratulations, finally very great news to hear. I believe "one step of humbleness is two steps to success" and UMB have taking that step, steadily and futuristicly.

Message 2/7 - Publish at February 28, 2019 1:44 AM

Report about UMB Seoul press conference
The players,national federations, sponsors, non-Korean speaking reporters worldwide deserve different articles and reported interviews from other notable persons.
Below is URL of an article in a Korean billiard news after the announcement of UMB President in Seoul. />
I hope an English-Korean bi-lingual Kozoom staff will translate it completely and post it here.
Vice-versa, 'Mr.Barki in Seoul" article to be translated in Korean and show to non-English speaking billiard people in Korea.

I will translate a few important lines by separate post.

Message 3/7 - Publish at February 28, 2019 2:15 PM

Translation#1/part of the article in Korean
UMB president announced at a press conference yesterday " Players who will join PBA Tour will not be allowed to come to future global UMB events as well as KBF events organized in Korea by KBF."

But KBF maintains 'KBF will see the future developments and decide our own fate' attitude against the announcement by UMB.

UMB president confirmed one year suspension per one participation in any non-UMB permitted events.
He also added " Korean players who will join PBA Tour will not be allowed to UMB events of course, but also will not be allowed to events organized by KBF including Korean National Championships".

<continued-responses from Korean players and a KBF top official>

Message 4/7 - Publish at February 28, 2019 2:28 PM

Translation#2/responses from KBF guys
A notable KBF player says " If KBF penalize players who play in PBA Tour according to the UMB announcement, the backfire and turmoil will be beyond the imagination. I doubt if KBF will be able to handle it."

Another high ranker commented, " UMB is singing always it is trying for the development of global billiard. But, in reality, UMB is only focusing on events good for only limited, a few top rankers.
How on earth, such UMB thinks it can intervene the Korean players own rights in KBF events?
What right is UMB talking about?"

Against all these, KBF is not confirming its position yet, only " we will watch until the dust is over" attitude.

Mr.Tae Ho Park, first VP/KBF said after the announcement of UMB President,
" I assume UMB President can say so as UMB treat KBF as one of the affliated members.
But, KBF is can not fully agree to the announcement."

and he added, "KBF is still reviewing the issues related to the management of PBA. KBF will watch the future development and will decide what to do afterwards. "

End of translation.

Message 5/7 - Publish at February 28, 2019 2:48 PM

Now three entities in play?
So now situation is in even more turmoil with UMB, KBF and PBA in conflict?

Message 6/7 - Publish at February 28, 2019 6:28 PM

3-C on Eurosport TV in March?
March 7th news on UMB website reported the first broadcasting will ALREADY starting March, 2019.
I am curious to know which event, how many hours, in which nations Eurosport did so.
Any news or information about this?

I hope the big money from Eurosport to UMB will help carom sport in Europe primarily and globally.

In my memory, AGIPI Masters final was on Eurosport TV for one or 2 hours many years ago.
It sounds great there will be other countries than Korea where 3-cushion will be broadcast on TV.

Message 7/7 - Publish at March 31, 2019 4:27 PM

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