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New information, updates and regulations CEB

Posted by on July 20, 2020

 New information, updates and regulations CEB

The new Communcation Manager at the CEB office in Lausanne: Maria Peredo Silva from Mexico

LAUSANNE - The European billiards federation CEB has announced the calendar for the upcoming season with the new updates. The newsletter presents new information and regulations and announced that CEB hired a Communications Manager, Maria Peredo Silva from Mexico. In a CEB interview, she answered a few questions to know her and her role better. After this season, which has experienced the confinement, the cancellation of competitions and the closing of clubs, CEB hopes that the next season will see the return to normal for the billiard world. ''Life is starting again but let's remain cautious.''

 The CEB Board starts its Newsletter with a thought for all those who have been seriously affected by the virus.
During this period the CEB has worked and met several times by web conference. Below you can find some new information.''

''Since the start of the year our office has been open at the 'Maison du Sport International' (MSI) in Lausanne. This office, which we share with the UMB and the WCBS, is part of our development projects.
The "MSI" in Lausanne is a unique space that brings together more than 30 international sports federations and organisations and more than 20 companies that are active in the field of sport. We are very excited to have this connection to the Olympic Capital and continue to work towards the development of our sport.''

One of the main things CEB wants to focus on with this office, is having better recognition within the Olympic movement and in the field of international sport. Therefore, we have decided to begin by developing our communications both internally within the billiards world and externally to other organisations. For this we have decided to hire our new Communications Manager, Maria Peredo Silva from Mexico.

We like to introduce her by these Questions/Answers:

CEB: Where are you from and which is your expertise?
Maria Peredo Silva: I am Mexican, but have not lived in Mexico for a few years now. I have been in Switzerland for the past three years and before that I lived six years in Saudi Arabia. My professional background is in Communications and I recently finished my Masters in Sports Administration and Technology by AISTS. Before my masters, I worked for 12 years in Communications in several different industries, and then decided to pursue a career in sports management. I am also a former international level swimmer, so sports have always been a very important part of my life.
CEB: What kind of work are you doing?
Maria: I am working as Communications Manager for WCBS, UMB and CEB. My first project is to develop a solid communications plan for all three organizations. I have finished an extensive research phase and now we are moving on to developing our brands based on that research. I will develop a new communications plan for our digital channels, like our website and social media, and our physical channels like our events.

CEB: What is the most important thing we need to do to develop our communications?
Maria: To me, the most important thing is to have a unified message, which means a great story to tell! If we are able to develop our brands based on a good story it will be easier to make them cohesive, interesting and relatable to attract a larger audience.

CEB: What is the main thing you will focus on?
Maria: Developing a beautiful and well-structured brand for us and then shouting it's story to the world! I would like to focus a lot on our digital channels, because we live in a digital world today more than ever, and social media is the best way to bring more people to our sport.

CEB: What is your favourite thing to do outside of work?
Maria: Definitely sports. I am a former international swimmer and I still practice from time to time. I also love doing yoga, kitesurfing, hiking and scuba diving; and I'm very keen to practice billiards now too.

If you have any suggestions, comments or questions you would like to share with Maria and our team at MSI, please send her an email to You can also reach our office at +41 (0) 21 340 70 96.

Following the new UMB regulations for 3-Cushion also CEB events in 3-Cushion discipline will be adapted accordingly starting from september 1st 2020 and concerning EC Individual, EC Ladies, EC National Team and Coupe d'Europe Club Teams.
New time regulations

30 seconds time shot limit.
• 4 time-outs for 40 and 50 points game.
• 3 time-outs for 25 and 30 points game.
• time-outs automatically applied (the player does not have to request time-outs).
• break of 4 minutes.

During the next season, a consultation in order to evaluate and to analyze the changes will be organized inside CEB.
Distances and innings limit
For the same reason and also to adapt to a higher level of playing some changes will be made to distances and innings limit:
• Ladies in EC 3C will play in group games and in last 16 with a 50 innings limit. From quarter finals onward there will not be anymore an innings limitation.
• In EC 3C Individual group games will be played to 40 points, KO rounds to 50 points.
• In EC National Teams group games will be played to 40 points.
Equalization inning
The equalization inning will be canceled in all KO 3-Cushion individual matches.
When the winning distance will be reached the player will immediately win the KO game.
These other news will also be enforced starting from September 1st 2020:
• An important change is planned for the CEB 3C Ranking for National Teams: starting with the next ranking update (just after the next edition) only the last 5 edition will be counted in the ranking.
• The playing system of Coupe d'Europe Classics for Teams will be completely renewed in order to have a more attractive format. CEB intention is also to guarantee to participant teams a less expensive format. For these reasons qualifications and finals will be regrouped in one event to be hold in 4 days. The Title Holder and 7 teams will play divided in 2 group of 4; semifinal and final will follow.

CEB CALENDAR 2020/2021


- EC Artistic - November 5 to 8, 2020, Gandia (Spain)
- EC1-Cushion - November 27 to 29, 2020, Paiporta (Spain)
- EC 3C National Teams - February 19 to 21, 2021, Turkey

- Coupe d'Europe Classic Teams - March 25 to 28, 2021, Douarnenez (Fra
- EC Libre Ladies - April 23 to 25, 2021, Melk (Austria)
- EC 3C Ladies - May 7 to 9, 2021, Halle Zoersel (Belgium)
- Coupe d'Europe 5 Pins National Teams - May 13 to 16, Hall in Tirol (Austria)
- EC Cadre 47/2 and 71/2 - May 21 to 24, 2021, Montbrison (France)
- CEB GP Artistic - May 28 to 30, 2021, Rosmalen (Netherlands)

- Coupe d'Europe 5 Pins Club Teams - June 3 to 6, 2021, Roeselare (Bel)
- EC 3C Individual - June 8 to 12, 2021, Berlicum (Netherlands)
- CEB Congress - June 19, 2021, Valencia (Spain)

- Coupe d'Europe 3C Club Teams - June 29 to July 4, Porto (Portugal)
(Not yet confirmed: EC 5 Pins Individual)
The next regrouped European Championships will take place in spring 2022 in Antalya (Turkey).
The calendar is always updated on our website: CEB Calendar


The EuroYouth that was to take place during the Easter weekend in Brussels was also cancelled due to Covid-19.
 The CEB plans to organise the next edition during the Easter weekend 2021.
 As the hall in Brussels is no longer available, we are in close contact with a new organiser and hope to be able to communicate concrete details soon.
















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