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New star keeps champions on the ball

Posted by on July 20, 2015

New star keeps champions on the ball

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Sruong Pheavy was the revelation with a win over Therese Klompenhouwer.

NEW YORK - The final conclusion of the day: miracles can still happen in billiards for women. The almost invincible Therese Klompenhouwer was defeated two times in the last matches on Sunday night at the Jennifer Shim Open in New York. The new Cambodian star Sruong Pheavy did it with a first win 25-19 in 27 innings. And finally, the former, threefold world champion Orie Hida was just one carom ahead at the finish to beat the Dutch iron lady: 25-24 in 24.

Does it tell us anything about Therese's form, about her preparation and the chances to still win the tournament? The Dutch star, for sure, is ready for a revenge today in the knockout rounds. And the new rising star has given a wake-up call for the brilliant champion in women's billiards.

The form is good, as she showed in their first matches, including a match in twelve innings (2.083 average). The preparation was less than last year, because Therese worked long days in her father's cafe. ,,I couldn't train that much, but I feel good'', she said, starting off in New York.

The chances to win the tournament are still there, of course, as from Monday, all the things start again in the knock-out stage with eight players. Therese Klompenhouwer, who was third in her group behind Orie Hida and Sruong Pheavy, meets Karina Jetten, second in her group behind another Japanese, Namiko Hayashi. The foreplay has given an indication, now it comes to real things in New York, playing for the big money: 2.500 dollars for the winner.

Sruong Pheavy for the winning point against Therese Klompenhouwer

The two Japanese women Orie Hida (eight wins, 1.070 of average) and Namiko Hayashi in the other group (eight wins, 0.641) were the only unbeaten players. Sruong Pheavy was second in the group with Klompenhouwer (7 wins, 0.649), Karina Jetten second in the group with Hayashi (6 wins, 0.695).

The tournament discovered a new star in the women's billiards, completely out of nowhere. Sruong Pheavy, from Camboda, not known for a strong billiard player before, is already the tournament's revelation with a stylish playing and fighting character. Therese Klompenhouwer had seen already on the first night of practicing: ,,This is a player to watch here.'' It was unthinkable Therese would be beaten by the young, upcoming talent two days later.

The two Japanese will play a main role again in the final phase. Orie Hida is strong and stable, won all her matches, the best was against Kazumi Hida (her mother) in 17 innings. Namiko Hayashi is less strong, had two very poor matches (win against Jetten in 48 innings and against Taniyama with 21 in 55 innings), overall average of 0.641.

Karina Jetten had like Klompenhouwer a bad finish, in which she made only thirteen points against Mercedes Gonzalez in 41 innings. She lost also to Hayashi 25-24, 48 innings, far below its normal level.
Orie Hida, Sruong Pheavy, Therese Klompenhouwer and Kazumi Hida (4 wins, 0.436) advanced in Group A for the final round. Namiko Hayashi, Karina Jetten, Ester Park and Mercedes Gonzalez finished top four in the other group. Sylvia Eckel and Ryoko Kobayashi are out for the finals, despite four wins in eight matches.

Mercedes Gonzalez is in the final rounds of the tournament.

The final ranking in the groups:

Group A:

1 Orie Hida 8-16-1.070-9
2 Sruong Pheavy 8-14-0.649-4
3 Therese Klompenhouwer 8-12-1.060-9
4 Kazumi Hida 8-8-0.436-6
5 Ryoko Kobayashi 8-8-0.418-4
6 Olivia Lee 8-8-0.568-4
7 Helga Mitterböck 8-4-0.418-3
8 Helen Lee 8-2-0.298-4
9 Ruth Segura 8-0-0.215-5.

Group B:

1 Namiko Hayashi 8-16-0.641-5
2 Karina Jetten 8-12-0.695-5
3 Ester Park 8-12-0.504-75
4 Mercedes Gonzalez 8-12-0.600-5
5 Sylvia Eckel 8-8-0.412-4
6 Akiko Taniyama 8-6-0.329-4
7 Jessica Caudron 8-4-0.425-5
8 Alina Shim 8-2-0.152-3
9 Josephine Nidy 8-0-0.105-2.

The matches in the knock-out:

Orie Hida-Kazumi Hida
Karina Jetten-Therese Klompenhouwer
Sruong Pheavy-Ester Park
Mercedes Gonzalez-Namiko Hayashi.

Therese Klompenhouwer, now facing the Dutch clash with Karina Jetten.

The home crowd in the Carom Cafe for the final matches

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My Comments

Request for uploading videos which are made in the Jennifer Shim International
Are you going to upload any video of those matches or at least the video of said match between Therese K. and Sruong Pheavy ?

Message 1/2 - Publish at July 20, 2015 10:28 AM

The future looks good
Congratulations to all the women and of course the three "medalists". I think that the standard among the women has increased considerably over the last few years. There are several who playing with one average and more with between 0,600 and about 1. It is my hope that Kozoom continues to show the female three-cushion players in action.

European and world championships in the future will be very exciting. Therese Klompenhouwer - which is a step ahead of the second best - might get competition if the game teases..

A match with 2,083 and a finale with about 1,700, it is average that many men only dreams about.
Most women - maybe all - at this tournament has a beautiful stroke. This is my opinion.

Are more players learn to avoid that the cue ball gets a direction where it must pass ball-2 close several times, they soon are many step closer.

Message 2/2 - Publish at July 21, 2015 2:27 PM

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