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Nikos Polychronopoulos: I'll never give up

Posted by on July 2, 2011

Nikos Polychronopoulos: I'll never give up

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Dick Jaspers is playing a very difficult position in his match against Leppens.

The fighting spirit of Nikos Polychronopoulos could still be seen on his face, even after he had made his last carom against Filipos Kasidokostas and had raised his cue into the air. ,This is important for me and my career,'' he said later in the billiard arena, where Frédéric Caudron earlier in the first afternoon session had won against Ruben Legazpi (3-2), Dick Jaspers had decided mercilessly about the chances of Eddy Leppens and Torbjörn Blomdahl defeated Jérémy Bury after a long battle for a place in the last eight.

Nikos Polychronopoulos revealed for a short moment his inner feelings after the important victory. ,,I know that many people think that I will never come back at the top, but I'll never give up. I have showed it today, although for me it's not the most important thing that I beat Filipos. Most of the time our matches are fifty-fifty, but now I've showed everyone in the billiard world that my carreer goes on, it's not over. That will never happen, therefore I like the game too much.''

The Greek was the great winner of the collision between two players who know each other for such a long time. He forced the ddecision at a score of 10-10 with a run of five. Polychronopoulos analysed: ,,We played on a table which is difficult and unpredictable. I prefer the table on the middle table, that one is at least honest and trustworthy.''

About the billiards there were some discussions in several places in the arena. Eddy Leppens confessed at first, that he didn't play on his best against  Dick Jaspers and he didn't use the opportunities to threaten his opponent. Then he signed, on the front of his mobile phone, some positions, which are almost impossible on other tables. ,,We must adjust ourselves very quickly,'' Jaspers said encouraging. ,,Yes, that's true,'' said Leppens. ,,I have to adjust to the billiards, because the billiards will never adjust to me.''

Frédéric Caudron played again very strong and quickly against Ruben Legazpi, but the Spaniard was a tough opponent, who took the lead after a missed, pretty easy setball of the Belgian 1-0. It was a very nice duel between the two: Legazpi came 2-2 up after 2-1 behind, but in the deciding set Caudron attacked with thirteen from the break-off and then won the match.

Torbjörn Blomdahl came back from 2-1 behind in his match against Jérémy Bury, was leading 9-5 in the tenth inning, but needed some more time to finish the match, which was very defensive at th end. Blomdahl missed at 12-7 a bankshot with a maximum of reverse English, but a few innings later he took the victory.

The matches in the quarter finales tonight: Caudron against Polychronopoulos and Jaspers against Blomdahl.

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