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PBA leagues is growing despite polemics

Posted by on January 7, 2021

PBA leagues is growing despite polemics

The leading team with Kasidokostas, Morales and Lee

SEOUL - The fifth session in the PBA team competition (Team League) in this Korean organization starts this Friday, January 8, with the six teams participating in the competition. Three matches are played daily, up to and including Tuesday, January 12. The Heroes team with Filippos Kasidokostas and Mi-rae Lee tops the ranking followed by Frédéric Caudron's Phoenix team and Minh Cam Ma's Alpha's. The matches are broadcast entirely on Billiards TV and partly on SBS Sports and KBSN Sports.

The Heroes team (TS-JDX) leads with 32 points ahead of Phoenix (Welcome Savings Bank) with 31 points, Alphas (Shinhan Investment) is third at 4 points behind the leader and Winners (SK rent-a-car) , six points behind the leader. RAON (Crown Haitai) is fifth, 9 points down and Angels (Blue One Resort) is last, 12 points behinds. The Belgians Caudron and Leppens, Spaniards Martinez and Zapata, Turk Birol Uymaz and Greek Kasidokostas will show up in the Team League. The Dutch De Bruijn and Hofman, among others, have not been selected in one of the six participating teams. The next individual PBA tournament starts on January 19th.

This week, some controversy has arisen around the PBA organization. According to an article published on the Sport site Naver Sports this Wednesday, this polemic has led to a split between the PBA and Bravo&New, the international marketing agency that was a main partner in the founding of the PBA and now speaks of major shortages within the organisation. The PBA itself ensures that its organization continues to grow with expansion of the Team League and a new sponsor for the next PBA tournament.

The program for the first day of the 5th session in the Team League:

Friday, January 8:
Welcome Savings Bank-Crown Haitai, Shinhan Investment-TS-JDX, SK rent-a-car-Blue One Resort



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My Comments

To Part Ways ("Amazing Grace")

I’ve suspended, for a while, the comment “Amazing Grace” because, without the right explanation, people out of certain lines of work could eventually do not understand it properly (thank you to all who’ve reached me: you are right) and we do not want to hurt susceptibilities.

You know, when people part ways, we always say to them to “chant amazing grace” (1), because “now they see” what they could not see before and “they are saved” and “not blind” anymore. The same if they unite or reunite: “chant amazing grace”, meaning “now, that’s the right move”.

To part ways is a very natural and ‘healthy’ procedure, mainly in organizations: when they increase in size, importance, strength, etc. they need to adapt and, by doing that, old partners can go and new partners more adjusted to that moment and other internal organization are welcomed.

PBA is now the World’s most Trusted 3-Cushion Billiards Reference, because The PBA Championship is a World Reference in 3-Cushion Billiards AND it’s natural to have new partners and, sometime in the future, to come together again with old partner friends.

That’s life and, mainly, business life.

(1) “Amazing Grace

"Amazing (G) Grace (G7), How Sweet (C) the Sound (G)
That Saved a 'poor wretch' Like Me (D)
I Once (G) Was Lost (G7), But Now (C) Am Found (G)
Was blind (Em), But Now (D) I See (G)"

by JOHN NEWTON (1725-1807), with CHORDS”

Jordi Fontdevila

Message 1/3 - Publish at January 8, 2021 3:14 PM

“Amazing Grace” Part 2: Perfect Timing

NH Nonghyup Card brings the start of Giant Sponsors entering PBA

*****CBS Nocut News Jong-ryul LIM]*******

"The "PBA-LPBA 3rd Tour NH NongHyup Card Championship," which ended on the 4th of January, recorded one of the best game averages, and attracted attention from the fans and audience with its interesting stories from the newborn champions. PBA (Professional Billiards Association) TOUR is definitely becoming more popular in 2021. New players sponsored by NH Nonghyup Card suddenly joined the PBA tour, and other big companies are also preparing to join in earnest.

A new team, NH NongHyup Card Green Force, which was launched in the PBA TEAM LEAGUE last month, drew a lot of attention at once by recruiting star players such as Jae-ho CHO and Min-ah KIM, who were the strongest players from amateur. On top of that, NH Nonghyup Card not only launched a team but also sponsored the PBA-LPBA TOUR 3rd Tournament as the title sponsor.

Although the NH Nonghyup Card Green Force team players’ performance could have been better, they did leave strong impression behind. Jae-ho CHO survived the R128 and R64 games by narrow margin, and in R32, he was so close, but failed in the last points. Min-ah KIM also advanced to the quarterfinals, proving that she is gradually adapting to the PBA system.

Stories about the champions of this tournament were also intriguing. Both champions were either owner of billiards club, or the family of the billiards club owner. PBA Champion Hyun-min SEO (Welcome Savings Bank) had no choice but to close the newly opened billiards club due to the COVID-19. Father of the LPBA Champion Mi-rae LEE (TS·JDX) is also running a billiards club, and it has been told that he is also suffering from loss. From these stories, we could get a glimpse of the Korean society going through the harsh COVID-19 times.

For such reasons, NH NongHyup Card, the title sponsor of the recent tournament, expressed satisfaction with the PBA-LPBA TOUR despite its players´ rather disappointing performances. It is because of the fact that the tour was completed safely in such a dangerous COVID-19 circumstance. PBA-LPBA 3rd Tour NH Nonghyup Card Championship was heavily covered by a number of media outlets, including newspapers and broadcasting.

In fact, NH Nonghyup Financial Group was highly interested in this tournament. Although the NH Nonghyup Card title was used, the NH Nonghyup Bank´s sports team led the behind-the-scenes work in the early days of its foundation, including the recruitment of the team players. Yong-guk PARK, the head of the NH Nonghyup Bank Sports Team, observed the operation of the tournament on the spot and said the following: "We were trying to change the image of Nonghyup into a young image, and we think that it has been successfully done by sponsoring the PBA-LPBA TOUR and launching the team in the PBA TEAM LEAGUE."

With NH Nonghyup Card joining, PBA is getting ready to step further. Giant enterprises, which have been incentivized by the joining of big financial corporates, are positively considering the launching the teams of PBA TEAM LEAGUE. With Shinhan Financial Group, SK Rent Car, and Crown Haitai and NH Nonghyup already in action, a series of companies are planning to sponsor the PBA TOUR.

PBA Vice Commissioner Sang-jin CHANG hinted, "Famous companies that anyone can know by their names are preparing to launch." He added, "Problems may occur if there are too many teams, so we think it would be best to have about 10 teams."

PBA TOUR is bound to be attractive to companies. This is because the expenses of the team operation and title sponsor are relatively less than other professional sports, but they show the significant promotional effect. PBA official said, "The operating cost of the team is about KRW 500 million per year, and the total cost will be about KRW 1 billion if the sponsorship cost is included. However, the viewer rating is the second best, next to professional baseball."

As PBA TOUR grows in size, the entire pie of Korean billiards market will also grow bigger. As the demand for players increases, the base such as youth players can also be expanded. Korea, which has the world´s best infrastructure with many billiards clubs and players, is also likely to become the center of global billiards. Many top international players, including Frederic CAUDRON (BEL) and Filippos KASIDOKOSTAS (GRC), have also joined the PBA TOUR.

In addition to these achievement, if PBA can cooperate well with the amateur organization, KBF (Korea Billiards Federation), and its "Sports Club Division Project", a virtuous cycle system could be established. If so, players will be able to start playing from clubs and advance to professionals, which will build a solid foundation. KBF´s “Sports Club Division Project” received the highest evaluation last year, beating popular sport events such as baseball, soccer, and table tennis. The synergy effect can be doubled if KBF cooperates with PBA.

Initially, PBA and KBF signed an agreement for co-prosperity last year February. However, the agreement could not be made as the KBF representatives’ Extraordinary General Meeting rejected the details. However, the billiard community believes that there is still a possibility that PBA and KBF’s co-prosperity agreement will be revisited depending on who will become the next president of KBF.

PBA, in which the signs of development is showing, will continue with its busy schedule for the end of the season, starting from the PBA TEAM LEAGUE Round 5 starting on 8 January, and the following PBA-LPBA TOUR 4th Tournament."

Jordi Fontdevila

Message 2/3 - Publish at January 9, 2021 5:42 AM

The other side of the “Amazing Grace” - The Finale
Do you want to know how “food” is prepared to very hungry people?

Please look to the kozoom’s article last main paragraph (the one beginning with” This week”) to see how the introduction of two words is able to create a scenario to suggest that “a great, great problem is occurring with PBA”: “controversy” and “polemic” are the words.

See how it unfolds before your eyes:

1. “Some CONTROVERSY has arisen” (without a single word of minimum clarification) and “this POLEMIC” (not anymore 'controversy', see) ”has led to a split between the PBA and Bravo&New”;

2. What is Bravo&New? Just one INTERNATIONAL Marketing Agency” and, guess what, “a MAIN partner in the FOUNDING of the PBA”;

3. Now what do we have? “MAJOR SHORTAGES within the organization”;

4. But, you see, PBA "ITSELF" (not independent persons like the one issuing the Kozoom News, ok?) still “ensures that its organization continues to grow with expansion of the Team League and a new sponsor for the next PBA tournament”.

If you read my previous comment just reporting what an independent view (“CBS Nocut News Jong-ryul LIM” ) is saying about the “(…) start of Giant Sponsors entering PBA” you would understand, perfectly, my first comment "To Part Ways ("Amazing Grace")".

No more to add up and no more to add to our journey.

Jordi Fontdevila

Message 3/3 - Publish at January 10, 2021 11:52 AM - Edited at January 10, 2021 12:24 PM

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