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PBA/UMB: Caudron keeps pouring oil on the fire

Posted by on July 23, 2020

 PBA/UMB: Caudron keeps pouring oil on the fire

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UMB president Mr. Farouk Barki: ''UMB never asked PBA to drop the case, never received the information before 22nd of June

LAUSANNE/BRUSSELS - The President of the UMB, Mr. Farouk Barki, leading the world of billiards, has sent an official document to those directly involved and to the billiard press to show that his organization has acted correctly in a case brought against the UMB. The PBA, Korean billiards organization, which is not affiliated to the UMB, filed an antitrust complaint against the UMB, dated 13th September 2019 towards the European Commission for the suspensions of PBA players. The PBA now claims that it has withdrawn the case from the EU-Commission in March 2020. PBA (Professional Billiards Association) did not publicly announce this withdrawl, nor has it informed UMB about this proceding. The UMB received the official notification of the closure of the case only on 22nd of June 2020 after request of its lawyers and published the news on its website the same day.

Mr. Barki assures: ''The accusation, mainly by PBA player Frédéric Caudron, that we deliberately did not publish the statement in March, is a pertinent falsehood. I would like to prove that with the official document of the European Commission, so now everyone can see the truth.'' The misleading publications on social media have put the UMB in a bad light. Barki: ''We now want to close this matter for once and for all. Be assured that the UMB has never asked PBA to drop the case.''

Frédéric Caudron, former world champion and most known PBA player, posted comments like: ''The UMB, as usual, does not give people the right information. This can't be a simple mistake, it's just a lie. It is very strange that the European Commission already closed the case in March, but UMB only published the official announcement before the start of the PBA event at the end of June. Why did UMB wait so long? Just to get the PBA negative in the news before the start of the new season.''

The case against the suspensions imposed by the UMB on players who participated in PBA tournaments, was brought for the European Commission on 13 September 2019 by the PBA and 22 individual players, in particular the non-Korean players in PBA events. The official UMB statement, in response to unjustified allegations: ''During 10 months, the UMB, by its lawyers, submitted to EU-Commissions its response against this baseless complaint in its strongest possible terms. As a result, the complaint had been rejected and the UMB has been informed on June 22nd, 2020 by its lawyers, that the EU-Commission officially closed the file. This simply means that the complaint filed against UMB, has been rejected for further proceedings. UMB never asked PBA to drop the case, never received this information from PBA or EU-Commission.''

Mr. Barki, when asked, confirms that there is no evidence of further negotiations between UMB and PBA. ''We invited a PBA delegation to Düsseldorf Airport in the days when the Viersen World Championship should have been played. We had some other meetings, but the PBA officially informed us that they would not come to negotiate. And after that, we asked many times to take further action to find a solution. They promised several times that they would get in touch, but despite repeated requests, we never received any reply.''

The UMB president says that his organization has temporarily stopped the player suspensions on July 15 2020, because the 1-year suspension has expired. ''As soon as players participate in the next PBA event, they will be suspended again for 1 year. A few months ago, we consciously changed that period from 3 years to 1 year, because we do not want to further dupe players who want to return to the UMB.''

The UMB president concludes: ''Be convinced that the UMB is the guardian of our sport and will always defend the interests of its members, players and partners in the best possible way. We hope herewith to have informed you conveniently and definitely clarified the situation.''

Below you find the copy of the email from the European Commission that the UMB received at the request of its lawyers. ''The European Commission, as we understand, had no further grounds for legal proceedings.''

The email of the UMB lawyers on June 22, 2020 at 1.07 pm. The official mail sent by the European Commission on June 22.


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My Comments

This report distorts the truth
This report avoids the important points and pays only attention to the surrounding.

UMB wrote on its official statement on 22 June;

1) the complaint submitted in September 2019, by the Professional Billiard Association (PBA), the Korean Billiard Players Association (KBPA) and twenty-two (22) individually named Billiard Players against UMB, has been dismissed and closed.

2) UMB believes that the decision taken by the European Commission has confirmed its position and direction regarding the application of its Statutes and Rules.

Even on the email Barki showed, there were no word, "dismissed" and no clause which included EC's direction and position about this case.

UMB has only distorted and adapted it to its taste.

This report only refutes single word Caudron says and refuses to look at the whole picture.

Message 1/21 - Publish at July 23, 2020 11:07 AM

24 hours or 100 Years
First things first

The Professional 3C National Structure can take a day or a century to be build, but I can assure to everybody that, for life, they will not be able to sanction or suspend me, because I will never give in, I will never register to any National 3C Organization with membership relations with CEB or UMB (unless guaranteed freedom is there) and I will joyful play at the PBA, in South Korea, and they cannot suspend me!!. (1) They can play by themselves, suspend themselves, not me. No power coming from me. No mercy.

Yeah!, Guys, the Thing.

Yeah!! The Great Case “dismissed and closed” (which would be great, too, as I said before, and a great accomplishment) by EU turned out to be WITHDRAWN by PBA, following the report. What a Pearl.

Here is the “UMB Words of Truth” confirming that a withdrawn case (not appreciated and, of course, not judged) was “dismissed and closed” and that “has confirmed its position and direction regarding the application of its Statutes and Rules”. Do you need more to understand Caudron? What a shame!!:

"UMB Official Statement

Lausanne, June 22nd, 2020, PBA Complaint against UMB - EU-Commission closed the case. Today, UMB received the official notification from the European Commission confirming that the EU-file - AT.40674 - regarding the complaint submitted in September 2019, by the Professional Billiard Association (PBA), the Korean Billiard Players Association (KBPA) and twenty-two (22) individually named Billiard Players against UMB, has been dismissed and closed. UMB believes that the decision taken by the European Commission has confirmed its position and direction regarding the application of its Statutes and Rules.”

By this, you can appreciate all the rest.

PS (1) or have me in the "good boy" list. I don't need probationary periods.

Jordi Fontdevila

Message 2/21 - Publish at July 23, 2020 6:11 PM - Edited at July 24, 2020 10:05 AM

UMB deserves the oil, why?
Hey, what a trash reply to the issue brought?

The key issue is how the simple word 'closed'from EC was manipulated by UMB as 'dismissed and closed'.
To make it worse, Kozoom (Int'l ? Korea) went further as 'UMB won the case, PBA lost. EC supports UMB'.

Readers and fans are waiting for the answer by UMB president for the key issues.
Does UMB President want to argue with a player to pick 'who is the villain of the story' ?

Seems the boss tries to cover the key issue by picking on a player and lead the attention of billiard people to nowhere. Nice try, but it will not work in democratic countries.

The letter from UMB lawyer clearly reports "CLOSED" only and offers coffee and meal to UMB staff in his town, not in Lausanne. Maybe high legal cost for CLOSED case.

Also, is UMB sure it has never asked PBA to drop the case? Try to remember, please.
I have been trying to stay neutral but getting disgusted by such craps.

Message 3/21 - Publish at July 23, 2020 7:38 PM - Edited at July 23, 2020 7:41 PM

The Guardianship
Just to comment this statement:

''Be convinced that the UMB is the guardian of our sport and will always defend the interests of its members, players and partners, in the best possible way”.

1.''Be convinced that the UMB is the guardian of our sport and will always defend the interests of its members, players and partners (…)”

First, of all, sir, "guardian" refers to persons, people, not organizations: guardians are PERSONS who protect something.

UMB with GUARDIANS in power positions can accomplish, through persons, Guardianship, meaning that the situation do not depend on UMB, per se, but on the persons in power.

I know some guardians and the qualities they naturally have and I’m sorry to say that there are not that kind of specimens surrounding CEB or UMB: other qualified names, may be, other virtues, I don’t know, nobody knows, but NOT GUARDIANS or GUARDIANSHIP. That’s for sure.

2.“(…), in the best possible way”

Here is the Real Deal, the Problem. The “way”, the “possible” and the “best”: for that we need Guardians, a rare specimen.

Jordi Fontdevila

Message 4/21 - Publish at July 24, 2020 10:08 AM - Edited at July 24, 2020 10:15 AM

Who extinguished this fire?
After reading this UMB news, I am totally lost.

When there is a fire, police shows up and catch the suspect who put the fire first.

It seems this fire was extinguished by distorted statement officially announced (very well pointed out by ALPHA above, so I will pass adding unnecessary words).

The usual suspect denies it and points the finger to an innocent person who hinted the police who set the fire (by mistake or on purpose to harm somebody in conflict).

It would be right attitude for UMB to apologize for misleading first and correct the words in the wrong statement and ask for shaking hands to those who claimed the incorrectness. Not a shame.

Why WCBS and IOC are closing their eyes to such things committed by so-called Governing International Organization?

Survival of the sport is more important than anything else. Any comment,please?

Message 5/21 - Publish at July 24, 2020 6:16 PM

EU Commission Complaints
What the comission can and cannot do

“The Commission may decide not to open a formal infringement procedures, even if it considers that a breach of EU law has occurred. Certain cases can be dealt with by other mechanisms at EU and national level, which are more appropriate. This applies in particular to individual cases of incorrect application not raising issues of wider principle (…)”. “For instance, in 2017, the Commission closed infringement procedures and complaints in the area of gambling. The Commission did not consider it a priority to use its enforcement powers (...) (when) "Complaints (...) can be handled more efficiently by national courts than by the Commission.”

“if the Commission takes a country to the Court of Justice and wins the case, the country will have to take all actions to remedy the violations.”

“If the Commission brings the case before the Court of Justice of the European Union, it may take several years for the Court of Justice to hand down its judgment.”

“Judgments of the Court of Justice differ from those of national courts. The Court of Justice delivers a judgment stating whether there has been an infringement of European Union law.”

“The Court of Justice cannot annul a national provision which is incompatible with European Union law, nor force a national administration to respond to the request of an individual, nor order the country to pay damages to an individual adversely affected by an infringement of European Union law. To seek compensation, complainants must still take their case to a national court within the time limit set out in national law.”


"Within the following 12 months, the European Commission will assess your complaint and aim to decide whether to initiate a formal infringement procedure against the country in question." (1)

"If the issue that you raise is especially complicated, or if the European Commission needs to ask you or others for more information or details, it may take longer than 12 months to reach a decision."

(1) to be noted: against "the country" in question

Jordi Fontdevila

Message 6/21 - Publish at July 25, 2020 10:38 AM

Closing this matter for once and for all?
When UMB published it is not important point, but how and what were written in the UMB wrong statement on 6-22 must be judged by majority of billiard people on carom earth.

The accusation should have been directed toward distorted words used in the statement written by smallest-minded person and only supported now by smaller-minded billiard journalists (they seem to think they are).
Seems as they can not find proper excuses (based on intellectual honesty), they are trying to attack a player who is brave enough to stand up against dishonesty and hide away cowardly.

'We now want to close this matter for once and for all'?
Very convenient and sounds very familiar phrase by UMB president.

This matter is still open and to be tried until the end.

I wanted to see this disgusting outbreak to be reasonably settled, but after reading childish posts in FB against brave man, I can not but have to leave my comment here.
Oh, my goodness ! I believe there is "SHAME' in Wikipedia for such guys. Find and read!

Message 7/21 - Publish at July 25, 2020 9:35 PM

Each One Of Us Carry “The Players Consciousness” Burden, An Immortal Occurrence

Let me just share with Kozoom Readers a conversation I had with a close friend: why not just let alone Mrs Diane Wild and her Deputies and Mr El Barki and his Deputies (and their Disciplinary Commissions or Committees - arranged to punish other’ infractions, not theirs, of course)?

The argument is this one: they are doing what they can, they are not bad people, on the contrary, they do what they always have learned to do and they are not able to dare to think differently, because their intellectual instruments cannot allow them to move other directions and because they have the power to show that off.

What can we say?

Yes, they could avoid hurting players (badly, sometimes). Besides, they only know the few CEB (sorry not talking about other regional confederations: take CEB as all the Regional Environment) and UMB Top Players, which they think makes everything.

Now, they only see they are hurting and punishing, in Europe, Caudron, Leppens, Jean Paul, Glenn, Yüksel, Birol, Bulut, Kasidokostas, Papakonstantinou, Schröder, Tonny, Soumagne and the Spanish Gang (you, cheeky little monkeys!). Pedro (they just don’t like San Diego, not you) and others from America, Asia, etc., are not CEB problem, just other Regional Confederation problem and an UMB cookie jar.

What is the CEB or UMB problem to have Yüksel playing at the PBA event? Is there damage to CEB? Is there damage to UMB? They just want you to not have a better life? No. Not That. They just think they own that Player because they have a file saying that he’s registered in the Turkish Federation and they do not want disturbances that could, eventually, minimize the total dominance they have. Who do Players think they are? Do they think they are free People? We own them, we have a file, and we have that ruled out at ours Statutes and Rules, made by ourselselves without Players approval and knowledge, which we don't need.

Looking at Freedom Concept? Free Market? They didn’t invent that, they don’t believe that and they have Statutes or Rules to prevent other organizations to be created, because with THAT they prevent a free space to other organizations to be born, which is contrary to National and International LAWS.

They don’t say they are preventing that (they don’t dare to, of course): they just don’t allow that with their actions, saying that "their" players (which are not theirs) are allowed only to participate in their events and with that they just strangle the others, one way (not allowing players) or the other (fees, to die of slow strangulation).

Players just register at National Level (a simple act, just to play) and a file with their names is transmitted to the Regional Federations and to the World Federations and here we are, without knowing, under suspensions. Blame the File Transfer !!!

Why not to let them alone? Because we can’t!

Why? Because each one of us carry “The Player's Consciousness” burden, an immortal occurrence.

Jordi Fontdevila

Message 8/21 - Publish at July 26, 2020 3:30 PM - Edited at August 18, 2020 12:23 PM

UMB needs to answer to this !
Mr.Caudron posted his opinion today (with proves) on his Facebook against this news contents.

Before UMB closes this matter, at least UMB had better to answer it as most billiard people deserve to know the facts and judge it based on the truth.

An old saying : You can not hide the whole sky by your own fingers.

If I do not see any further comment from UMB, I have to believe 100% what Mr.Caudron tells us.

Message 9/21 - Publish at July 27, 2020 3:36 PM

UMB and Kozoom current status ?
While UMB is not yet answering to the key question (wrong statement by both UMB 0n June 22, followed by manipulated press release by Kozoom International a week later right before the PBA Opening Tour),
I see a few postings on SNS which also distort the truth and try to bring the attention to elsewhere, very likely, with certain intention.

I do not understand why UMB is silent while an individual (not representing UMB anymore?) behaves like he is an unofficial spokesman of UMB.
Also a group of people (trapped in a small cage, and have no idea what's actually happening in the center of carom world at eastbound) still daydream they are opinion leaders (while doing nothing).

On the other hand, these things brought a few questions before I judge the situation.

1. who is the media right contractor of UMB now? Is it Kozoom France? Korea? International?

2. if Kozoon Int'l is broken into pieces, who will replace it?
I guess for Kozoom Korea, from the beginning, it's primary interest has been product importing
business. And Kozoom France opened the entrance door but ended up where they are now.

3. I can imagine the anger and frustrations among UMB, 3 Kozooms but hate to feel that those
internal struggle bring heavy cloud over sunny days, finally brought by PBA/LPBA Tour.

I am just concerned how and from which TV channel (maybe again same terrible streaming by Kozoom
server) I could watch UMB events (when it begins someday).
I was not smart to pay annual Premium Membership but hope my money is worth for some months.

I do not expect any responsible answer as usual. Intellectual dishonesty?

Message 10/21 - Publish at July 28, 2020 2:43 PM

When someone pretends, all time, to want negotiations between UMB and PBA, not wanting negotiations UMB/PBA
Why this?

Because they are under tremendous pressure: Officials and Sponsors, NOT Members, Fans or Players.

"We invited a PBA delegation to Düsseldorf Airport in the days when the Viersen World Championship should have been played. We had some other meetings, but the PBA officially informed us that they would not come to negotiate. And after that, we asked many times to take further action to find a solution. They promised several times that they would get in touch, but despite repeated requests, we never received any reply."

Look at this:

They ”invited a PBA delegation to Düsseldorf Airport” (to do what?).

They “had some other meetings” (Düsseldorf Airport purpose?).

“After that” (when, why), they ”asked many times to take further action to find a solution” (UMB knows the solution: lift Players suspensions without conditions).

“They promised several times that they would get in touch” (They did it because they could reasonably be expected to believe that a decent and right move could come from you).

“but despite repeated requests, we never received any reply” (because you didn’t lift Players Suspensions, and, obviously, you couldn’t expect any reply: no reply was possible).

Do you need more to understand Caudron? Do you need more to understand why this hoax with the EU Commission Case?

I don't think so.

Jordi Fontdevila

Message 11/21 - Publish at July 29, 2020 10:17 AM - Edited at July 29, 2020 5:10 PM

Survey Best Results

Do you think that Top Players could easily stop the "suspension charade" if they want that?



First, they will look to their umbilical cord marks, after to their bank accounts and then they will “keep a weather eye” on competitors. Only after this slow process they will figure out why friendship and solidarity is important and vital. Let’s hope they do not realize the truth too late.


Absolutely. Not exactly “Players way or the Highway”, but...


They don´t want that. Ask me why they don't want that!

Jordi Fontdevila

Message 12/21 - Publish at July 30, 2020 9:16 AM - Edited at July 31, 2020 6:51 AM

Why to pretend, all time, to want negotiations between UMB and PBA, not wanting negotiations UMB/PBA – Part 2
Why such intensity?

Sure, we saw the why (tremendous pressure), but what about the “why such intensity” to try to demonstrate they are the ones looking for a solution (not saying that they know the solution and they can apply the solution by snapping their fingers)?

A lot of people are expecting that UMB can get the 2 millions/year from PBA (as reported in the beginning of the process and not rejected by the parts, as far as I know) and use that money, yearly, to raise the “World” (no more World) Cups and “World” (no more World) Championships prize moneys, even if they know that only a little part would rest for that purpose. That would be Great.

It’s reasonable to assume (negotiations are always negotiations) not 2 millions, but 1 million, 500k or 250k. OK?

The problem is that they know they will get 0 (zero) per year, for eternity.

And, after all, a Financially Viable PBA is what it is, don't we agree?

That generates a lot of intensity, don’t you think?

Jordi Fontdevila

Message 13/21 - Publish at July 31, 2020 3:07 PM

PBA Official Announcement
PBA made “an official announcement" "with explanations on current circumstance (...) regarding the published articles on June 29th/2020 by billiards related press. The published articles reflect the unilateral comprehension (by the UMB, KBF, and other related organizations) of the lawsuit filed to the European Commission on the anti-trust complaint.”

This is a must read and a capable demonstration of the real story behind this Kozoom News Article. It shouldn’t surprise anyone. Because Kozoom seems not prepared to say a thing about this, here is the address: /> h_val=

Jordi Fontdevila

Message 14/21 - Publish at August 1, 2020 7:07 AM

To PBA: Reviewing Your Official Announcement, July 20, 2020
About Negotiations

Do you know what I do when I have to deal with nebulous negotiations and I have doubts (Do they want a real deal? Do they want just to buy time and to divert? Do they have a serious purpose? – for instance)?.

I meet with them but not “with an open-minded manner” and my work is to assure, previously, GOOD FAITH.

So, they have to previously apply (because they need to show/have merit), to qualify, to be able to negotiate. This applying process differs, according to the proper case.

Regarding your experience and historic relations, UMB must lift the Players Suspensions, without conditions and if they don’t do that they are not in GOOD FAITH and I wouldn’t move forward (as I stated, at UMB/PBA Negotiations: Horse to the Water, PBA Tour with six events and a final, posted by Frits BAKKER on June 4, 2020).

You’ve had your own experience “in the process of promoting Co-prosperity Agreement with the KBF (which) PBA did pursue (…) with an open-minded manner, although it has ultimately failed”, as per your words (PBA Official Announcement, on july 20, 2020).

Regarding the legal issues, I am afraid to recommend this: let Players do their work (they are a great force, but they don't know yet the power they really have), as I said before. You are a New Organization, working hard to benefit Billiards, and your FOCUS must remain where it needs to be. Look at what I said to TLAU (Denmark), I think more than a year ago:

“Hey, Tlau. Because you care, here is this: UMB Statutes Artº 22 Nrs 2 and 3 are clearly unlawful, but everybody knows that only a Court Judge can order "change that" and that would only mean "give space to the UMB red tape proceedings", because Courts would never say "now," nor "effects not effective". And everybody knows how to play this game”

and, after TLAU response (RESERVED, of course), this:

“ one wants that (devastating days for billiards worldwide), I'm sure. I hope Carlsen could be strong enough to be patient -we all need that- to recover well and properly. Our great-grandchildren will be playing before changes ordered by a Court Judge could be executed (we will have UMB board meetings, designated “study groups” meetings, UMB meetings to approve, General Assembly take 1 to take 20 and... another study group). So, there’s no problem. I only care about players. As you do, too. What can we do? Look at the moon and see a fish.”

Jordi Fontdevila

Message 15/21 - Publish at August 1, 2020 1:11 PM - Edited at August 3, 2020 6:33 PM

PBA is not a UMB Sponsor or a UMB Official.

The Billiards WORLD Population knows that PBA EXISTS, IS TRUE AND IS OFFICIAL, so PBA HAD ALREADY THEIR RECOGNITION APPROVED and they don’t need any other so called “recognition” to prove that they officially exist as a legal organization and that they are able to realize events and to promote Billiards.

If UMB wants to "recognize" PBA, go for it, Billiards World will "recognize" the gesture.

Believe it or not, some Players connect UMB Players suspension process to the process of better UMB prize money events and it’s vital for them (and for everybody) to know ONCE FOR ALL that they will not get from PBA, NEVER, 1 single Won (KRW) or 1 single USD.

Just in case.

Jordi Fontdevila

Message 16/21 - Publish at August 4, 2020 9:14 AM - Edited at August 4, 2020 6:15 PM

Survey Best Results
Why do you think Kozoom eagerly accepted to report and to comment, in this News Article, the fake case of the “dismissed and closed” EU commission case and not the real information case, not publishing and commenting PBA July, 20, 2020 Official Announcement?

(Gold) I think you are now in Ganymede (Jupiter moon). Narrow escapes need to be questioned?

(Silver) This is a biased question.

(Bronze) Mr Carrer will not accept your next Kozoom Premium Subscription and I will cheer that up.

Jordi Fontdevila
(My comment: Thank you, guys, for being so supportive. Ganymede remark was precious…)

Message 17/21 - Publish at August 5, 2020 7:55 AM

Regarding The Bronze Survey Best Result
Yes, I agree that it’s not Mr Bakker option to present an article on 23 July reporting the UMB hoax “dismissed and closed” EU Commission Case not saying that … 3 days BEFORE (on 20 July) PBA had explained all the situation (in what I’ve said constituted “a must read and a capable demonstration of the real story behind this Kozoom News Article”), and, during all this time, not saying a word about that.

Here is the address: /> h_val=

That would be just too much to Mr Bakker, so I do not believe in his discretionary level of authority to do that … as I do not believe he continues not to know the name of the PBA Ladies finalist, Mrs Ji-hyun PARK, a very offensive snubbing attitude, after several times informed of that fact and after issuing a correction, saying

“Ye-eun Kim, a 22-year-old student from Asan, south of Seoul, who spends much of her time in training sessions, played in the final against 37-year-old Ga-young Kim (two times world champion in ladie's pool) and was plagued by nerves in that match. In the semi-finals against Ga-young Kim, the later winner reached 1,429, in the final only 1,054 against the loser 0,694 (Korean climax in men's and ladies PBA, Oh (42) the winner, Posted by Frits BAKKER on July 10, 2020)”

meaning that Ye-eun KIM defeated Ga-young KIM twice (in the semifinal and in the final).

I believe Mr Bakker would not do that, just by himself. I must do that, for all our sakes.

Yes, Sure. Mr Xavier Carrer has the chance to say NO to my next Premium Subscription, but he needs to have, first, my request for that and I will gladly give him that chance, or hypothesis, if Kozoom NEWS do not reveal to be just a PLAIN biased news spot, meaning that a biased news spot is OK, for me, but a PLAIN biased News spot is NOT OK, for me.

And, finally, I do not care much about that, one way or the other, to speak freely.

Jordi Fontdevila

Message 18/21 - Publish at August 18, 2020 12:21 PM

EU Case_PBA Official Anouncement_20 July 2020_In Full
"EU Case_PBA Official Anouncement_20 July 2020_In Full

1.In February 2020, PBA had voluntarily withdrawn from the lawsuit against the UMB at the European Commission (regarding the issue of anti-trust complaint). In addition, as of March 11th/2020, the withdrawal of the lawsuit case (which the PBA, Korean and International Players, were involved in) has been ordered through a Belgian lawyer representing the PBA. Thus, PBA received a confirmation document on March 12th that the PBA has voluntarily withdrawn from the case filed at the EC.

2.PBA has requested EC Case Team’s confirmation regarding recent UMB official announcement and Kozoom press release, and officially received pertaining reply on July 1st/2020.

Main contents of the reply from the EC Case Team are as follows, clearly confirming the facts that:

①PBA clearly made a voluntary withdrawal from the case.

②Accordingly, the EC concluded the case as “closed”

③Following the custom, it was notified to the UMB legal representative that the administrative procedure for the case has been stopped and closed,

④and this means that there are no more related cases pending in the EC, and does NOT mean that EC has conducted an investigation nor rejected the case regarding the result of investigation.

⑤Thus, it is clearly a misinterpretation of the UMB that the EC approved the legitimacy of the UMB’s Statutes, Regulations, and decision.

3.Reasons for the PBA voluntarily withdrawing from the case are that:

①EC is an international court that deals with the benefits of the community, so it is considered that the complaint against the UMB is not a significant case.

②EC has already made a judgement on the precedent case of sports anti-trust regarding the ISU (International Skating Union) in 2017. Therefore, EC said that the PBA’s case can be referred to the judgement of that case regarding the world sports entities’ anti-trust policy.

③EC recommended that the PBA and UMB can result in a good faith negotiation and promote win-win coexisting measures.

④Nevertheless, if the dispute is not solved, EC recommended that it would be better to proceed the complaint and the lawsuit in a national court.

4.Also, as the UMB had sent an official letter to the PBA on Feb 2nd/2020 requesting to re-open the dialogue between parties and wished to do business between the UMB and PBA regardless of the existing contract with the Kozoom. PBA has accepted to have an official meeting with the UMB on March 6th/2020. However, the meeting has been cancelled due to the COVID-19.

5.In addition, PBA already shared the fact with the KBF in February that PBA has withdrawn from the lawsuit filed at the EC, when PBA was in the process of promoting Co-prosperity Agreement with the KBF. Naturally, many people related to billiards, not only in Korea but also internationally, were well aware of this fact.

6.PBA did pursue a Co-prosperity Agreement with the KBF with an open-minded manner, although it has ultimately failed. However, despite PBA being always prepared to reconcile with the UMB and KBF, right before the start of the opening tour of PBA’s new season, the UMB has suddenly made an official announcement that the PBA’s complaint was rejected, stating that all the UMB’s decisions were right. Following this, the Kozoom also made a press release saying that “UMB concludes that the decision taken by the European Commission has confirmed its position and direction regarding the application of its Statutes and Rules,” which is actually far from truth.

PBA deeply regrets that the UMB provided the press its unilateral interpretation, by using the term that the UMB has “won” the case and interpreted the closing of the case arbitrarily, despite the fact that the closing of the case is not a matter of winning or losing.

7.Also, PBA is trying its best to develop the billiards sports itself with absolute majority of players and billiards related people as an organisation, not as a private company. Thus, PBA considers that it is a crucial damage to PBA’s reputation and insulting the PBA by Kozoom’s press release that stated, “PBA is a private company that arbitrarily established the Professional Billiards Association and took away the players, which are assets of the UMB.”

8.PBA officially announces today that it will explain every detail to the PBA players, considering the fact that this can seriously harm the PBA players’ reputation. Also, as recommended by EC, PBA will review all means of legal procedures through the court of individual countries.​ - End -"

Message 19/21 - Publish at August 19, 2020 2:10 PM

Clear summary of EC case /PBA-UMB
Now I understand more clearly about what has exactly happened.

Seems UMB made false statement on purpose and Kozoom International made totally wrong press-release in Korea immediately after it.

But, after PBA’s counter statement, UMB President only commented ‘We now want to close this matter once and for all.’.

How convenient and irresponsible way without any further explanation or apology about the wrong doings. You can not close it such easy way!
Instead, UMB president is pointing the finger to a player cowardly.

Fundamentally, for this case, Kozoom staff are not supposed to interfere as the case is between PBA and UMB. No need Kozoom, a private company, gets in the matter.

Several days ago, Kozoom Korea changed its name to ‘5&6’ and made a press release, saying, “Kozoom Korea which is a mother company of Kozoom International has changed company name to 5&6.”

I interpret this : Kozoom Korea is not part of Kozoom International any more. Yes? No?

My question to UMB and Kozoom is this. Who will be the Media and Marketing agent of UMB now?

It is because I want to know who I have to contact about my Premium Membership still valid?

I want to cancel it or proceed refunding procedure. I am very disappointed and upset nobody in Kozooms yet tell the customers what will happen to the paid-subscribers.

Publish at August 21, 2020 10:49 AM

Caught Red-Handed

All's well that ends well: Caught Red-Handed.

Jordi Fontdevila

Message 20/21 - Publish at August 23, 2020 5:44 AM

UMB 2nd suspension on wrong players !
Kozoom, aka. the official media agent of UMB has not reported the suspension of UMB on some PBA/LPBA players on 9-25-2020.

Mr.Frederic Caudron pointed out it was incorrect one. Posting on FB to be referred.

Frederic Caudron reageert in een open brief vanwege schorsing door UMB

Dear Mister Chocron,
I was very surprised to receive your letter of suspension...As you should know, I didn't renew my inscription at the Belgian Billiard Federation this season, and as a consequence, I am not a member of the Union Mondiale de Billard, nor the European Billiard Confederation. So you have absolutely no right to suspend me from anything. Also the words "Serious infringement" in your mail and "Lack of ethical sportsmanship" as written before by the CEB are a little bit exaggerated, don't you think? Please from now on, remove my name from the UMB World ranking and CEB European ranking. Actually it means that I suspended you (I mean the UMB and CEB of course). This is the reality...
Talking about reality and referring to a published article with an interview of Mister Barki,
I join in attachment a mail from the EU commission confirming that the announcement of the UMB and Mister Barki in this article is false. But I suppose you knew already. As I suppose the UMB is not above the EU Commission, it should be honest to inform the public correctly...
Don't make in the future any effort to suspend me, as long as Mr Barki is UMB President, I will not participate in any UMB Tournament...
Also no need to answer this mail, I only enter constructive discussions.
This mail can be published, there is no secret but if you would like to share it, please ask the journalist not to remove or adapt any sentence of this mail, as they did before...
Best regards, keep safe,
PS: last year you "forgot" to suspend some players who joined the PBA Tour during the season...not everybody is equal against the rules???
Frédéric Caudron

The Korean PBA/LPBA players are not members of Korean Federation to my understanding, so they are not UMB slaves any longer. Suspending players with nothing to do UMB is totally ridiculous.

I also think the silence of influential players in UMB structure is near crime.

Message 21/21 - Publish at September 28, 2020 9:06 PM - Edited at September 28, 2020 9:17 PM

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