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Philipoom misses wake up and puts up big fight

Posted by on July 9, 2015

Philipoom misses wake up and puts up big fight

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Jef Philipoom: a late wake up and then two draws.

PORTO - Jef Philipoom's comeback after a dramatic start, two Legazpi's (father and son) still in the race to continue and Gokhan Salman demonstrating his top form against one of his illustrious, seasoned countrymen Lütfi Cenet: 40-31 in fifteen innings.

Jef Philipoom went for a little miracle in the early hours of the day. ,,I'm not used to get up so early'', he said later, when he summarized his strange match. The start against Anh Vu Duong from Vietnam was terrible: the Belgian couldn't really make one decent shot and was trailing 21-2 after seven innings.

The switch came after Philipoom changed his shaft: ,,I missed a shot and heard a strange noise, so I couldn't do better than change my shaft and try to fight back, because I really played too bad. I had to start fighting for my last chance to survive.''

The Vietnamese made some small mistakes, giving Philipoom the opportunity to slowly come back, partly to 33-23 in 21 innings. But when Duong finished, Philipoom still had to make five for the draw. Two difficult caroms and one little ball-touch later, the Belgian looked at the scoreboard, cheered by his Belgian fans: 40-40 in 29. But after a second draw, against Murat Naci Coklu, Philipoom is almost out.

The last qualification in the World Cup of Porto with 36 players started in twelve groups of three. The group winners and the four best runners-up tonight in the draw for the main tournament with twelve seeded players and four wildcards.

Gokhan Salman was the best starter, but is facing Filippos Kasidokostas later in his group. The Greek is playing in his first match against Lütfi Cenet.

The Turkish clash (Salman-Cenet) was already a joy to behold. Cenet had the better start, leading 14-6 after a run of twelve and 23-15 after nine innings. Salman's breakaway came in the final stage with an impressive sprint: 40-31 in fifteen.

Savas Bulut stopped Raymon Groot's victory streak

The days of Raymon Groot (four in total) seem to be numbered regarding his opening match against Savas Bulut (40-22 in 28). The Spanish veteran Alfonso Legazpi still has chances to survive. In the Spanish collision with Javier Palazón, one of the best in the country, Alfonso won 40-27 in 26 and is still alive on his fourth day in the World Cup. Ruben Legazpi, his son, started with a victory over Can Capak with 40-29 (31) but has to earn his qualification later against Korean Jung-Han Heo.

In the opening sessions a lot of compatriots opposed. Dinh Nai Ngo defeated Vinh The Ly 40-27 in 29, Adnan Yüksel is on velvet after his victory against Murat Tüzül (40-32 in 23) and in the Belgian bump, Eddy Leppens put Peter Ceulemans in the waiting room by a 40-33 win in 32 innings . They both meet the Egyptian champion Riad Nady in their second match.

Carlos Crespo continued his winning streak in the tournament, filled the strong Korean Durk Hee Hwang (40-37 in 34) and waits for the Vietnamese Tran Chien Quyet to finish it off.

Arnim Kahofer was already looking forward to the match with the Korean Hyung Bum Hwang during the early breakfast. The Austrian conveniently forgot that he first had to pass the ancient Egyptian Regay Henry. The match was a marathon in 56 innings... and the Egyptian even won: 40-36.

Jae Guen Kim (right) and Ahmet Alp before their match, won by the Korean.

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