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Powerful victory Caudron over Kasidokostas in PBA final: 4-0

Posted by on October 4, 2020

Powerful victory Caudron over Kasidokostas in PBA final: 4-0

Frédéric Caudron celebrates his victory with the trophy after the tears during the interview

SEOUL - The emotions came up right after the powerful final victory in the Korean arena. 52-year-old Belgian Frédéric Caudron is used to win matches and events, but was moved to tears after taking his second PBA victory in the final against 39-year old Filippos Kasidokostas. The all-powerful performance in this European clash against the Greek was a rarely seen demonstration of supremacy, which ended in a maximum score victory: 4-0. The PBA champion made his famous victory gestures afterwards, was mild to his opponent and was incredibly emotional in the interview with the Korean reporter. ''I am happy, very happy, it is a dream to play here,'' were his first words. The set scores in the final: 15-14, 15-11, 15-4 and 15-3 (Caudron 2,000, Kasidokostas 1,214).

Frédéric Caudron took 16 set wins in five matches in the knock-out rounds and lost only 3. He won his Survival groups with 112 points in the 64-round with 1,952 on average. And in the 128-round with 113 points and 2,500. Caudron's tournament average was 1,983. The Greek Filippos Kasidokostas made his come-back after a period of illness with 12 sets won in the knock-out rounds and 6 lost sets, including the 4 in the final. He scored 68 points in the Survival round with 64 and 2,357. And in the round with 128 players, 74 points and 2,059. Filippos' overall average was 1,993.

The Belgian maestro shone in the final on his very best after the 2-0 lead at the break with imaginative caroms and daring bank shots. Filippos Kasidokostas missed, among other things, a 'renversé' on 14-14 in the first set and made an expensive miss in the second set, when he missed at 9-8 and offered Caudron the chance to finish. The Greek former world champion made desperate impression in the last set, in which he lost 15-3.

In his speech and during the ceremony, the winner was full of praise for the organization and the sponsors. ''Thanks to the PBA organization, we can play here, even with masks in perfect conditions that have been created for the players,'' said Caudron. The Belgian also inspired young players: ''It must be a dream to be able to perform here in this wonderful ambiance. I therefore want to ask all young talents to practice a lot to achieve this.''

How did you manage to maintain your focus during a difficult period of isolation?
Caudron: ,,It was good to have a 14-day break in quarantine. I could practice as soon as I came out, so I was not really affected by my performance.''

What did the team competition mean to you in preparation for this individual tournament?
Caudron: It was not just practice, it was only a good influence, because I participated in a team league competition where there was fierce competition.''

How do you compare your first win in a PBA to today's?
Caudron: The last tournament almost failed the survival by one point, but survived. There was no difference in this tournament, except that the higher you went up, the better you did. It was equally a pleasant victory.''

Why did you cry in the interview afterwards?
Caudron: ''My mother was very sick last week and had a big operation. Tears came to my eyes at the thought.'' And laughing: ,,My wife is not pregnant, I didn't cry because of that.''

The two finalists both qualified for the golden match with 3-1 wins and 2,080 on average. Caudron beat Min-gu Kang, Kasidokostas was the better of Hyun-woo Kon.

The winner was awarded with 100 million Korean won (73,000 euros), the loser with 34 million won (29.200 euros).

The top ten at the TS Shampoo PBA championship:
1 Frédéric Caudron (Belgium) 1,983 average
2 Filippos Kasidokostas (Greece) 1,993
3 Min-gu Kang (Korea) 1,789
3 Hyun-woo Kon (Korea) 1,614
5 Hyun-min Seo (Korea) 1,659
5 Kostas Papakonstantinou (Greece) 1,527
5 Pedro Piedrabuena (USA) 1,525
5 Bong-chul Kim (Korea) 1,515
9 (shared) Minh Cam Ma (Vietnam) 1,611
9 Juan David Zapata (Spain) 1,464.

Frédéric Caudron and his wife, who played in the ladies tournament

Frédéric Caudron with the PBA organizers and sponsors

Frédéric Caudron in the final match

Filippos Kasidokostas, strong tournament, no chance in final match



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My Comments

PBA: A Roaring Success

A Roaring Success

PBA Competition Come and Go and a Roaring Success echoes Before the Events, During the Events and After the Events and, in appreciation, we just ‘PRAY’ for the Next Event.

This roaring success is bringing back young people (men and women) to the 3-Cushion Game, talent emerges and a guarantee of durable success for the Game is certain.


Jordi Fontdevila

Message 1/12 - Publish at October 4, 2020 4:16 PM

Caudron's Message (Addressed to the UMB Board) Real Importance - Part 1/2, The Message

The Message

“Dear Mister Chocron (UMB Office Manager - our note)

I was very surprised to receive your letter of suspension...As you should know, I didn't renew my inscription at the Belgian Billiard Federation this season, and as a consequence, I am not a member of the Union Mondiale de Billard, nor the European Billiard Confederation. So you have absolutely no right to suspend me from anything.

Also the words "Serious infringement" in your mail and "Lack of ethical sportsmanship" as written before by the CEB are a little bit exaggerated, don't you think?

Please from now on, remove my name from the UMB World ranking and CEB European ranking. Actually it means that I suspended you (I mean the UMB and CEB of course). This is the reality...

Talking about reality and referring to a published article with an interview of Mister Barki,, I join in attachment a mail from the EU commission confirming that the announcement of the UMB and Mister Barki in this article is false. But I suppose you knew already. As I suppose the UMB is not above the EU Commission, it should be honest to inform the public correctly...

Don't make in the future any effort to suspend me, as long as Mr Barki is UMB President, I will not participate in any UMB Tournament...

Also no need to answer this mail, I only enter constructive discussions. This mail can be published, there is no secret but if you would like to share it, please ask the journalist not to remove or adapt any sentence of this mail, as they did before...

Best regards, keep safe,

PS: last year you "forgot" to suspend some players who joined the PBA Tour during the season...not everybody is equal against the rules???
Frédéric Caudron"

Jordi Fontdevila
PS: Thank You, again, to Inception, my Billiard South Korean Friend, for bringing up this subject.

Message 2/12 - Publish at October 4, 2020 4:17 PM

Caudron's Message (Addressed to the UMB Board) Real Importance - Part 2/2, My Comment

My Comment

The first, but not foremost, critical commentary is this one: when a Top 3-Cushion Player faces a situation like this one, something is inverted (just like playing in a turned upside down table) in the Billiard Field - the Persons who should care about 3-Cushion and treat 3-Cushions with care and behave properly and with responsibility are completed dismissed of their functions and do not honor anything (using non-authorized private data and non-existent registered Players, to begin with).

When these hypocrites dare to say to Caudron things like "Serious infringement" and "Lack of ethical sportsmanship", they are talking about their LACK OF REAL TOUCH OF MINIMUN DECORUM when they’ve regurgitated their minds through generic created monstrosities like “different and unsporting behavior at tournaments”, “bad behavior in the public”, “by telephone–messages“ or “personally”, “which is harmful”. Do you see their reliability? How is it possible to have this kind of persons dealing with People?

This is not trustable people to run Billiards, our bad fortune, and it’s NOT just WHAT they say, BUT the WAY they say it and ALL that is BEHIND that WAY: they just try to ISOLATE SOME PLAYERS, open fire to ENFORCE DIVISIVENESS between Players and wait for the results.

The real, real, importance of the Message is this one: we have an International Professional 3-Cushion Structure in South Korea, a strong and safe harbor to seek refuge, but we need to create a Professional 3-Cushion Structure, Country by Country, in Europe and America, to support National Needs in order to unplug the existent structure because the National Structures, worldwide, not accidentally, instead of serving the National Needs and its Players are serving the UMB, CEB etc, POLITICAL GAME and HURTING NATIONAL PLAYERS when THEY SHOULD TOTALLY PROTECT THEM, which is something UNBELIVABLE and a DISGRACE: this seems to be the 3-Cushion version of The Little Red Riding Hood, being the National Federations the "Young Girl", the Players "The Grandmother" and Free Players "The Woodcutter" (or "Hunter"). Come on, Man, you know who the Wolf is.

In order to have a breathable atmosphere, the Heads of the UMB (CEB, etc.) need to be removed (that would be avoidable if they had some touch of class and a little interest – nobody could expect genuine interest - on solving what really needs to be fixed, which they DO NOT HAVE, period) and all the successors seem to equal the worst of them, but, sometimes, out of the blue, miraculous transformations may be served and we never know for sure, until we know.

Jordi Fontdevila

Message 3/12 - Publish at October 4, 2020 4:18 PM

Correction of some mistakes in this news
Hyun-woo Kim, not Kon.

PBA first Survival Round begins with 128 players when I check the records.
126 or 132 are wrong.

Difficult to write with insufficient information, right?

Message 4/12 - Publish at October 4, 2020 7:08 PM

The Sole 3-Cushion Responsibility: To Control Our Destiny as Players, With a Game in Our Hearts
Answering to a Good (Dutch) Friend

YES. I totally (!!) agree with you, Buddy.

National Federations may be useful to POOL (all types of Pool) and Snooker, but their 3-Cushion intervention must stop (we need our own and solid Umbrella, the sole 3-Cushion responsibility) and even if we like very much pool and snooker guys (that’s a fact) we must leave National Federations to be able to breathe, to Survive, at first, to have our own Strategy and to bring back young people to the Game. It’s not, of course, “To Live Free or Die”, but, in essence, fundamentally, to control our Destiny as Players, with a Game in our heart.

What a Pleasure to hear from you, again.

Jordi Fontdevila

Message 5/12 - Publish at October 5, 2020 11:02 AM - Edited at October 10, 2020 4:21 PM

3rd place: Hyun-woo KIM not KON
As INCEPTION pointed out, his last name needs to be corrected.
If correction is impossible, better not write incorrect news articles about PBA over and over.

Correcting human errors is not such thing to be afraid.

By the way, I am wondering why UMB agent Kozoom keeps on reporting PBA news.

Message 6/12 - Publish at October 5, 2020 4:05 PM

Why do you think Top Players do not speak (and did not speak) in support of the fellow Players expelled or suspended, having representatives and all conditions to say something? - Survey Best Results
Survey Best Results

Why do you think Top Players do not speak (and did not speak) in support of the fellow Players expelled or suspended, having representatives and all conditions to say something?



“They need cows to milk (all the rest of us, certainly thirsty, are used to drink plain water) and they see UMB as a regular milk provider, something sure and that they can easily control to have a sure reward and that they can press to be a stronger milk supplier saying “see what the others are drinking? We must have more milk, they are drinking 10 times more milk” to hear “Easy, easy, good boy, they will not have milk next season and here is your cow, always providing good milk to our good, good, boys.”

How do they easily control to have a sure reward? They can move games to 50, to 60, to 70 points distance, what better serves the equation, while with PBA they cannot control anything and they can be easily eliminated on the first or second survival rounds or on the first set round.

So, they act as good boys, they don’t want to disturb the cow (cows, like horses, can kick), but REMEMBER always this: we are talking about the same persons who DIDN’T RESPECT THE FELLOW SUSPENDED PLAYERS with the concurrent event (the well known ‘déjà vu’) with PBA Tour, a 'far too much' shameful, inadmissible, action and mainly their fault, not only UMB fault. SO, remember this, always, to see what you have”


“I JUST do not understand the non-suspended Players position. I do not understand why, having fellow Players suspended, they do not utter a public word about the situation and why are they so afraid of saying something. It’s not their problem, as Players? We must know that. You've said 'Where is Torbjorn Blomdahl?' and that is THE QUESTION. Where is he? Does he thinks that by not saying anything this all situation will pass and will be forgotten? We are HERE.”


“They will note, if suspended. They will say: "Why is it that fellow Players do not speak in our support?", I'm sure. Until then, they will say that they have "nothing to do with UMB decisions", that "they are not well versed in rules and statutes" and that "they just want to play, nothing, nothing, more". How great we are... and how great PEOPLE are. So SURE.”

Jordi Fontdevila

Message 7/12 - Publish at October 6, 2020 10:44 AM - Edited at October 6, 2020 12:01 PM

THE UNCONTROVERSIAL BUT and the Small Version of the Ceuleman’s Cloths Fight
I surely believe that NO PLAYER is able to say that he wouldn’t like to play wherever he wants to play, meaning being FREE to do that (not punished for the act).

I surely believe that NO PLAYER says that he doesn’t know that Glenn and Jean Paul played in a Dutch Tournament AND PBA DID NOT SUSPEND THEM.

So, the situation of not being free to play wherever we want IS NOT A NATURAL issue: You cannot have a coffee shop and say to your clients that if they go to the next coffee shop they will be prohibited, expelled or suspended to drink coffee in your place, unless you recognize the next coffee shop. This is the small version of the Ceuleman’s cloths fight.

Or to make it simpler, it’s VERY HARD to sustain that you OWN the 3-Cushion Game AND the Players who play your tournaments and, worldwide, all the others who want to organize tournaments must be “recognized” (to read: pay to you, for instance, to be able to do that, just a guess) and if “your” Players do it they will be expelled or suspended BECAUSE YOU SAY SO, in YOUR HOUSE PAPERS.

Everybody knows why Top Players think that it’s prudent and a great move to not say a word about this. The problem for them is that, I think, this is not a good move for their image for the rest of their lives.



Jordi Fontdevila

Message 8/12 - Publish at October 7, 2020 9:40 AM - Edited at October 7, 2020 9:56 AM

As a said weeks ago, in other occasion, addressed to PBA People, I hope Kozoom Readers, too, are able to see in me a person behaving with integrity and with NO AGENDA trying to fight for our Game, for our Players, for our Sponsors and Fans and for everybody around the Game doing their best to uphold the 3 Cushion Game.

I know that the flags of an UNWISE created ‘war’ will not allow some of you (mainly the Bureaucrats, of course) to see the TRUTH (even if they try hard to do it) and will look at me as an enemy, when I am the closest friend they have.

Well, I say “UNWISE”, with lack of good judgement, because

1.“In good faith”, as I said before, “Players could have had sanctions imposed on them from a verbal reprehension to a written reprehension or, ultimately, a registered reprehension - Statutes, art 22, nr 2 states 'under pain of sanctions', not 'under pain of suspensions' - to score a strong GOOD and NOBLE POINT and “live and let live”, which would benefit all the spectrum (and irony of the ironies, most of all, UMB)";
2. Players, the weaker and not protected side of the equation, were the only side attacked by this policy, as I said before: “nobody found a way to protect players, mainly because players, in the mind of the decision makers, are dispensable items, not the "core business" - what a way to turn noble and sure the future of billiards".

I would prefer to be silent, if I could, and only these exceptional circumstances (I am a Kozoom Premium Member for 7 years, now, and I never commented anything, I mean NEWS REPORTS, not LIVE GAMES chatting with fellow viewers) but I am not able to see what I am seeing without saying "THE KING IS NAKED, THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES".

Am I wrong? That's what I see.

Jordi Fontdevila

Message 9/12 - Publish at October 8, 2020 11:03 AM - Edited at October 8, 2020 5:42 PM

Sanctions Downgraded?: The Tree Hollow and the Monkey

I have been inquired if I really think possible to have sanctions downgraded from suspensions to reprehensions and I answered this: NO, I DON’T THINK THAT AT ALL, NOT WITH THE MEN AND WOMEN WE HAVE IN POSITIONS OF POWER, because they have not what it takes to have a good judgment, a wise decision (see the previous comment, please): they will never step aside by themselves and they need to be removed in order to let other persons to take their places to see what happens then.

I just come and go into this subject to show how easy it was to protect 3-Cushion, how easy COMMON SENSE would put an end to this atmosphere AS OF today, with other kind of persons running the process.

They are using an old aged way of doing business, an old aged MODEL, where they see a trade merchandising, PLAYERS, influencing the outcome of the “RECOGNITION PROCESS”, to recognize what is already RECOGNIZED worldwide, the process to yearly fees, as a guess, showing off power and disrespecting PLAYERS, the 3-Cushion Heart, covering the GAME.

With this MODEL, they could SUSPEND THEMSELVES, all UMB, a certain NATIONAL FEDERATION, Turkey, for instance, for having Turkish Players at PBA events, but they cannot do that because they have no face value to anything, so, they pick Players, the weaker side of the equation, they suspend them, and, with that merchandise, they think they will force the others to “NEGOTIATE”, or else, and, like the monkey, having that in their hand, they will not open the hand and they will get caught in the tree hole, like the monkey holding peanuts.

For PBA, Players are not MERCHANDISING (they RESPECT PLAYERS) and PBA Leaders consider that an OFFENSIVE AND UNQUALIFIED ATTITUDE towards PLAYERS, as EVERYBOBY DOES. Well, they don’t.

Jordi Fontdevila

Message 10/12 - Publish at October 11, 2020 1:52 PM

CAUDRON did the right thing saying NO to the Belgian Federation as the WAY to SAY “WE have Plenty alternatives”: Be Good For our Business, for 3-Cushion, While You Still Have Time
Even if we do not have a Professional Structure at National Level, the European, Asian, American, African and Middle East expelled Players, MEN and WOMEN, can form a World League and have “World Championships” and “World Cups”, assisted by, or incorporated in, for example, the PBA structure.

Let’s move on FOLKS. They´ve expelled us, so, we’ve expelled them and we have alternative PATHWAYS.

If they want other things, they need to remove the MEN and WOMEN they have in positions of power, replace “suspensions” with/by verbal public "reprehensions", without any conditions, and we will accept the all thing as a gross misinterpretation.

Be Good for our Business, for 3-Cushion, Stop the “THING”, stop the “to whom it may concern” While You Still Have Time.

Jordi Fontdevila

Message 11/12 - Publish at October 13, 2020 10:27 AM - Edited at October 13, 2020 7:33 PM

We need him to step down, for the sake of our Game. Unfortunately.

Thank you to everyone who reached out in sympathy with me. You know that I am in not to mount a fightback, but just for the sake of the 3-Cushion Game.

Just remember what I’ve said to Mr El Barki on APRIL 17, 2020, elucidating the main stream:

“For the record, I like UMB and I like PBA. I am a player, you know. Why shoudn't I?
And I like you too, obviously, Mr President.
Please, do what you have to do: lift the suspension immediately, honor billiards, your job and your mission, and, after that, please, resume talks. Common sense will prevail. I'm sure. Why not?”

(Billiards president Farouk Barki speaks in times of crisis, Posted by Frits BAKKER on April 16, 2020, Message 1/4 - Publish at April 17, 2020 8:49 PM - Edited at April 18, 2020 10:25 AM)

Unfortunately, he is not the right person to run our destiny (just like Mrs Wild), because he lacks ability and good judgement to deal with such a delicate situation (look and see Top Player Caudron’s message adressed to UMB and CEB, comment 2 of this news report) and we need him to step down, for the sake of our Game. Again, unfortunately.

Jordi Fontdevila

Message 12/12 - Publish at October 15, 2020 11:48 AM

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