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Pre-rounds feel like knock-out in Antalya

Posted by on February 14, 2020

 Pre-rounds feel like knock-out in Antalya

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Dave Christiani, best opener in the first sessions: 30 in 11, final run 13

ANTALYA - The European championship for national teams has started in Antalya with seven groups of three teams and one group of two teams: the first Swedish team with Torbjörn Blomdahl and the first Danish team with Dion Nelin and Jacob Sörensen. The qualifications, which are played to 30 caroms in sessions with eight teams, feel like knockouts from the first start. First losses or even draws can be fatal to the chances of survival. The best start on the first day was made by Dutchman Dave Christiani, who beat Turk Can Capak 30-17 in 11 innings and a final run of 13. Danish Lars Dunch did even better in the next round with 30- 10 in 10 innings against Jan Ales with a run of 14.

Torbjörn Blomdahl was the better in the opening against Dion Nelin 30-27 in 23. Jacob Sörensen tied the score in the other game by his win against Michael Nilsson (30-19 in 19). Nikos Polychronopoulos and David Pennör, with Greece against Sweden 2, had a flying start with both a run of 11 in the first three innings. The Greek won the match 30-18 in 14.

The most striking group is with the first Belgian team (Merckx/Forthomme), the second Turkish team (Tasdemir/Capak) and the second Dutch team (Christiani/Van Erp). The first match between the Turks and Dutch ended in a tie: Christiani beat Capak, Tasdemir beat Van Erp on one carom. The Swedes with Blomdahl and Danes with Nelin play a double against each other. The winner qualifies for the last eight.

Dick Jaspers and Martin Horn don't play for Netherlands 1 and Germany 1. Both players want to focus fully on the World Cup, which is played directly following this European championship.

Dave Christiani realized after his strong opening how vulnerable his team is in the tough group with the Turks and the Belgians. ''We're facing a very difficult second game against the Belgians. Unfortunately, Jean (van Erp) did not make his last carom in the match against Tasdemir, because with a winning match we would have had better chances.''

The Dutchman, who once before, played with Jean van Erp for his country at a European championship for teams, had a good feeling after his start. ''I started with 15 in 4, had a small relapse, but decided the match with 13, I must say, the last was a lucky shot.'' He and his team mate will play against the Belgians tomorrow morning.

Peter Ceulemans looked back with a mixed feeling on the start of Belgium 2. ''The first opponents, from Croatia, were unknown to us. We won with good scores, but will face the Netherlands 1 early tomorrow. Then the serious things start for us.'' Ceulemans played a solid match, but did not feel well. ,,I got a cold at home from the kids, but hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.''

Peter Ceulemans, solid win in first match

The line-up in the eighth groups:

Poule A:

Belgium 1 (Merckx/Forthomme)
Netherlands 2 (Christiani/Van Erp)
Turkey 2 (Tasdemir/Capak)

Poule B:
Netherlands 1 (Jorissen/Burgman
Croatia 1 (Paulovic/Hum
Belgium 2 (Peter Ceulemans/Mottet)

Poule C:
Turkeye 1 (Sayginer/Coklu
Italy 1 (Zanetti/D'Agata)
Spain 2 (Montes/Crespo)

Poule D:
Spain 1 (Sänchez/Legazpi)
France 2 (Barbeillon/Devogelaere)
Switzerland (Behzat/Rech)

Poule E:
Germany 1 (Karaca/Jäschke)
Denmark 2 (Knudsen/Dunch)
Czech 1 (Bohac/Ales)

Poule F:
France 1 (Bury/Maréchal)
Portugal 2 (Rui Costa/Soares)
Grieece 2 (Kokkoris/Retzios)

Poule G:
Sweden 1 (Blomdahl/Nilsson)
Denmark 1 (Nelin/Sörensen)

Poule H:
Austrria 1 (Kahofer/Efler)
Greece 1 (Polychronopoulos/Antonatos)
Sweden 2 (Pennör/Gustavson).

Today, Friday, four sessions are played, on Saturday the last qualification rounds. Then followed bij the quarter finals at 17.00, Turkish time.

On Sunday the semi finals at 11.00 and 13.00, the final at 16.00.

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