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Rubén Legazpi the new nr. 1 in Spain

Posted by on May 20, 2018

Rubén Legazpi the new nr. 1 in Spain

© Jose Maria Garcia
The new Spanish champion Rubén Legazpi with his little daughter Alma

MADRID - At the age of 35, Rubén Legazpi played his first final match in the Spanish title race. And for the first time he won the Spanish championship. The 1.90 tall billiard player from Mostoles (Madrid) defeated the former champion David Martinez 40-24 in 18 innings after a brilliant start with 11-0-9 (20-5 in 3 innings). The victory was one of the highlights in Legazpi's career. ,,I played strong championships in recent years, but I have never been able to win. Today, I finally succeeded, I am very happy with the title.''

The new Spanish number one, who has a two year and 7 months daughter (Alma) with his girlfriend Yolanda, is not a professional player for some time. ,,I work in a big company, where I resolve incidents in computers, working from 7 in the morning to 3. That's why I don't play World Cups this year. With this Spanish title, I hope to be able to play the World championship in Cairo. After my work, I try to practice a lot. My form is good, I could show it now. I was on my best in the final matches with victories in 22 innings against Jose Maria Mas in the quarterfinals (40-28), Jaime Sanchez in the semi-finals (40-14 in 16) and in the final against David Martinez in 18 innings .

Rubén Legazpi became European junior champion in 2003, ahead of Belgian Wesley de Jaeger and Turk Can Capak. His best tournament ever, the Spaniard played in the Peloponesse World Cup in Greece. There, Legazpi defeated Marco Zanetti in the quarter finals in a historic match: the Spaniard equalized with eight from 40-32 in 18 and won the shoot-out in a curious way. Zanetti started with 4, Legazpi answered with 5 after a lucky ball for his last. ,,The best kiss in my life'', was his comment. In the final match, Legazpi was beaten by Torbjörn Blomdahl, who played a world record average of 2.740 in that World Cup. Legazpi finished at 2.011.

The Spanish title race in Madrid started with Dani Sánchez' surprising elimination by veteran Rafael Garrido. Jaime Sanchez defeated Antonio Montes in the quarter finals 40-30 in 43, Ruben Legazpi defeated Jose Maria Mas 40-28 in 22, Javier Palazón beat David Zapata 40-28 in 25 and David Martinez was the better of Alfonso Legazpi 40-32 in 29.

In the semi-finals, Ruben Legazpi was much better than Jaime Sanchez (40-14 in 16). David Martinez qualified for his second Spanish final in a row by a win over Javier Palazón 40-24 in 18.

The final ranking at the Spanish championship:
1 Rubén Legazpi 1.626-11
2 David Martinéz 1.546-12
3 Javier Palazón 1.520-12
3 Jaime Sanchez 1.126-9
5 Jose Maria Mas 1.565-9
6 Alfonso Legazpi 1.228-8
7 David Zapata 1.421-8
8 Antonio Montes 1.236-15
9 Carlos Crespo 1.300-9
10 Jordi Garriga 1.218-5.

Best runs:

Antonio Montes, 15
Rubén Fernández, 12
Javier Palazón, 12
David Martínez, 12
Rubén Legazpi 11
Antonio Fernández, 11
Antonio Romero, 10

Best matches:

1st Rubén Legazpi, 2,500
2nd Rubén Legazpi, 2.222
3rd Antonio Montes, 2.105
4th David Martínez, 1,905
5th Javier Palazón, 1.818
5th Rubén Legazpi, 1.818.

The new Spanish champion Rubén Legazpi (l) and the former champion David Martinez



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