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SIS team still faces tough mission in play-offs

Posted by on May 8, 2022

SIS team still faces tough mission in play-offs

© Paul Brekelmans
The SIS team was the best by far in the regular league

The top three of the Dutch three cushion league must quickly find the dates to play the play-offs for the national title. The two competitors that follow the unapproachable SIS Schoonmaak at a considerable distance on the ranking are Cues&Darts and Bousema Lochem. The championship is disputed between these three teams. Cues&Darts and Bousema Lochem first play a double encounter against each other, the winner faces SIS Schoonmaak in the competition for the national title.

The SIS team, head and shoulders above the rest in the regular season, still faces a tough mission. The two rivals have finished a strong second half of the competition and are looking forward to the barrage. The only team of the three finalists that can line up its captain for the play-offs is Bousema Lochem with Martin Horn. SIS Schoonmaak does not have Dick Jaspers at their disposal, as he has not reached half the number of matches played in the competition. Cues&Darts plays for the same reason without Ruben Legazpi and Robinson Morales.

SIS Schoonmaak ended the competition with a 6-2 victory over J&F Auto's, bringing the total to 41 points from 22 matches. Cues&Darts won its last match against Team Eekhoorn 6-2 this Sunday afternoon, Bousema Lochem recorded the maximum 8-0 victory against Dekker Keukens at home. The relegated teams were already known after the 21st round of play on Saturday: Aartsbouw Sprundel and DKM Tools have to leave the premier league. They are replaced by the promoted teams of Post Luchtkanalen and Burgmans Biljarts.

The schedule of the play-offs depends on the negotiations between the teams. Carl Verhoeven said Sunday night from his billiard centre: ''We don't know yet when we will play or even where: there are rumours that the final will be played in the Beneluxtheater in Berlicum. That would be an option instead of playing home and away.''

SIS Schoonmaak plays that final with the five players that are available: probably the two matches with three regular players (Eddy Merckx, Jean van Erp, Raimond Burgman) and the two other players alternately (Martien van der Spoel and Raymund Swertz).

Bousema Lochem has five players available, who are eligible for both matches and are deployed by team captain Ronny Hazewinkel: Martin Horn, Johan Loncelle, Stefan Galla, Anno de Kleine and Frans van Schaik. Cues&Darts has Pierre Soumagne, Wesley de Jaeger, Jack van Peer and Huub Wilkowski.

The last weekend, with the final decision on the play-offs positions, was already decided halfway. Cues&Darts put an end to the illusions of Team Eekhoorn by taking a 4-0 lead at the stop, as Kurt Ceulemans lost to Jack van Peer 40-33 in 27 and Jerry Hermans was beaten by Huub Wilkowski 40-36 in 33. Ruben Legazpi later also won against Frans van Kuyk 40-23 in 21 and Peter Ceulemans saved the honour for his team by winning against Pierre Soumagne 40-18 in 20.

Bousema Lochem could put out the flag at the moment of the 4-0 victory and extended the party against Dekker Keukens to an 8-0 victory. Martin Horn was the undisputed star with a win in a high level match against Tayfun Tasdemir: 40-33 in 16.

At SIS Schoonmaak, Jean van Erp was the best player with a win against Barry van Beers (40-22 in 18). Raimond Burgman and his long-time student Therese Klompenhouwer battled for the win until the last caroms. The coach decided the match at 40-37 in 29, Therese could only score once in the equalizer. Jeffrey Jorissen won on centercourt against Eddy Merckx 40-34 in 25.

Most striking on this last match day: Richard Bitalis seems to have recovered from a tough stay in a Paris hospital and can play excellent billiards again. The Frenchman beat Harrie van de Ven 40-24 in 21.

Jean Paul de Bruijn, the brand new Master, had a fine weekend for his team of Dallinga, beating two of his former PBA mates: Glenn Hofman 40-32 in 23, Birol Uymaz 40-32 in 26. And it was once again a pleasure in the Dallinga stronghold to watch Raymond Ceulemans: the greatest of all time beat Jack Wijnen on his 84th year of age 40-29 in 29 innings, amid much applause from the spectators.

The overview of the league figures:

The top ten of best players in the premier league, by no means all with the maximum number of matches, is headed by Ruben Legazpi. The Spaniard ended the season with Cues&Darts with two excellent wins against Jelle Pijl (40-12 in 15) and Frans van Kuyk (40-23 in 21) and maintains his general average over 2: 2.006 in 8 games.

Only players who have played five matches or more are included in the rankings. Dick Jaspers is second after Ruben Legazpi with 1,979 in 5, Martin Horn had a great weekend for Bousema and raised his average to 1,925 in 12, Eddy Merckx has 1, 877 from 14 and of the Dutch, Raimond Burgman (1.518 from 17), Jean van Erp (1.517 from 19), Jean Paul de Bruijn (1.487 from 21), Jeffrey Jorissen (1.482 from 22) and Frans van Kuyk (1.474 from 22) appear in the top 12.

The ranking:

1 Ruben Legazpi 2.006 (7)
2 Dick Jaspers 1.979 (5)
3 Martin Horn 1.925 (12)
4 Eddy Merckx 1.877 (14)
5 Jef Philipoom 1.531 (5)
6 Raimond Burgman 1.518 (17)
7 Jean van Erp 1.517 (19)
8 Peter Ceulemans 1.491 (20)
9 Jean Paul de Bruijn 1.487 (21)
10 Jeffrey Jorissen 1.482 (22)
11Pierre Soumagne 1.480 (15)
12 Frans van Kuyk 1.474 (22)
13 Roland Forthomme 1.447 (18)
14 Martien van der Spoel 1.437 (17)
15 Dave Christiani 1.421 (18)
16 Johan Loncelle 1.405 (19)
17 Peter De Backer 1.389 (19)
18 Raymund Swertz 1.315 (15)
19 Barry van Beers 1.310 (22)
20 Thorsten Frings 1.307 (12)

Best match scores this season:
1 Martien van der Spoel 4.444
2 Jean van Erp, Dick Jaspers, Eddy Merckx, Jean Paul de Bruijn 3,636
6 Jeffrey Jorissen 3,076
7 Tayfun Tasdemir, Martin Horn, Sam van Etten 2,857
10 Jack Wijnen 2,666.

Best runs:
1 Jean van Erp 18
2 Frank Martens 17
3 Eddy Merckx, Jean Paul de Bruijn, Martin Horn 16
6 Henk Blauwblomme, Davy van Havere, Frans van Kuyk 15
9 Barry van Beers, Martien van der Spoel 14.

The final score in the league:
1 SIS Schoonmaak 22-41
2 Cues&Darts 22-31
3 Bousema Lochem 22-30
4 Team Eekhoorn 22-27
5 Dallinga 22-22
6 STZ Zundert 22-22
7 A1 DPC/De Kuul 22-18
8 J&F Auto's 22-18
9 Hartje van Oosterhout 22-16
10 Dekker Keukens 22-15
11 DKM Tools 22-13
12 Aartsbouw Sprundel 22-12.

Jean van Erp recorded the best run



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