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Spanish guys launched the breakshot challenge online

Posted by on July 18, 2020

Spanish guys launched the breakshot challenge online

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David Alcaide from Spain, player in the Predator Challenge and one of the Spanish guys to launche OneSportsTV

SALAMANCA - The UMB Challenge project, which was played two weeks ago with eight world top players in three cushion, was the first major success of four Spanish guys who launched OneSportsTV. This week, starting July 17 with the final on Sunday, July 26, is the next online event: the Predator One Pool 10 Challenge with 32 players, 15 of which are Predator professional players in pool and 7 world champions. Alberto Garcia Ramos from Salamanca, a 25-year-old computer specialist and billiard fan, is the mastermind behind OneSportsTV with three friends.

The Carom Challenge was won by the Belgian Eddy Merckx ahead of Semih Sayginer, Tayfun Tasdemir and Torbjörn Blomdahl. The top guns and most known players in the Predator Challenge include Fedor Gorst (Germany), Jason Shaw (Scotland), David Alcaide (Spain), Alex Kazakis (Greece) and for the ladies Kelly Fischer (England) and Jasmin Ouschan (Austria).

Kozoom had an interview with Alberto Garcia Ramos, speaking about OneSportsTV, the idea behind the Challenge with the UMB and Dani Sánchez about the breakshot format.

Kozoom/Frits Bakker: Who is, to know you, Alberto Garcia Ramos and how did OneSportsTV came to live?
Alberto Garcia: I graduated in Salamanca on Computer Engineering, I am 25 years of age, working now for three years. I like many sports and as for billiards, I play pool for 2 years, I really enjoy it. The OneSportsTV project was launched in March 2020 during the quarantine situation, in which everywone had to stay at home due to COVID19. A group of friends, of which some are part of OneSportsTV now, had some ideas to keep on playing pool from our homes. After many tests, we finally managed to create a dynamic and exciting game system wich allows you to play remotely for hours without getting bored. Over time, we refined the details of the game and wanted to share it with the rest of the world. So everyone could keep practicing this wonderful sport remotely. After the first test sharing this modality, we realised that we could develop a new form of competition, so players could experience the closest emotions in a real event while playing remotely. This is the way OneSportsTV was born, along with its game modality One Pool.

Kozoom/FB: Who were the other Spanish friends behind the project?
Alberto Garcia: We are all Spanish, so myself, Jorge Garcia, Sergio Lagunas and David Alcaide, who is now participating in the Predator Pool Challenge.

Kozoom/FB: How did you start the contact with the UMB and the plan for the One Carom Challenge with world top players?
Alberto Garcia: The One Carom format started with David Alcaide and Dani Sánchez. As good friends they talked about the One Pool project and they wanted to do something like that with three cushion at a distance during COVID19. After many tests, they decided to organize an exhibition match between Dani and Semih Sayginer.
Dani Sánchez: I discussed the idea of the breakshot challenge with David Alcaide: starting starting every inning from the break, has been played in pool for many years. There it is very well known as 'Ghost playing'. It is the most honest way to play against each other. We started the tests in quarantine. And we made the plans for the game with Semih Sayginer.

Kozoom/FB: After that first start, the contact was made by the UMB with the President Mr. Farouk Barki?
Alberto Garcia: We received lots of wonderful reactions and there were many viewers at the Sánchez-Sayginer match. The UMB approached us, they wanted to play the Challenge in the format they wanted with the players they chose.

Kozoom/FB: And that OneCarom Challenge was a huge success?
Alberto Garcia: It was watched very well over the world, in the last games by 2500 spectators. But we are still working hard to increase the impact.

Kozoom/FB: What are the plans to continue billiards at OneSportsTV?
Alberto Garcia: We already have many plans with pool for the future. And it is up to the UMB to decide for three cushion. We are focused on online billiard events, such as pool, carom and blackball. We want to show the audience wonderful live streams during this COVID19 period.

Thanks for the interview, Alberto. We wish the OneSportsTV team good luck with the next events.

Alberto Garcia Ramos (25), the leading man in the OneSportsTV process

Jasmin Ouschan from Austria, world top player in ladies pool

The final players in the UMB Virtual Challenge last week, broadcasted by OneSportsTV

The schedule for the Predator One Pool 10 Challenge running now




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