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Spectacular start in Classic Race: thriller Djoubri-Faus

Posted by on March 27, 2021

Spectacular start in Classic Race: thriller Djoubri-Faus

© Hervé Lacombe
The French protagonist on the first day of Kozoom's Classic Race, Brahim Djoubri

ANDERNOS - The French specialist and three-time European champion Brahim Djoubri showed at the start of the Classic Race Challenge how attractive the balkline discipline can be. He was the star of the first hours in the Studio where eight players launched the new format in the 47/2 discipline of CEB and Kozoom. The tournament, in which two players meet each other in the same session at two match tables for exactly one hour, continues today (Saturday) and ends on Sunday. 62-year-old Brahim Djoubri and 46-year-old Czech Marek Faus played the best match, which ended in a thrilling finish: 322-318.

The playing system is double knockout: winning twice guarantees a place in the last four, losing twice means elimination. The winners on the first day were Brahim Djoubri, Patrick Niessen, Pascal Dessaint, Willy Gérimont and Johann Petit. The losers will get a second chance to continue the Race. The fans of the balkline games were treated to a first glimpse of the artists in the small game. The averages were still a bit changing for various reasons (lack of training since March 2020, back in competition for the first time, sensitive tables), but in the course of the sessions already high series were produced: Djoubri 234, Faus 165, Gérimont 134, Niessen 129.

The match between Brahim Djoubri from the French north (Lille) and Czech Marek Faus brought the spectators on Kozoom on the edge of their seats. 'Speedy Brahim', as the Frenchman was nicknamed, was praised and is known for his fast line playing. He feels at home in this format and showed it in his starting performance against Faus, who came within four points in the end. Brahim Djoubri is not an unknown player in the balkline game. He became European champion three times, twice in 47/2 (Venlo 1999, Ronchin 2010), once in free game (Bottrop 1992).

Djoubri's start was hesitant, waiting for his chance to strike. Marek Faus, at the other table, feared the speed of his opponent, adapted to a steady pace and started a high run first, which ended at 165. Djoubri immediately went for the catch-up race and levelled with his opponent with a magnificent, very fast run of 234.

The Czech player went in pursuit with a 30 point deficit in the closing part of the match. The end was breathtaking, Faus doesn't miss much, Djoubri ran into three 'match penalties' after misses, but in the end, against rocket-scoring Faus, he had four points left for the win. The match finished with the two best scores of the first day in a memorable confrontation.

Another remarkable performance came from Johann Petit with 274 points in one hour in his match against Pascal Dessaint, who won his first match against Louis Edelin. Dessaint was trumped by Petit with

Patrick Niessen, the famous specialist of line play, did not start the day in an impressive way. The Belgian had to face the French substitute Magali Declunder who, in spite of a 73 run, did not manage to threaten the expert of the balkline games. Result: Niessen 265 (run 134), Declunder 129.

The first matches for today, Saturday, are:
12.00: Declunder-Faus
14.00: Gérimont-Petit
16.00: Niessen-Djoubri
After that schedule, games at 18.00 and 20.00.

Czech player Marek Faus, beaten in a close finish by Djoubri

Patrick Niessen, start with a win, today start against Djoubri




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