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Sruong Pheavy (24) a new star?

Posted by on July 18, 2015

Sruong Pheavy (24) a new star?

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The Cambodian player Sruong Pheavy is seen as one of the new stars

NEW YORK - The chance that Therese Klompenhouwer will be the winner at the Jennifer Shim trophy in New York after three days is bigger than that Chris Froome will be the Tour de France winner on the Champs Elysees in Paris. The Dutch billiards star showed a superb form at the start in New York, the superior British cyclist still has some risky days to go or could miss a control.

Therese Klompenhouwer won the two women's tournaments in New York so far and showed up as the great favourite again today in the first round with 25 caroms in 19 innings (1.315 of average). It must be noticed that Orie Hida, who had not the best start, played her second match in 18 innings.

The competition was far behind Therese in the first round: triple world champion Orie Hida won her first match with 0.757 of average, Karina Jetten with 0.675, Namiko Hayashi with 0.641 and Sruong Pheavy was the main surprise with 0.781 after she defeated Ryoko Kobayashi, the daughter-in-law of ex-world champion Nobuaki Kobayashi: 25-16.

,,I see this Pheavy as one of my major rivals'', Klompenhouwer realized soon. ,,It's the first time I see her, I don't know her, but she makes a strong impression to me.'' Sruong Pheavy, as it turns out, is born in Cambodia, 24 years old and lives in South Korea.''

Therese Klompenhouwer arrived one day before the start in New York, but didn't suffer a jet lag after a good night's sleep. ,,I sleep in a house of friends at ten minutes by car from the playing room. And after my training, when I arrived, I slept seven hours. My feeling was not so good in the first practice, I felt tired. But today, in my first match, I started very well and could make some good runs.''

The adversary, Olivia Lee, was far behind (25-10), Therese attacked with six in the second inning and then seven in the eleventh to 17-7. That was decisive for the win.

The traditional competition for the world champion is expected to come from Orie Hida (two times defeated by Therese in the New York final), Namiko Hayashi and Karina Jetten. Therese: ,,I see three other competitors: Srong Pheavy, Mercedes Gonzalez and Ryoko Kobayashi.''

A moment of silence on the first day to remember Jennifer Shim.

Two of these three were not too good at the start: Ruth Segura didn't reach the 25 points, because are at the end of the match (maximum 55 innings) Ruth missed the break and finished on 24 points in her match against Alina Shim. Ryoko Kobayashi lost to Pheavy with 0.500 of average.

Sylvia Eckel won her first match against Jessica Caudron, the wife of Frédéric Caudron: 25-23 in 51 innings. Karina Jetten won vs Akiko Taniyama, 25-9 in 37 innings.

Japanese players Orie Hida, Kazumi Hida, Ryoko Kobayashi and Namiko Hayashi.

The matches for the second round:

Group A:

Therese Klompenhouwer-Helen Lee
Orie Hida-Olivia Lee
Ryoko Kobayashi-Kazumi Hida
Sruong Pheavy-Ruth Segura.

Group B:

Karina Jetten-Jessica Caudron
Namiko Hayashi-Josephine Nidy
Ester Park-Alina Shim
Mercedes Gonzalez-Akiko Taniyama.

Therese Klompenhouwer was the best starter in New York

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