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Suspension coming up for 100 players in Colombia

Posted by on November 4, 2019

Suspension coming up for 100 players in Colombia

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Alexander Salazar waits a penalty from Colombian federation

MEDELLIN - The Colombian billiard federation has announced by its disciplinary committee a drastic penalty for some 100 Colombian players who participated in the Feria de las Flora tournament in Medellin. The tournament was not approved by the Fecolbi, the national federation of Colombia. A 1-year suspension threatens for 100 players, a five year penalty for Mauricio Aguilar, the organizer/player, and two years for Alexander Salazar and Carlos Campiño. It is not official known yet whether the confederation and the UMB, world federation, will take over the suspensions. The tournament was played in the same week as the Verhoeven Open and won by Arley Galeano ahead of Robinson Morales and David Zapata, two players who have already been suspended due to their PBA participation.

The UMB does not yet want to make an official statement for now. Alexander Salazar, who is the manager at the Master Club in Medellin where the tournament was played, is willing to give his version:

''Thank you for giving me the chance to explain my situation. I assume the Colombian federation has imposed the suspension on me now, but I would like to give my story. I currently have an employment contract with the Master Club brand of my friend and partner Mauricio Aguilar, organizer since 2016 of the International Feria de las Flores tournament, an event that takes place according to national tradition in the middle of a cultural festival.''

,,After the 2016, 2017 and 2018 editions, the plan was to play under the same conditions this year. As usual, Aguilar has announced a guaranteed prize money of $ 30,000 on social networks with the help of Korean sponsor brands. The CPB could not find an agreement with Aguilar. They told him that he had to play with the brands that support the Colombian federation and CPB. Aguilar could no longer change his contracts and decided to let the tournament start with his sponsors.''

,,As a result of that, FECOLBI responded immediately and applied maximum disciplinary penalties to more than a hundred participants. They received a suspension for national and international events from 1 to 5 years. That is the reason that I have been withdrawn from participating at the World championship in Randers and the competition. Moreover, I lost my position on the Pan-American rankings and possibly my participation at the World championship for national teams in Viersen with Cataño in 2020.''

,,I have represented the name of my country in many parts of the world for 17 years. I became sixth in a World Cup, won two Pan American titles and a bronze medal at the World championship in Antwerp. I have never committed a serious mistake or given a bad image to my federation or my country. I think the disciplinary committee is wrong, this is unfair.''

,,When no other measures are taken that are not punishable, but corrective or exemplary, we are about to collapse with the federation. The federation should not allow a monopoly of brands.''

The brands at stake in the Medellin tournament, which led to the suspensions, were the Korean Min billiards tables and the Royal Pro billiard cloths, according to insiders in the conflict. Other well-known Colombian players in the tournament were Julian Morales, Alexandro Piza, Arley Montoya. The foreigners Luis Aveiga, Luis Avila and Ramon Rodriguez, according to the organizer, don't risk sanctions.

Interview by Vandenver Reina

The venue on the final day at the Feria de las Flores


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My Comments

Adib (DQ)
Adib (DQ)
According to UMB STATUTES
Article 124.Validity of sanctions
Paragraph 5
Any sanction imposed by a federation or confederation against one of its members, a club, a team or a person will be extended to the jurisdiction of the UMB. In such cases the UMB cannot act as an authority of appeal.

Thus UMB is left with no alternative but to execute the sanctions of the Colombian federation

Message 1/3 - Publish at November 4, 2019 3:15 PM

Since both Carlos Campino and Mauricio Aguilar have just entered the World Cup in Guri today. So, either senor Salazar is a little inaccurate (,,As a result of that, FECOLBI responded immediately and applied maximum disciplinary penalties to more than a hundred participants.") - or Fecolbi has no support from UMB in this matter.

Message 2/3 - Publish at November 5, 2019 9:57 AM

Adib (DQ)
Adib (DQ)
To be applied after Guri
Although the "offence" was committed in August, the suspension decision of the Colombian Federation takes effect after Guri.

Publish at November 5, 2019 2:21 PM

Immediate suspension inevitable
Any player in UMB umbrella who participated in not-approved event should be suspended immediately by the National Federation. And the decision must be taken over by the Confederation and UMB immediately without exception.
Non-Colombian players also have to be suspended according to the same procedure.

For KBF, it expelled near 400 players who joined PBA before UMB suspension.
It is funny UMB suspended those expelled players who do not belong to KBF anymore.
Besides, UMB and CEB suspended some European players before the action of belonging National Federations in CEB. Are these IOC rules?

Number of carom players expelled from KBF are more than the players who participate in KBF events now. In that case, can KBF continue representing carom billiard sport further? I doubt.

Message 3/3 - Publish at November 6, 2019 8:05 AM

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