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Tayfun Tasdemir champion, Turgay Orak GP winner

Posted by on December 30, 2021

Tayfun Tasdemir champion, Turgay Orak GP winner

© Turkish federation
The champion Tayfun Tasdemir with the Turkish president Ersan Ercan

ANKARA - The new Turkish three cushion champion is Tayfun Tasdemir, who has dethroned Semih Sayginer as title holder. Turgay Orak won the 4th and final Grand Prix by beating Can Çapak 40-38 in 28/27 innings in the final match. Tasdemir finished third, which was enough to become the eventual Turkish champion. The last Grand Prix in the cycle ended in a special event, in which Turgay Orak (number 102 in the world) and Can Capak (number 31) faced each other. The Big Four of Turkish billiards, Tayfun Tasdemir, Murat Naci Coklu, Semih Sayginer and Lütfi Cenet missed out on the finals. That says a lot about the quality of Turkish three cushion.

Sayginer and Tasdemir did make the show in the sixteenth and eighth finals: 40 points in 13 and in 12 innings for Sayginer, 40 in 14 for Tasdemir in the eighth against Lütfi Cenet. But then, a certain Yavuz Göngördü (three umlauts in an eight-letter surname) came to disrupt the supremacy of two famous players. He eliminated Coklu 40-37 in 30 in the round of 16 and also stunted against Sayginer in the quarter-finals 40-35 in 23/22.

Tayfun Tasdemir overcame Lütfi Cenet and then lost, despite a 21-1 lead in 8 innings at the break (!!!) in the semi-finals, after a heroic comeback of Can Çapak: 40-38 in 24.

It was Tayfun Tasdemir's seventh Turkish title: he won the first six between 2001 and 2014. ''I was lucky that Can Capak lost the final against Orak, otherwise he had been the new champion'', said Tayfun.

''In all the years from 2014, I was always close, but it is so difficult to win a Grand Prix in Turkey with so many strong players'', Tayfun said after winning his championship. ''Just look at Semih and me, we play almost 2 average, but we fail to win the tournament. At least twenty players played between 1,400 and 1,800, an unbelievably high level.''

According to Tasdemir, he and Can Capak will represent their country at the World Championships for nation teams in Viersen. ''If Turkey is allowed to compete with two teams, the federation will decide which teams to bring together from the best four in the rankings. It is therefore possible that Cenet and I will play and Capak with Orak.''

The new champion praises the accommodation where the championship was played: in the new federation complex in Ankara. ''That is also the location where we will play the next World Cup and I can assure the players that it will be a great organization. The billiard tables are perfect, the venue, the seeded players are staying in a 5 star hotel, but all other players are staying in beautiful hotels near the complex.''

Of the main players, Murat Naci Coklu was 7th in the UMB rankings with 265 points, Sayginer 9th with 250, Tasdemir 11th with 239, Cenet 18th with 193, Çapak 31st with 89, Orak 102nd with 31 points.

Tayfun Tasdemir is now the best Turkish player on the ranking: 7th with 257 points. Coklu is 9th with 251 points, Sayginer 13th with 227 points, Cenet is still 18th with 198 points. Can Çapak climbs from the 31st to the 28th place, Turgay Orak climbs 25 places from the 102nd to the 77th place.

The podium places at the 4th Grand Prix:
1 Turgay Orak
2 Can Çapak
3 Tayfun Tasdemir
3 Yavuz Güngördü

The final ranking of the Turkish championship:
1 Tayfun Taşdemir - 510 - 1.913 - 20
2 Mehmet Can Çapak - 474 - 1.414 -11
3 Turgay Orak - 466 - 1.478 - 12
4 Lütfi Çenet - 390 - 1.666 - 13
5 Semih Saygıner - 318 - 1.914 - 22
6 Yavuz Güngördü - 284 - 1.296 - 9
7 Berkay Karakurt - 282 - 1.598 - 21
8 Ömer Karakurt - 264 - 1.717 - 12
9 Gökhan Salman - 252 - 1.517 - 12
10 Tolgahan Kiraz - 240 - 1.420 - 13
11 Murat Naci Çoklu - 234 - 1.712 - 13
12 Necdet Yalçın - 204 - 1.271 - 13
13 Murat Yurdadönen - 174 - 1.229 - 10
14 Muhammet Çavuşoğlu - 172 - 1.204 - 11
15 Murat Çelik - 168 - 1.363 - 11
16 İsmail Yaşin - 168 - 1.275 - 10

The Grand Prix winner Turgay Orak


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