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Three days of high level billiards in Classic Race 47/2

Posted by on March 24, 2021

Three days of high level billiards in Classic Race 47/2

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The participants at the Classic Race Challenge 47/2

ANDERNOS - The real fans of the classic games in billiards (the serial games) are facing a wonderful weekend. If you want to see the specialists of the balkline games, the high runs on the lines, you can enjoy the Classic Race of the CEB and Kozoom from this Friday to Sunday, 26-28 March. The offer is: no endless matches of three or four hours, but 300, 400 or even 500 points in balkline 47/2 in one hour during the Classic Race Challenge 47/2.

This CEB innovation is being implemented for the first time at the Kozoom studio in Andernos. For the event, which is organized according to COVID rules, 8 players have been invited and 4 referees.

The participants:
Willy Gérimont (France), Marek Faus (Czech Republic), Patrick Niessen (Belgium), Pascal Dessaint (France), Johann Petit (France), Olivier Carreaux (France), Brahim Djoubri (France) and Louis Edelin (France).

It will be very interesting to see the top players in the balkline game play at full speed at two beautiful blue draped Masters Chevillotte billiards. Some commentators will accompany the games, which will be played every two hours during the first two days.

The tournament starts on Friday (26 March) at 12.00 am and will be played according to double knockout.

Program Friday:

12.00: (M1) Gérimont-Edelin
14.00: (M2) Petit-Dessaint
16.00: (M3) Niessen-Careaux
18.00: (M4) Djoubri-Faus
20.00: (M5) Losers M1/M2

Saturday schedule :
12.00: (M6) Losers M3/M4
14.00: (M7) Winners M1/M2
16.00: (M8) Winners M3/M4
18.00: (M9) Loser M7/Winner U6
20.00: (M10) Winner M5/Loser M8

The following rules apply to the invitational tournament Classic Race Challenge 47/2:
The ''Classic Race Challenge'' is a test tournament based on a new system that the CEB is proud to launch and promote. The main objective is to provide new motivation for both players and spectators. Records can be achieved. The new game mode promises to be more attractive and gives the CEB the chance to revive classic disciplines.

Rules of the game:

The aim of the game is to score the most points in one hour of play. The player who scores the most points is the winner of the match. At the start of game time, the players in the game start from the starting position and play on until they miss. When a player misses, the referee returns the balls to the starting position. The player goes to his seat and waits a certain number of seconds (called penalty time) from the time he missed. At the end of penalty time the player may start again from the starting position; playing time is not stopped. The above rule also applies in the case of a miss from the starting position. During penalty time the referee may clean the balls. Penalty 47/2: 90 seconds.

The players may ask the referee to clean one or more balls at any time during the match, playing time shall not be stopped. Play shall end for all players at the same time by an audible signal at the end of the allotted time. The final ranking of a game shall be determined by the number of points obtained in the given playing time. In case of a tie, the average score is taken into account, followed by the best results (first, second and so on). If there is still a tie, an additional 10 minutes of play shall be played between the players concerned in the same manner.

The referee counts the points continuously without starting again at each restart. He shall also note the runs. The referee will also ensure that penalty time, general time and the other general rules of the specific discipline are respected (balls in contact, fouls, announcements, etc.). In the case of a foul, the referee shall return the balls to their starting position and the player shall wait for penalty time before starting again.

The referee shall inform the players when half-time is reached, when the last minute of the game is reached and when the last 10 seconds are reached. The first edition of the Classic Race Challenge will be played in the discipline 47/2. On the occasion of the launch of this new type of competition, the best players have been invited based on their ranking at the last European 47/2 Championship (Brandenburg 2019). The players who had to cancel are Spaniards Esteve Mata and Raul Cuenca, Dutchmen Raymund Swertz and Sam van Etten, Swiss Xavier Grétillat and French-Greek Nicolas Gérassimopoulos.

The competitions will be held in the new Kozoom Studios in Andernos (France) with a view to the best professional video production and broadcasting. The studios are equipped with 2 tables and a virtual wall for sponsors.


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