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Top billiards in a thrilling final in Korean Grand Prix

Posted by on July 16, 2021

Top billiards in a thrilling final in Korean Grand Prix

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Torbjörn Blomdahl is in the best position to finish the final round

WONJU - The number one Torbjörn Blomdahl is in a luxurious position, the number two Dick Jaspers is facing a tough final day. The World Grand Prix in Wonju, Korea, with a very attractive prize money, is only two days away from the climax. Two Europeans and two Koreans are in the top four, on the way to the play-offs with the four best players, but anything can happen in the last two rounds with four Turks in the last four places.

Torbjörn Blomdahl had calculated at the end of the day: ''I am in a good position, but I'm not yet sure of being in the top four for the play-offs. It all depends on the last two rounds (tomorrow, Saturday). I'm running into two tough opponents: Cenet and Jaspers. And it is all very close together. I've already been on the verge of elimination, now I am competing for the best four places. And every match is still important and thrilling: the best is to come first in this final round, then you are sure of the final match for the top place.''

Dick Jaspers, who will play Coklu and Blomdahl on the final day, still feels four dangerous rivals breathing down his neck. Two Koreans, Jun Tae Kim and Bong-Ju Hwang, the revelation of the tournament, are still in the amazing race for victory. Also Coklu and Sayginer will certainly have a shot at the top four on the final day.

''This is so exciting, it's not normal anymore'', Jaspers exclaimed after he first lost to Jun Tae Kim on the second last day and then won against Lütfi Cenet. ''I've never felt tension and stress like this before, it's almost unbearable with the short sets and the 30 seconds shot clock. We all realize, there are big money prizes at stake, everyone wants to compete for the victory. And no one is to be underestimated. I thought before: the two Koreans are pretty unknown guys, but they are playing fantastic billiards.''

The two old warriors on top, Blomdahl and Jaspers, seem to be very combative and eager anyway. Torbjörn: ''I've played a few bad matches, but I was lucky that my opponent played bad as well. For example, to qualify for the final group with 8, I had to win my last against HaengJik Kim. So let's say, I was almost out, but Kim was out of mind and losing his way, that was my luck, so I could win.''

Tomorrow, Saturday, is the climax in the final field of eight, who all play twice. In the final round, this Friday, Blomdahl won against Tasdemir in the last match thanks to a closing run of 11. The Swede had lost to Coklu 2-0 earlier in this round. The Korean Hwang, the dark horse who is playing his first international tournament and never played a World Cup before, climbed up to the top four by victories over Sayginer 2-1 and Coklu 2-1. Jun Tae Kim was the better of Jaspers 2-1 and fCoklu 2-1. So, it was the day of glory for the two Koreans, whose victories pushed the Turkish foursome into the last four positions.

The matches in the last round:

The ranking with two matches left for all eight players:

1 Torbjörn Blomdahl 12-2,000-11
2 Dick Jaspers 9-2,246-13
3 Bong-Ju Hwang 9-1,978-9
4 Jun Tae Kim 9-1,737-12
5 Murat Naci Coklu 6-1,897-10
6 Semih Sayginer 6-1,977-12
7 Tayfun Tasdemir 4-2,153-18
8 Lütfi Cenet 4-1,809-10

Korean player Jun Tae Kim won his match vs Jaspers and is in top four

Murat Naci Coklu needs a strong final day: he won his match with Jaspers

Bong-ju Hwang is the 38-year old Korean dark horse in this event





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