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Top three clash on third day in dazzling PBA arena

Posted by on October 31, 2020

Top three clash on third day in dazzling PBA arena

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Korean player Hyun Min Seo talking to the ladies player in his team

SEOUL - The PBA team competition starts today, Saturday, on the third day with a top poster in the last match. The Heroes team, the number one with among others Filippos Kasidokostas, Robinson Morales and Mi-rae Lee, encounters the shared number two, Phoenix, with among others, Frédéric Caudron, Hyun Min Seo and Ye-eun Kim. The match is very important for the ranking, where after two days Heroes leads with 25 points ahead of Winners (Eddy Leppens) and Phoenix with 23.

In the top match, Caudron plays with Ji-seung Han in the double against Byeong-ho Kim and Nam-soo Kim in the early afternoon. Mi-rae Lee in the women's single against Ye-eun Kim, Caudron in the single against Byeong-ho Kim and Birol Uymaz against Gyeong-seop Jung.

In this fourth session in the team league, which started on Thursday, Heroes suffered a first loss against Alpha's 4-2 when Morales lost to Jung-ju Shin and Kasidokostas defeated Su Oh. Phoenix drew both against Angels and Raon, with a striking 11-0 loss for Frédéric Caudron against Jae Guen Kim, the former world champion with Korea in Viersen, who finished in 4 innings. Eddy Leppens won in the match between Winners and Raon 11-7 against Ji-hoon Sun, but lost 11-1 to Vietnamese Ma in the match against Alphas.

The PBA team league has (see the pictures) further increased the atmosphere in the arena for this fourth round, including a own mascot for the Phoenix team.

The ranking at the start of the third day in the fourth session:
1 Heroes 25 points
2 Winners 23
3 Phoenix 23
4 Alphas 20
5 Raon 17
6 Angels 13.

Ambience images from the second day of the PBA team competition



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