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Torbjörn Blomdahl, expert and brilliant entertainer

Posted by on March 18, 2021

Torbjörn Blomdahl, expert and brilliant entertainer

© TB selfies, Dirk Acx compilation
Torbjörn Blomdahl, the world champion, at his commentary position for the Kozoom Cup

ANDERNOS - The pleasant, subdued voice of Torbjörn Blomdahl, the reigning world champion, gives us an insight into the backgrounds, techniques and secrets of three cushion. The Swede is commentator and analyst during the Kozoom Cup matches, where the top European players will be in action until the summer in the prerounds and take a shot at one of the eight places in the final round of the new tournament cycle. The viewers on Kozoom will be spoilt for choice with genius insights, expert assessments of positions, player analyses, speed, effects and systems. ''We watch top billiards and as a bonus we get training and lessons from the world champion'', that's how one of the Kozoom Challenge viewers summarised it nicely.

The live commentary comes from Blomdahl's living room. ''That is not always ideal to judge the positions'', he admits. ''Sometimes I misjudge, because I cannot see the real lines in the footage, so it is not always easy.'' He is gladly forgiven for that, because no one can predict better, for example, how Dick Jaspers makes his choice, which speed, which effect, which stroke is best for the carom and the position play.

Bert van Manen, the Dutch columnist who commented with Blomdahl the Continental Cup in Asia, thinks it is a great idea of Kozoom to ask the world champion to report and comment on the marathon matches. ''Torbjörn has all the knowledge and experience of course, but he can also convey it in a very relaxed way. I can well imagine that for many Kozoom viewers, these comments are real added value.''

The Swedish star player (58), six times world champion, with the most impressive palmares in the footprints of Raymond Ceulemans, has been a commentator before, for example at the Continental Cup, but also in the USA during the World Cup in Las Vegas and in a New York final between Dick Jaspers and Sang Lee. ''I give my personal analyses and I am sure that other players, or viewers, see it differently. There is always room for individual preference. I have known Jaspers for a hundred years, but every now and then he surprises me that he does not play a position the way I think his style is.''

Bert van Manen: ''I was privileged to do the commentary at the Continental Cup together with TB. The match itself lost all its tension far before the end, but what a pleasure it was to hear the world champion. He has huge respect for his colleagues and knows exactly their strengths and weaknesses. He knows when to go for the carom and when to think ahead to the next point. When you can combine two chances and when you have to choose. Some kisses are just bad luck, other kisses the player's fault. By listening to Torbjörn for a few hours, you get all the insight into the game.''

A small selection of Torbjörn's comments during the first days at the Kozoom sessions this week with Dick Jaspers, Peter Ceulemans and Rui Manuel Costa:

''That would be bad news for Jaspers' opponents: if he might raise his average further, like in the Duke Challenge, to 2,700.''

''I saw Jaspers yawning in his chair, that's good news for Ceulemans and Costa, let's hope he's tired. Come on, guys, move on for the attack.''

‘'Here comes the Dick Jaspers shot, as we say, the ball that is named after him: up to the short cushion, the long, the short and the carom, he rarely misses at this position.''

The commentary on the match is interspersed with adventures from his rich history. For example, the story about the European final in Florange, 2008. ''I called my father in the car when I was driving home after the match and said: I played over three average in the final match against Jaspers. He congratulated me, but I quickly told him: ''I lost 3-0, Jaspers played over 5 average.'' The set scores: 15-8, 15-2, 15-8.

Dick Jaspers' qualification for the final in the Kozoom Challenge paves the way for the next group, which will be announced soon.

The ranking after two days in the second session (today the last session from 17.00)

1 Dick Jaspers 11-138-75-1,840-7
2 Peter Ceulemans 3-97-72-1,347-7
3 Rui Costa 2-75-70-1,071-8

(Thanks for the selfies Torbjörn, thanks for the compilation, Dirk Acx)


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