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Two phenoms Merckx: both famous for powerful attacks

Posted by on October 12, 2020

Two phenoms Merckx: both famous for powerful attacks

© Ton Smilde
Eddy Merckx beats one Ceulemans and one PBA pro: Jean Paul de Bruijn 40-10

SLUISKIL - The name is both famous in cycling and billiards. And the billiard star Eddy Merckx is like the cannibal in cycling, after whom he was mentioned, feared for his powerful attacks. This Sunday, the billiard Belgian delivered another brilliant stunt: in the match against PBA pro Jean Paul de Bruijn, Merckx was ruthless for his rival from the other stable. After a short torment, the scoreboard in Dallinga's home arena showed a sensitive score, 40-10 in 15 innings. SIS Schoonmaak, on Saturday with Dick Jaspers, on Sunday without the Dutchman, won its fifth and sixth match 7-1 and 6-2. The leader in the ranking is the only team with the maximum score and left Bousema and Hartje one match point further behind.

Eddy Merckx, the holder of the world record match average for many years with 50 in 6 innings, is even more than Dick Jaspers the big man for SIS Schoonmaak at the start of the competition. The opening round against Christiani was already impressive with 40 in 15 and a final sprint of 21 and 7. Then, Merckx went on against Forthomme (40-33 in 28), Valentijn was half a stumbling block (40-40 in 27), Barry van Beers was left far behind (40-9 in 10) and Peter Ceulemans (40-31 in 19) and Jean Paul de Bruijn (40-10 in 15) could not stop Merckx' triumphs. Six matches, the maximum 240 points, 2,105 on average, a best run of 21 and feared for his splitting attacks: once 28 in two last innings, 27 in three first innings and now against De Bruijn 10-1 in 3 and 19-4 in 4 with runs of 8 and 9.

Who could still remain somewhat in his shadow in this double weekend? Martin Horn, the Bousema Lochem leading player with victories over Uijtdewillegen on Saturday (40-13 in 21) and Glenn Hofman on Sunday (40-28 in 33). There were also top matches for Jaspers against Frans van Kuyk (40-30 in 16), on Saturday for De Bruijn against Christiani (40 in 18) and on Sunday for Ruben Legazpi (40 in 17, run of 16), Henk Blauwblomme (40 in 17) and Stefan Galla (40 in 19).

The Dutch premier league had some striking players in two days. Belgian Peter De Backer scores high in the ranks for Dallinga, like this Sunday again, in a dire position against Jean van Erp when he went from a 37-33 to the finish, showing his spirit with a final run of 7. Eddy Merckx, Raymund Swertz and Martien van der Spoel then took the full win and jumped over Dallinga's feared obstacle.

Jeffrey Jorissen continues to show his form, Saturday, against Ad Koorevaar with a flashy final sprint, Sunday against Roland Forthomme 40-31 in 29. Barry van Beers scored a 'double' against Gerwin Valentijn and Thorsten Frings, but the Hague team J&F Auto's remains at the bottom of the ranking because of double losses of Therese Klompenhouwer and Herman van Daalen. At the end of the match between Zundert and J&F, Barry van Beers, a child of the region, was waved goodbye: for years he played in 'D'n Hoek', this year he made the transfer to The Hague. The Brabant club granted him a late farewell with flowers and applause.

Bousema Lochem, after Saturday's hefty 8-0 against DKM, met the number 3 't Hart and made half a misstep. Two halves in the match between Bousema and Hartje, the score was in balance. Before the break, Galla (Bousema) won against Martens 40-28 in 19 and Stitschinsky (Hartje) won against Van Schaik 40-39 in 37. And after the change, Horn scored for Bousema against Hofman 40-28 in 33 and Van de Ven for Hartje against Loncelle 40-39 in 37.

A1 Biljarts was rewarded to the maximum for letting Javier Palazón come over. The Spaniard beat Forthomme on Saturday (40-37 in 37 and Uijtdewillegen on Sunday 40-21 in 30. Ronny Lindemann bested Jack Wijnen, but shared with Frings on Saturday. A1 Biljarts therefore was a way too strong for DKM Tools (8-0), but also lost to Zundert 5-3, when Francis Forton amongst others was a double winner over Klompenhouwer and Pijl (40-39).

Team Eekhoorn remained empty-handed in the double: on Saturday a 7-1 loss against SIS Cleaning, on Sunday, Dekker Keukens referred the camping boys to the middle part with 6-2. The pressure was on in two matches. Frans van Kuyk closed the game with a fantastic bankshot against Ad Koorevaar at 39-39. John Tijssens was the close match winner against Kurt Ceulemans 40-39.


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