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UMB restarts calendar with 8 top players challenge

Posted by on June 27, 2020

 UMB restarts calendar with 8 top players challenge

© Ton Smilde compilage
The eight participants, all top players from the UMB rankings

With eight players from the top of the world rankings, the world federation UMB organizes a virtual tournament from Wednesday 8 to Sunday 12th of July. The participants meet from their own location in mutual matches to 50 caroms, which are broadcast live from the UMB page by One Sports TV (facebook and Youtube) and The UMB invites all billiard fans to witness this special event.

The eight players are divided into two groups of four, the numbers one and two of the groups first play against each other in the semi-finals, the winners meet in the final match.

The two group formats:
Group A:
Dick Jaspers (Netherlands)
Dani Sánchez (Spain)
Semih Sayginer (Turkey)
Tayfun Tasdemir (Turkey)

Group B:
Torbjörn Blomdahl (Sweden)
Eddy Merckx (Belgium)
Quyet Chien Tran (Vietnam)
Myung-Woo Cho (South Korea).

The matches are played according to the 'One Carom system', which means that every inning is played from the starting position. The internet quality has been tested in collaboration with One Sports TV. The dress code: polo shirt, black pants, black shoes.
Players are allowed to put personal sponsors on the polo shirts. Furthermore, only the billiard brand is allowed on the table.

The players receive a starting fee of 1000 euros. The prize money:
Winner: 1000 euros
Second: 500 euros
Highest run: 500 euros

The schedule:
Wednesday July 8:
10.30: Jaspers-Sánchez
13.00: Blomdahl-Cho
15.30: Tasdemir-Sayginer
18.00: Merckx-Tran

Thursday 9 July:
Matches at 10:30 AM, 1:00 PM, 3:30 PM, 6:00 PM

Friday July 10:
Matches (last group matches) at 10.30, 13.00, 15.30, 18.00

Saturday July 11:
Semi-finals 12.00 and 17.00

Sunday July 12:
Final: 5 p.m.


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My Comments

Message to the 8 Players
Message to the 8 Players

You all know that when UMB speaks, fulfills all the Great Open Space addressing “Players (you), Officials (The ones giving the arena and all the conditions to the events), Sponsors (the Officials financial support) and Fans”

After an unsuccessful attempt to transform PBA into an UMB Official (with sponsorship autonomous capability), now we have Players moved to the spectrum of UMB Officials (but without autonomous sponsorship capability). Be careful, Buddies (I was not invited because they think you, Guys, are better Players than I am myself, and probably they are right, but if I were invited, I’d requested a lot of more money and probably here is the reason why UMB snubbed me completely).

I will be watching, at KOZOOM (I'll miss some concurrent PBA Opening Tour Tournament games - UMB has become very forgetful, age counts, people say and I just can say they didn’t that on purpose because the Game is surely Above all minor things, and that would be a shaming defeat... so age counts), but I know that I will see sadness on your look, and I know very well the why (we know the “thing”, don’t we?), even if, as Great Hosts, you will not show that at all - just because Players are not gods and, sometimes, even gods feel deep sadness.

My Vietnamese Friend uses to say “UMB is Great” and I, hardly, can add “and VIRTUAL” (we, basically, must take care of Players, Officials, Sponsors and Fans and we don’t mind, at all, to take care of the Virtual side, too, because we are Good and Noble people. Unfortunately, we are not Gods).

Good Luck.
Jordi Fontdevila

Message 1/5 - Publish at June 28, 2020 10:26 AM - Edited at June 30, 2020 12:19 AM

Virtue signaling of UMB
Another great and ambitious event planned by UMB & Kozoom team.

A few questions.
1.How can I watch 'One Sports TV'? Is it a cable TV or another Internet media?
2.Are the dates only choice by UMB and its solidarity players?
Shame on you guys if the dates were chosen having PBA Tour dates in mind.
3.Why Mr.Sameh Sidhom (current UMB rank#9 and within Top-14 over many years) is out while
lower rankers are included.
4. From Korea, Haeng Jik Kim is at higher UMB ranking than M.W.Cho who is included.
5. Is the prize money per match or for the whole event?

When every inning is played from the starting point, 'Most Boring System' can be right name than
'One carom System'.

I will try to watch some games if Kozoom Live works fortunately (without year-long laggings) at those
Wish Kozoom and broadcasting medias snatch a few thousand viewers as usual. Good luck!

Nevertheless, this is not what I want to see happening in carom sport world.
The dates are disgusting. Please consider the fans first than your frustrations. OK?

Message 2/5 - Publish at June 28, 2020 1:38 PM

Is this good for our sport?
I doubt that it is good advertising for 3-cushion or carambol billiards in general if the best players in the world (not all but some) take part in a 5-day tournament for the amounts indicated. Let's hope that representatives of other sports and the outside world won't notice this, because they would probably have to refrain from laughing. Who could blame them when they see that a world federation has only 10,000 Euros left for its best players (for 8 players together!!!). Additionally he condemns his players to take over the technical equipment at their tables themselves and forbids them to present their sponsors at their own tables.

The participants do not do themselves or their colleagues any favours. I wonder who will pay a decent prize money in the future when the best players in the world play for bread and water?

This is my personal opinion and I am curious to hear someone's opinion on this.

Message 3/5 - Publish at June 29, 2020 12:08 PM

Better than nothing, BUT!
Indeed, a filthy event.

I saw UMB calendar is almost empty now.
So, for the 'solidarity to UMB' players ,no problem or welcome.
Especially, the best dates could be during the PBA Tour dates to show the UMB guts.

Top 14~20 players in UMB ranking seem doing OK as they are seeded in World cups and have chances to be invited to a few Invitational events where they could earn higher prize money than UMB own events.

But, what about other players who travel on their own expenses?
Not such important, nothing urgent for UMB.

How many years did it take until the winner prize money of World Cup reached 16,000 Euros (correct?)?
I do not know much about the past history but the prize money of UMB World Cup has been a joke in Korea over many years. Billiard fans did not believe it and players wanted to keep it secret not to lose their faces.

OK, let's see what UMB will do and what PBA can bring to this thirsty carom sport world.

One thing I suggest to UMB is changing the name of World Cup to 'UMB Tour'.
World Cup sounds too big cap for the event, counting the prize money level.
Not small for amateur sports event, but ordinary people remind of FIFA Soccer World Cup scale.

Publish at June 29, 2020 2:41 PM

To: Billardsportarena/Austria

Sehr glücklich, wenn ich falsch liege

“Is this good for our sport? I doubt that it is good advertising for 3-cushion (…) if the best players in the world (not all but some) take part in a 5-day tournament for the amounts indicated.”

Comment/Opinion: 7 out of 8 are close to know that the operation configures some amount of risk but they figure it out as “a small potatoes thing” and 7 out of 8 are close to fully understand what is there and close to know they fully agree with what is there. 5 of 8 are close to settle this kind of operation for free, if necessary (not paying from their pockets, of course, but for free). 4 out of 8 are close to mission this kind of journey, for good.

All of your other doubts are fully solved with this Comment/Opinion. So, it’s better for you, my 3C friend, to think that I am wrong. And probably I am. Who knows?

Viel Glück
Jordi Fontdevila

Message 4/5 - Publish at June 30, 2020 10:46 AM

The Déjà Vu and the Virtual UMB Board
The Déjà Vu and the Virtual UMB Board

The title may give you the wrong impression that I am joking with the situation, but I am not: I am addressing this situation with the utmost respect and seriousness.

I am saying “Virtual UMB Board” not for organizing Virtual Events but because the Board is likely Virtual, supposedly, after okaying and approving a tournament (the "Virtual One Carom déjà vu thing") seemingly in gross violation of the UMB approved Rules of the Game (by a UMB General Assembly).

What case do we have if the UMB Board violates the Rules Approved by a UMB General Assembly? Is it possible to do this kind of operation without any accountability?

A Board of Directors deliberation, you say? Very short shot, indeed. The Board is able to “execute” but within the superior approved boundaries and for that reason (and within the Rules of the Game) the Board can determine (execute) the Rules of a particular Tournament without General Assembly need, but modifications of Rules of the Game and Statutes are not Board of Directors domain (they have the ability to propose modifications and/or commend changes to Statutes and to the Rules of the Game, for instance, but not to approve them).

The Tournament approved by the UMB Board has nothing to do with what we have approved as basic pillars of the Rules of the Game (not a superficial or cosmetic “thing”, as it could be), and there is no need to talk to an expert audience about the dangers of such a “thing” or the “substance” of a house without pillars, with the déjà vu thing: it is too obvious, and it would take 2 pages.

The Board of Directors has the executive power, but just that one, not the other powers if we are talking about a Legal (!!) Organization. The Board of Directors, have a wide domain range, but only executive power (including to propose modifications and/or commend changes to Statutes and to the Rules of the Game, as I said before, but to approve them we need another power, not the power of the executive branch).

So, if this is true, are you saying, is it possible to be Above the Law? Players were suspended, because “they aren’t above the law”. What will happen to the UMB Board? Do we have a Virtual UMB Board, now?

Jordi Fontdevila

Message 5/5 - Publish at July 3, 2020 10:10 AM

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