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Vietnamese invasion in FC Porto billiard hall

Posted by on September 12, 2014

Vietnamese invasion in FC Porto billiard hall

© Harry van Nijlen/Kozoom
Vietnamese player Ma was one of seven countrymen from Ho Chi Minh City

PORTO - They were with seven, this Thursday morning, at the start of the last day of qualificiation for the Porto World Cup. The invasion of Vietnamese players in the billiards hall next to the FC Porto football stadium was impressive: it is the generation of thirty year olds, coming from the biggest city in Vietnam: the southern Ho Chi Minh City (Than Pho Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon), a stronghold with a thousand billiard clubs.

The champion of the country, Quoc Nguyen Nguyen, owns a billiard room there with six Korean match tables and he’s the only one of the whole group who speaks pretty good English. The Asian country has made hue progress in the three cushion World Cups in recent years. Anh Vu Duong (34) was the first who appeared at the international stage, followed randomly by Vinh Ly The (50), Xuan Cuong Ma (34), Quoc Nguyen Nguyen (32), Quyet Chien Tran (30), Dinh Nai Ngo (33) and Duc Anh Chien Nguyen (31).

Self made players, all of them, as the Vietnamese billiard federation in Ho Chi Minh City has over a thousand players and 15.000 tables, but no official trainer or coach. ,,We learn billiards by videos and from books’’, says Anh Vu Duong, after he has lost his match in the opening round of the last qualification to his countryman Quyet Chien Tran.

Nguyen Quoc Nguyen, the champion, started with a victory in the first round against Pierre Soumagne, but will face the Korean giant Choong-Bok Lee later today.

The Vietnamese three cushion is pampering its golden generation, however Quoc Nguyen realizes: ,,Many young players in the clubs are developing and already play on a high level. But they don’t have the money and possibility to make long-distance travels and play the tournaments.

Anh Vu Duong: ,,The federation is paying the trip costs for the top players, the stay is for us.’’

The question, thus is whether all these young talents can make their international breakthrough in the upcoming years.

Besides all those Vietnamese in the arena there were a few nice clashes between countrymen. Murat Tüzül survived in a tough race on the day before, but suddenly showed an excellent form against Savas Bulut 40-16 in 17 innings. 

David Martinez is growing out to the revelation of the preliminaries. He defeated his much more laureled countryman Javier Palazón 40-30 in 23 innings. And Peter Ceulemans beat one of the stars of the day before, Francis Forton, 40-20 in 24 with an 11-run.

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My Comments

live stream problem
Dear Kozoom, please fix your live steamng problem asap. We are not able to watch the live event at the moment.

Message 1/10 - Publish at September 12, 2014 4:40 PM

Be sure that we are still working on the issue. Few Internet cuts between the venue and our server have generated overload during high audiences sessions today. Many viewers reload the page or click at the same time. Those who don't do it get more chance to see the video back... We have not been lucky today but those who know our service know that this kind of problem is unusual...

Message 2/10 - Publish at September 13, 2014 12:41 AM

No, it isn't.

Message 3/10 - Publish at September 13, 2014 1:08 AM

Actual solution than explanation, please !
While I understand it was unusual situation last night, I suggest Kozoom to be prepared for high audience cases. Higher audience may mean more supporters. I watched the games last night through Kozoom Korea and video problems started from the second session repeatedly. It seemed the KK staff were doing their best to fix the problem, but facing the limit to resolve the trrouble originated from main server and internet quality on the site.
When the last session started at 3 AM local time, the videos were almost none and even unable to log-in again. I was very disappointed there were none KK staff responding to the complaints of the viewers then. Of course, it was later than 3 AM and time to go to bed for them.
But there were hundreds of viewers who were waiting until then to watch the games through KK but left ignored.
If we knew the truth that the problem will continue, we may have appreciated the actual information than becoming angry. Thanks for your resolution provided for the paid viewer to be respected.

Message 4/10 - Publish at September 13, 2014 8:03 AM

Dear scidlow
Since 2010, you have watched hundred hours of matches played in the biggest tournaments accross the world. More than 98% of them have been well broadcasted and you did not write one word about this. Managing the internet broadcasting to a worldwide audience is not easy. To reach this quality of service, our team has worked and is still working hard to solve problems as quick as possible. That's the best way to respect our viewers. That's also why you have been able to watch today the last 16 and last 8 rounds in good conditions. If you are disappointed because there was no one from Kozoom Korea standing up at 3:00AM to provide live support, please contact William and his team directly on our Korean site.

Message 5/10 - Publish at September 14, 2014 12:45 AM

Dear Xavier,
It seems English is very difficult language for both of us as it is not our mother tongue.
I wrote my comments in a friendly way based on my understanding of technical limit in unusual high audience. If you simply took my comments as a criticism, you got me wrong.
Since 2010, I really welcome the Kozoom broadcasting of UMB events as I was hunger for live broadcasting of international tournaments such as UMB Worldcups and WCs.
After KK started I have been subcribing as premium member since the beginning and asked many of my billiards friends to join paid viewers as it is part of supporting the carom sport.
As I noticed there apperaed many comments criticizing the video problem last Friday, I thought I had better inform Kozoom to be aware of the situation which could be led to improvements.
If you are responding this way, there will be no reason for me to continue this kind of conversation.
I did inform William what I wrote to Kozoom HQ which was from my sincere heart.However I thank you as your comment is much nicer than OZGUR got from GTL.

Message 6/10 - Publish at September 14, 2014 10:50 AM

You should learn how to respond to Your precious customers.

Message 7/10 - Publish at September 14, 2014 12:41 PM

Thanks for your "precious" advice
Our members are well taken in charge when they are contacting us via the support form in their member account. You should try it if you are facing problems. For now, I would prefer to read here comments about this great tournament in Porto.

Message 8/10 - Publish at September 14, 2014 1:09 PM

Kozoom -super
I am one of satisfied customers. Good job Kozoom.

Message 9/10 - Publish at September 14, 2014 10:10 PM

Perfect service
Hello everyone.
I am very happy with kozoom. I can everytime watch interesting matches. Thank you Xavier for your transmisions. I want to congratulate my favourite player Dick Jaspers to win the world cup tournament. Sorry for my english.

Message 10/10 - Publish at September 15, 2014 7:19 AM

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