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World championship in Viersen gets spectacular boost

Posted by on February 6, 2015

World championship in Viersen gets spectacular boost

© Harry van Nijlen/
The four Belgian competitors at the World championship in Viersen

VIERSEN - There's only tree weeks to go for the billiard lovers waiting for three-cushion at the highest level in the Festhalle in Viersen. The German venue opens its doors for the 26th time for the UMB World three-cushion championship for national teams. The 29th World's for nation teams (with two players per team) start on 26 February and lasts until March 1st.

The organizing county town of Viersen has 75.000 inhabitants. At the start of the World championship are 24 teams from four continents to compete for the title that was won by the Belgian world stars Frédéric Caudron and Eddy Merckx last year.

With 26 organizations, Viersen is one of the greats in the field of international events. The local politicians, the German federation and the world federation UMB have done all the best in preparation to preserve this World championship for Viersen.

And one thing is certain: this World's tournament has been hosted so long in Viersen because there's such a fantastic audience all those years, with people who made the event to a wonderful festival. Four days with crowded stands, with experts, but also very sportive spectators, that's what Viersen makes such a fantastic town to organize this event.

The World championship will be injected by a new dimension this year. In previous editions, the rule was that a match between two teams in the knockout phase was stopped when the decision had already fallen. That was hard to explain to people outside the billiard world. Sometimes, matches were even shut down in a thrilling final stage, to the detriment of the viewers and the spectacle.

The rule was: if one team had won a match, the caroms in the other match were counted. And at the moment it was impossible to overtake the team with one match won, the game was stopped.

The new rules, which will undoubtedly increase the spectacle, come from pool and is called Scotch Double:

The matches will always been played to the end. If Team A and Team B both win one match, there will be a decisive sets to fifteen caroms with all players. That means: each team player stays on the table as long as he scores. When he misses, the player from the opposing team comes to the table.

This change for sure will work spectacular for the event. The fighting team spirit will be back with the new rule. Before, it was theoretically possible that one major player won the match just because his teammate always made just enough caroms to decide the encounter. That's all over now. We can imagine what this will mean for the atmosphere in the venue. The Festhalle is ready for a new dimension.

The second change that Kozoom will broadcast the World championships in Viersen for the first time. It took a few years, but is reality now. Kozoom will broadcast all the matches of this World championship, from the first until the final matches.

The World championship will therefore be more and more attractive to watch live all over the world with high quality images. The visitors on Kozoom can choose between all four tables with all the live scores. There will be a complete overview of results and Kozoom covers the replay's, reports and interviews.

Matches are played to 40 points, with an equalizing inning. During group stages each team plays against every other team. From the quarter finals onwards and in the event of equal match points a decisive set of 15 points, without equal innings, will be played according to the Scotch Double.

Scotch double rules:

a) Each team is free to choose the player who will start play for his team, including the lag.

b) The starting team will begin from the starting position with the white ball.

c) The two players in the team take turns, playing alternating shots during the inning (i.e. each team's inning consists of two players' alternating visits, each of one shot only, until that team's inning ends, and the next team begins their alternating-shot turn.)

d) The playing team will remain at the table together and may discuss points within the time limit. The opposing team must remain seated.

e) One time out is allowed for each team.

The German team last year with Martin Horn and Thorsten Frings

The Netherlands start with Dick Jaspers (r) and Barry van Beers

Top favorites for the World title are the Belgians Caudron and Merckx. The countries which are certainly among the competitors are Korea (A and B), the Netherlands, Belgium (B), Sweden, Turkey, Spain and Denmark.

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