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World championship men, ladies and juniors cancelled for 2020

Posted by on June 8, 2020

World championship men, ladies and juniors cancelled for 2020

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The world stage with Torbjörn Blomdahl as the champion in 2019 in Denmark

ANTALYA/HEERHUGOWAARD - The three cushion world championships 2020 for individual billiard players have been removed from the calendar due to the COVID 19 crisis and moved to next January 2021 in Antalya, Turkey. The global championships for juniors and ladies were scheduled to be played in Heerhugowaard, the Netherlands, from September 22 to 27 2020 and are definitively cancelled now. The World Championship for men, where Torbjörn Blomdahl would defend his world title, was scheduled for September 30 to October 4 2020 in Antalya. That championship will be moved to January 13-17, 2021 in the same city, Antalya.

The Dutch organization of the World Cchampionships for juniors and women fully understands the decision of the world federation UMB. "We were really looking forward to the double event with all the best ladies and juniors of the world, but unfortunately we cannot organize because of the crisis," Hans de Bruin of the KNBB three-cushion section commented. The double for ladies and juniores was a three year-cycle for the Netherlands.

The decision to cancel the tournaments was announced today, Monday, June 8, by the UMB. Moving to January 2021 was not an option for the Dutch federation, because in that period the Masters (Dutch championship) will be played. The organizer of the World Championships for juniors, Dirk Snip, wanted to make a combination with the 'Night of the Magic Balls' on 17, 18 and 19 September at the location of hotel Heer Hugo in Heerhugowaard.

Hans de Bruin (KNBB three cushion Section): ''Unfortunately there is a reality outside billiards that we have to deal with. Three cushion is a great discipline and these tournament are fantastic, but the health of players, officials and the audience are the most important." KNBB director Willem La Riviere: "We now will focus on next year to organize these great world events.'' Therese Klompenhouwer, the reigning world champion ladies in a comment: ''I was motivated more than ever to play the World Championship for ladies in my own country for three years in a row. And of course, I regret that this first of three events cannot be played in the Netherlands.''

The UMB organizations of the World Cup in Porto (June 15-21), the World Cup in Guri (July 6-12), Survival in Turkey (August 18-22), World Cup for national teams in Viersen (August 27-30) were previously removed from the calendar due to the Corona crisis. The chances for the remaining tournaments in 2020 to be played, are highly questionable due to the travel problems for players and officials. That applies to the World Cup in Veghel (October 25-31), World Cup in Cheongju (November 9-15), World Cup in Sharm El Sheik (December 6-12) and Continental Cup (December 18-20).

The move of the three cushion World Championship individually to Antalya means that there are two world championships on the calendar for 2021: January 13-17 in Antalya, October 20-24 in Korea. The men's championship in January is in the week of the Dutch Masters and right after the Belgian championship in Blankenberge.


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My Comments

The approach

Thank you to all my friends, for the kind words (e-mail, phone, etc) deposited on me, regarding the post "Horse to the Water" published in "PBA Tour with six events and a final, by Frits BAKKER on June 4, 2020". Regarding the suggestions, I cannot say, definitively, that I will not run for UMB Chairman, replacing Mr Barki, because "we can never say never", but I, for one, feel that far beyond my destiny.

You know, for many, depending on the interest, on what's there, or in that, for them, they will say one thing or the opposite. Opinions change, you know?, people say. Others remain in between: not this, not that, they "don't know", they are "not definitively sure", but YES, under other guardianship, it's clear that some problems wouldn't be even a issue and YES, there are ways to solve difficult things without any effort at all, under other leadership.

So, to all friends (and foes, if I have one or many), here is my statement:

When you approach a wasps nest in full operation (mainly hornets and yellow jackets), it gets too dangerous and wasps let you know that. Wasps have two ways to show off danger: a small group leaves the nest and stays around, ready to take command, and the other group remains in the nest moving, slowly, "legs and arms" and quietly exercising mouth and stinger.

Generally uninterested in you, and not particularly aggressive unless disturbed, your proximity is vividly not welcomed.

Only silence is there (you still do not hear wasp wings around you), but you know very well that something is coming and you have two ways, too: try to knock the nest down (I like wasps, so I don't go that way) and get ready for the consequences, or leave the place, gently and smoothly.

There is a third way, only for a few, like me (you can figure out why): put our hand next to the nest, let one or two yellow jackets come to one of your fingers, for a while, give them your peace of mind and some silent gentle advice, drive them back to the nest and leave the place in equipoise.

A Great Seer confided me a fourth way, but I'm not allowed to reveal it in any way, form or shape, because it's a Great Secret. Yes, sure, I can use it, once in a while, just to savour the nectar of the outcome.

Jordi Fontdevila

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