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World's three cushion in Viersen cancelled

Posted by on February 27, 2020

World's three cushion in Viersen cancelled

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UMB president Mr. Farouk Barki at the 2019 championship in Viersen. ,,We must guarantee the safety of our athletes and fans.''

VIERSEN - The German billiard union (DBU), as organizer, has canceled the planned World Championship three cushion for national teams in Viersen, which should be held from 5 to 8 March. The cancellation was announced due to the coronavirus crisis.

German chairman Helmut Biermann announced the news at a press conference this morning. "To protect the well-being of players and visitors," said the DBU chairman . "The decision was taken in close coordination with the city of Viersen and the UMB world billiard federation. The decision was inevitable. Despite the huge financial shortage, this difficult and painful decision had to be made," Biermann said.

,,We are very disappointed of course that we have to cancel this great event. Because of the current development, we had no other choice to protect everyone involved in the world championship" the mayor of the city of Viersen, Sabine Anemüller, said.

Helmut Biermann: ''It was a hard decision for all of us, but we couldn't take any risk. There are some infections already in Mönchengladbach and 50 km's around and we don't know how fast it's gonna spread. The cancellation is a disaster. We are looking for an opportunity to organize this championship later in 2020, we''ll do what we can. For now, we need a lot of work, to inform all the nations, to cancell hotel rooms and we have a big financial problem.''

UMB President Faruk Barki, who was connected by phone from Egypt, said in a response: "As a sports federation, we must guarantee the safety of our athletes and fans and exclude any risk. Even if the cancellation is painful for all people involved, it is the right decision."

The world championship would be played by 16 national teams, including Germany, Korea, Japan, Greece, Turkey, Colombia, Peru, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain.



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My Comments

Vietnam not in WC national Teams. why?
Although WCNT Viersen is cancelled(postponed?), I still have a question.
I just found Vietnam was not in the entry. Seemed Jordan was in instead.
OK for Jordan in the entry as a new-comer which is good for global carom.

But, Vietnam has been contributing a lot to carom, hosting Worldcup last 5(?) years and sending good players to many recent events. Especially 3 Vietnamese crushed Europe Team in the last Continental cup.

From Asia, used to be 3 teams, Vietnam/Korea/Japan. Asia deserves to send at least 3 teams.
3 teams from Pan America, without USA is also strange to me.

Europe has too many teams among 16 nations in my opinion.
Some nations in Europe have not organized UMB events over last many years but Europe keeps the number of teams and players in the various World Championships. Fair to everybody?

BTW, was Jordan representing Asia or Africa confederation? I was not able to find the info.

Message 1/2 - Publish at March 5, 2020 5:48 PM - Edited at March 5, 2020 5:49 PM

Vietnam not...? - because....
Hello stranger -

The African confederation (ACC) as we have known it for 6-7 years, has been merged into a new Conf. called AMCC, including Jordan, Lebanon and a few other Middle East nations. In my opinion this makes a lot of sense, placing these nations in an environment where they will actually get opportunities to compete internationally – which was hardly an option, when they were with ACBC (Asia), where Korea, Japan and Vietnam are too hard to compete with, for Jordanian and Lebanese players (even if they both have a few players of a pretty good standard). Also, it presents Egypt with some genuine competition. All in all, a win-win situation, if you ask me ( not sure the Egyptian players agree, though ;o) ).

Obviously, ACBC has sacrificed one spot in the Viersen tournament – which means that only two of the three “super-powers” can go to Viersen. Is that unfair or wrong? Not in my opinion – please note, that the defending champion is always invited; this year Turkey, adding to the number of CEB participants. Imagine Korea or Vietnam winning the title (actually, Korea did two years ago). That would increase ACBC´s number of participant to four the following year. Would they actually be able to find a fourth nation, worthy of entering the competition? As for CEB – well, maybe 9 spots in WCNT seems like a big number. Still, there wasn´t room for at least 10 federations with players of a quite good quality – amongst others, Czechia, Portugal and Sweden.

Publish at March 5, 2020 7:30 PM

Reply to Tlau /March 5 post
Hello, Mr.Know-all,
I expected to see an official response from UMB to my post on March 7th.
Never heard of AMCC yet which seems not-such a-good solution but a typical UMB patchwork.
Merging or tossing those federations into AMCC (old ACC?) does not promote carom in the region.

To provide separate opportunity to Lebanon or Jordan by sacrificing Vietnam(or Japan or Korea in the coming years)will not be helpful at all for the future of carom which is perishing in most countries, except Vietnam/Turkey/Colombia/Korea and only a few Western European countries.

Your comment is totally representing the position of CEB and justifying the UMB tactics for AMCC.
BTW, I did some research (first time, going through UMB website to find the facts and infos) and failed info about AMCC.
I found there are many federations in ACC from them I never saw carom players in UMB events.
Are they fake members?

Publish at March 11, 2020 5:36 AM

To Tlau / AMCC on UMB website
UMB Info about ACC (AMCC not listed as UMB member yet. How Mr.Tlau knows AMCC???)

UMB Info about Asia. Jordan and Lebanon still in Asia.)

I do not understand how the UMB and members are managed such like this.
Maybe, this is the time we need more functional organization. Too late?

Publish at March 11, 2020 5:43 AM

Just trying to state what seems to be obvious...
Hello stranger –

I am not responsible for UMB´s handling (or not handling) their website and newsflow. I am, however, stating what obviously seems to have happened.

Many carom fans have constantly been pointing the finger – quite rightly, too - at UMB (and UMB´s Egyptian president) for favoring – EGYPT. Now it seems there has been a rearrangement of the confederations which, as I wrote, will present Egyptian players with some genuine competition in the future. My comment is a “hats off” (no more, no less) to UMB, for finally making some sense of this situation, instead of the rather weird decision made by UMB to form an African conf. 7 years ago.

African Carom players outside Egypt? Not a lot, to my knowledge. I have heard of ONE African (conf.) championship competition. It had 16 participants, nine of which were Egyptians. Eight Egyptians qualified for the KO´s – and the only one of the remaining 7 players, anyone had heard of, was South African snooker player Peter Francisco. Which proves one of my points: The ACC confederation has been a charade or – if you have a twisted sense of humor - a joke. It would seem we see eye to eye on that one, at least.

And now, with Lebanon, Jordan and Syria out of the Asian Conf., I may toss a question right back at you: How is the level of carom in ACBC? I know about Japan, Korea and Vietnam – what about the rest of them? Five federations, I believe.
ACBC have gone from 11 Feds., 3 WC/Viersen spots to 8 Feds. 2 WC/Viersen spots. Makes a little sense to me, and a question remains: If Korea/Vietnam/Japan – with 3 WC/Viersen spots at hand – were to win WC/Viersen, they would earn a place further for the next WC/Viersen. Which Fed. Would you send? Indonesia – India – Ch. Taipei?

Finally: We are talking about one tournament here – not even involving ranking points. For these small countries, the gates are firmly closed to literally all other UMB tournaments. Can you think of a much better opportunity to promote carom in some of the smaller countries? I´m not sure I can.

Publish at March 11, 2020 11:16 AM

Mr. Tlau post..
Two words: Unclear and unjustify.

Message 2/2 - Publish at March 11, 2020 8:10 AM

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