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Zanetti after tumultuous match now in final against Horn

Posted by on November 23, 2014

Zanetti after tumultuous match now in final against Horn

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The tumultuous match between Marrco Zanetti and Dani Sánchez in the semifinals

LAUSANNE - The prelude was overshadowed by a nasty incident. Marco Zanetti and Martin Horn reached the final of the Lausanne Billard Masters after two dazzling matches. Martin Horn defeated the world champion, Frédéric Caudron (40-36 in 22), Marco Zanetti won against Dani Sánchez (40-38 in 19). The Italian defending champion in this tournament had a bad taste in his mouth despite his cheers. Dani Sánchez stayed next to the playroom for a long time sharing his discontent with some spectators.

What had happened in the match?

1 Marco Zanetti wanted to take the wrong ball on a score of 33-32 and was (very sporty and almost rare) attented by Sánchez.

2 The Italian shook hands with his opponent, went to the table and made a time fault in the confusion.

3 Zanetti himself said: ,,I had one second left and asked for a timeout.'' Dani Sánchez said he did not ask for a timeout, but only made a sound.

4 According to insiders, the referee called out a foul and should have sent Zanetti to the chair. According to Zanetti he was on time and he was allowed to continue.

5 Zanetti made two caroms and then got a bad feeling. He tapped the cue ball just before he could make his third point (an unmissable shot) and went to his chair.

6 Dani Sánchez responded resentful and reacted towards Zanetti: why are you doing this, why do you put me under pressure?

7 The match went on and Zanetti won.

8 Afterwards there was a long, heated discussion between the two players.

Zanetti commented: ,,What could I do: I made two points and suddenly felt bad. On the table was a position that was unmissable, but I felt guilty. How could I go on after the sporting gesture Dani made, make my final seven points and win the game? So I made an intentional touché.''

Dani Sanchez: ,,I will not say much about it, but the same things always happen, it's always the same players to whom these things happen on the table. We'll meet in the World championship in Korea next week, so I will say no more about it. But why does Zanetti do this to me, why doesn't he miss his first ball if he feels so bad, why after two points? And why does he play when his time has expired?''

The wonderful performance of Martin Horn on the other table should not be forgotten. The German beat the number one in the world and defending champion next week at the World championship, Frédéric Caudron, in a great match.

He concluded afterwards: ,,I have a lot of respect for a player like Caudron and other world class players, but not like years ago, when I showed too much respect for the world's best players.''

,,My highlight in my career so far was the win in the World Cup in Antalya, where I beat big players like Blomdahl and Jaspers. And now I want more than just play the final here. I feel so strong that I can win this wonderful tournament.''

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