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3-Cushion - World Championship - Seoul (KOR)

Full Replay: Thrilling Final - Torbjörn BLOMDAHL (SWE) vs Sung-Won CHOI (KOR). Race to 40 pts.

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My Comments

Very nice final match. Sung-Won CHOI is a great player. I like him. Keep on.

Message 1/28 - Publish at November 30, 2014 9:13 PM

It was one of the most intense duel in a long time. Congrats Choi!

Message 2/28 - Publish at December 1, 2014 7:50 AM

Great job.
In this match we can see everything I like in billiards. Tension, emotions and as allways, good billiards. I am not television expert, but What I see is perfect video.

Message 3/28 - Publish at December 1, 2014 12:19 PM

Nice match
Very nice match,but for me is winner TB. Yes cameraman is weak point of kozoom. He cuts too many shots.

Message 4/28 - Publish at December 1, 2014 12:38 PM

Don't fool yourself
Obviously you watched another match on another network. You don't have to be an expert to see all mistakes. Whole broadcast is a mistake. Audience wants to see the table, focus on points and various shot alternatives. If you show players faces, close ups during whole match, how can we do it? You must show one point from one angle.. they cut all points 2-3 times .In football match would you like to see one shot from 4 different angle or in tennis? Also they cut to players faces before current point is over. We have to use our imagination if the point in done or not while cameras show face of players. It is ridiculous. If they watch a snooker matchs on BBC maybe they can catch couple of tricks. There is nothing right or perfect about Kozoom videos. They just ruin matches.

Message 5/28 - Publish at December 1, 2014 12:58 PM

To sepetcenk
The Billiard is much more than balls rolling on a table, that's why we are using various angles and do our best to show the whole story of the match, and this one was a nice story. Traditional TV productions of Snooker are showing 80% of the straight angle of the table. 90% when the director is not in a good shape. If it's what you recommend for the 3-Cushion, for sure, you don't have to be an expert to say this.

Nevertheless, it is true that compared with Antwerp last year, our jib was missing in order to provide more views of the shots. As always in South Korea, we could not chose the best position for our cameras as the National TV was using most of the space around the arena. Fortunately, they share their top camera and we have to go on like this. Fortunately too, most of our viewers have a different point of view and they enjoyed our broadcasting.

Message 6/28 - Publish at December 1, 2014 3:12 PM

Good work Kozoom!
In my opinion it's a good work from Kozoom. Different angles help to assess the balls position. That's what the players are doing when they go around the table. And I like to see the emotions in the faces of the players.

@ sepetcenk: Please express your own opinion. Don't speak for the audience in general. There might be other views. We watched the match together in our club an all people enjoyed the broadcasting.

Message 7/28 - Publish at December 1, 2014 4:28 PM

Yes ...Good work Kozoom indeed !..
Also I 'm not television expert and I 'm simply enjoying what I see...almost everything..Some guys
here are sound to me as oppositionists...almost always are looking for defects, even if this seldom happens... connection,sound,videos quality etc. are always under the opinion of some subscribers,
extremely unfair in some cases.Of course , every member is entitled to express his opinion,but
nothing can be perfect all the time .If this people are complaining about the Kozoom's work
-referring to the videos quality generally- , I would dare to ask them : Where else could they watch
so many great matches ,one Championship after the other, as subscribers of 84 Euros annualy ?
Have they ever paid 25 $ US ,or sometimes 30-40 Euros or more for one single match ?

Message 8/28 - Publish at December 1, 2014 5:02 PM

i Think ,,,, this is better than Monocam Records. (fixed Angle view)

i don't like "top angle view"

Because , while playing, i can not see the table with Top Angle view .

i am always trying to see the table with Various angle view To make a point.
Because, i can not stand on the table While playing .
i think you guys are same. Aren't you ?

Of course , i like watching Video with Various Angle View.

Message 9/28 - Publish at December 1, 2014 10:03 PM

To Xavier AND to KOZOOM and to begginers
Xavier my name is Cenk ÖZAKINCI.
I am a award winner movie director, Performed live airs at MTV Music television and former pro 3-cushion player. You can google it.
The mistakes you have been doing is not for this match only. You do mistakes every time.
I did write about it to kozoom, offered help and they said "We are fine"!!! But you are not fine.
I am going to make a video about "Why you are not fine?" when I am free. Wait for it.

Please answer these questions

You say "The Billiard is much more than balls rolling on a table"
Ok. But the points are on the table aren't they? Obviously you don't care if the audience wants to see table, concentrating on various shot alternatives, share their opinion each other etc.(for you it is a bla bla bla I know) and most importantly they wanna "THINK" about the points.
You don't care. Ok I got that.
So why don't you show us the fuckin points Xavier?
Why you show shots at close up?
We can not see where the balls are? We can not see what position is? We can not understand which position the player is gonna take? We can not see diamond marks. We can not see if there is a kiss risk. You show the table after close up shot and when the balls are already on the move.
Explain it .

You cut all points 2-3 times! ARE YOU CRAZY ? In a football match would you like to see one shot from 4 different angle or in tennis? You must show one point from one angle unless current camera angle cover up by any reason! Why are you cutting points in every match?

If you cut the points these things happens.
Audience can not understand was it a good shot or not.
Audience can not understand it is a carom or not.
Audience can not feel speed of shot. (tempo of the balls)
Audience can not guess or think about next position.
Audience can not CONCENTRATING on the battle.
etc etc....

The most ridiculous thing in your broadcast is :
Why you cut to players faces before current point is over. Do we have to use our imagination if the point in done or not while your cameras show faces of the players? Explain.

Top angle issue . Dear Xavier obviously you are not a 3-cushion player. 3-cushion players doesn't give a shit about top angle. Normally we don't see the table from top angle while we are playing 3-cushion billiard in real life. That's why we can not think about positions while looking from top angle. It is nice to show top angle for a premature audience but you can only show it at re-plays (sorry you don't have re-plays !) and on very specific shots. I also like top angle in some positions and find it very helpful but Not 1000 TIMES PER MATCH buddy...No !!!

Please just try to understand why I am going to cancel my membership and recommend the same who ask me about KOZOOM.
Be open to improve yourself.
Your broadcasts is a wreck. I can write so much more. But no time. I am not a ignorant or unhappy customer. I am a carom fan and not gonna let you ruin the matches.

Message 10/28 - Publish at December 2, 2014 12:07 PM

Full of yourself
I have no doubt that you have been a former good player and a great movie director of musical show... But, as many guys who achieved something in the TV industry, you are full of yourself. The way you are writing your comment is closing the debat. It's a pity because there are some interesting arguments in your comment and this discussion could have been interesting with someone able to respect his interlocutor. A big part of your last comment shows that you even did not read what I have writen before...

I don't have received any awards for having produced and directed more than hundred Hours of 3-Cushion on Eurosport the past 10 years. I will be happy to see one day your first 3-Cushion program because, it's always good to learn.

"Be open to improve yourself." as you say...

Message 11/28 - Publish at December 2, 2014 3:00 PM

Dear Xavier
Dear Xavier,
first of all excuse my language.
I don't say I am better than you or have an interest broadcasting business. I tried to explain your mistakes and recommended things. I wanna watch the games. That's all.. Maybe I reached the edge a bit. Because I am angry with you. (you means Kozoom) I don't think you are doing your job well. It doesn't matter how many hours experience you have. Your matches are not watchable. Why I am angry because when I sent an e-mail to Turkish TV named NTV during world cup 2012 they took my recommendations seriously and started doing perfect live broadcast, fixed all their mistakes. But when I sent an e-mail to Kozoom they said "WE ARE FINE". That's why I get angry.

Anyway; the success of NTV didn't last. Because there is no standards in this business. The e-mail I sent to them has no effect anymore.
If you are in charge broadcasts and you do really care of foreign audience comments to increase your profession please contact me let me share my opinions as an audience.

Message 12/28 - Publish at December 2, 2014 5:04 PM

Cenk and Chris have a point
I also find the games more enjoyable when I can see what happens with all three balls until they stop, without interruption. Much more important for me than the players faces. Zooming to the middle of the table or panning-tilting to follow the cue ball are also unnecessary.

Message 13/28 - Publish at December 3, 2014 4:48 PM

Positions and points without interruptions
I hope Kozoom will care our opinions, let us see the points and positions without interruptions at Hurghada World Cup which starts 4 days later. Thanks Jersey, Xavier and Mert. Have a nice world cup.

Message 14/28 - Publish at December 3, 2014 7:36 PM

Please don't cut the shots
I agree that switching camera angles during the shot is so annoying. I hope Kozoom can fix that.

Message 15/28 - Publish at December 3, 2014 10:27 PM

Instructional videos vs TV Shows
Thanks for your constructive feedbacks. It's not easy to find the right way between a nice TV Show and an instructional video. You are not watching Kozoom as you are watching sports on TV. You want to learn and improve your game in the same time. For now, I don't have a miraculous solution but it will be discussed internally to improve it.

Message 16/28 - Publish at December 6, 2014 9:56 AM

Please show the table
Please show the table as big as you can like snooker matches. Please keep at pilot camera as much as you can while shots and show the table full screen without audience or players in it. Thanks

Message 17/28 - Publish at December 6, 2014 6:09 PM

Need to see all 3 balls moving
We need to see all 3 balls moving starting from the begining till the end of the shot without any camera movement. This is very important in order to enjoy the game and understand the position. Switching the camera angle in the middle of the shot is making things confusing.

Message 18/28 - Publish at December 6, 2014 11:15 PM

My last 2 cents...I promised.
As a conclusion for all comments, below are my last "2 cents" for every shots.

1) Before every shots, close view the exact spin (English) being applied to show balls control.

2) Shows full screen when balls start moving. Besides scoring a point, people really want to see the positioning of all balls. At this point, no switching camera angles necessary because it will be annoying.

3) Switching camera angles to players facial/body expressions, audiences, or others are perfectly fine if the ABOVE two suggestions not interrupted.

Sorry for writing a little too much. I think you guys are doing "great", but I also belive you can be "excellent" for the better of the game and future of Kozoom as well. Have a great day!

Message 19/28 - Publish at December 7, 2014 1:22 AM

qoea40 is right
Thanks qoea40

Message 20/28 - Publish at December 7, 2014 3:00 AM

Sepetcenk is reading my mind
You are welcome Sepetcenk. I was watching the match between Blomdahl and Cho, and was so annoyed by the camera movement. And I decided to write to Kozoom about it, but I found that you already did and wrote everything I was thinking about. It seems that you were reading my mind. I hope that Kozoom responds and takes action to fix this issue. Thanks Sepetcenk.

Message 21/28 - Publish at December 7, 2014 11:48 PM

All good
After reading these comments, I went to watch few videos. Honestly, I couldn`t find any error or wrongdoing on Kozoom`s part. Once a player hits, the shot is shown by one camera, from start till end. And it is perfectly normal that the cams would have close-up to players` faces - this game is NOT played only on the table. Everyone knows that this game is 70% psychology, trying to keep the mental strength is a huge part of this game. And close up to player`s faces do help the viewers understand the type of mental situation they may be in and hugely adds to the fun of this game. These are world masters, so we need to see how they keep up their mental strength throughout the game.

I don`t agree with the above comments on comparing billiards with football or tennis. With football / soccer, tennis, since each team has their part of the field / court, it absolutely makes sense that you don`t use different angles, because the viewers can be confused, and if there would be a different angles, you see a sign on the tv screen indicating it is a "reverse cam". In billiards, there are no "half-sides" to a field. Once you see a position in 3C, they can show me from 20 different camera angles, you know how that shot will be played - I don`t get confused.

Also, in regards to the comment on keeping it simple and billiards not being War and know, it depends on what you get out of watching the 3C games here. To me, with all the players, the excitement, sadness after missing a shot, getting pissed off...I mean all this is watching a Platoon or War & Peace to me, if not more. 3C is NOT just about the table and 3 balls! These are world masters. If you want these videos to be filmed as simple as "3 balls hitting each other" ...may as well watch it from that birds eye view cam and get done with it...until you move on to the next thing on tv.

All being said, I really would want to see the shots from the players` views. If somehow there was a way to put a strategically placed cam right in the player`s eye view, so we could see how they aim, feel the shot, etc. Now that would be a "live" feedback to viewers, and I believe it would hugely help us. I was a semi pro tennis player, and the instructional videos are almost always shot right right behind a pro player, the swing, the spin, etc. are more visible that way. This also applies to instructional golf videos. I believe same applies to 3C. But unfortunately, I think it would be very hard to find a cam view that shows how the 3C pro views it, unless the cam would be directly on the pros` clothing.

What would also keep this site more interesting would be, if there was a way to search the players based on if player A had a past match with player B. I mean, if there was a quick way to search if you could easily locate, say, blomdahl had a match against, say, Funaki, and if you could watch that.
Also, the player profiles may show the players` streength and weaknesses..sort of like a video game hero lol, but these things can keep it interesting!

Consequently, I myself think that Kozoom is doing a great job. Keep up the good work!

If anyone is not happy, feel free to cancel the membership - Youtube awaits you with the blomdahl vs. semih matches from a decade ago! :))

Message 22/28 - Publish at December 8, 2014 8:22 AM

Thanks qoea400
Thanks qoea400. Dear gymrat, you have no idea about 3-c billiard and what we were talking about. Obviously you are not a player either. I strongly recommend that you should write and comment about the things you are capable of. Because the time is so precious to waste it.

Message 23/28 - Publish at December 8, 2014 1:27 PM

Ask the players
The solution is simple. Kozoom please go ahead and ask the top 16 players on the UMB list and they will tell you that switching the camera angle during the shot is not right. Please do something to fix this problem.

Message 24/28 - Publish at December 9, 2014 1:02 AM

I am watching HEO vs LIM match right now. Kozoom do not cut points and show every points from pilot cam. PLEASE KEEP GOING.. THANKS XAVIER AND KOZOOM

Message 25/28 - Publish at December 10, 2014 11:07 AM

I was wrong
They show pilot cam more then before. It is a good progress. But still cut the points.

Message 26/28 - Publish at December 10, 2014 11:23 AM

I don`t mean to burst your bubble, but ur neither Blomdahl, nor Steven Spielberg, in fact a far cry from both.
I agree with Xavier that your full of it.
U ain`t happy? cancel membership.

Message 27/28 - Publish at December 12, 2014 5:43 AM

Vittorio Paternostro
Vittorio Paternostro
What a great smile
congratulations Choi, great game...

Message 28/28 - Publish at March 19, 2016 8:28 PM

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