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Less tables being streamed than last year, and I have to sign up for 2 months?
First, let me say that I am a fan of Kozoom (and the EPBF), and think they are amongst the best cue-sport broadcasters in the World. And the EPBF is the best cue-sport federation in the World.

Last year I was able to sign up to the EPBF's streaming of the European Pool Championships on 20 tables, but this year, now that Kozoom are doing it, we can only look at 10 tables.

The other thing I find a little off-putting, is that no-one is allowed to sign up for just One month. Its a recurring charge, and if you try to cancel it immediately, they will charge you one month's notice. So the minimum is 2 months payment.

I know there there is other fluff thrown in for free, but I'm looking to watch Live pool at the one of the world's great tournaments. And I think overall this is a worse deal than last year for those of us that want to watch the European Pool Championships live.

I know its not a lot of money, and the service will probably be superb, but when the EPBF have shown they can stream 20 tables, why go backwards?
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