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Garlando ITSF Master Champion Foosball Review

Posted by on November 28, 2017

Garlando ITSF Master Champion Foosball Review

Garlando is one of the most famous Italian companies in producing football tables and pool tables which are made with astonishing quality. They are at the top of the foosball world and they are proud to be one of the 5 official tournament tables approved by the ITSF. Today, I want to introduce you to the ITSF approved Garlando football table, used on tournaments in the categories International, Master Series, and Pro Tour.

What makes Garlando ITSF Master Champion table so good?

The materials used in this table are high quality and this table is made to last. The cabinet is made from the 30 mm plywood coated with melamine and aluminum border which makes the cabinet extremely durable. Every tournament foosball table has to be in the perfect condition and highly durable because professional players use much more force and more complicated strategies while playing foosball than the hobby players. When you look at the overall playing experience of one table you will realize that durability is only one of many features a high-quality table has to have. No matter if the table is used only for training or the final match, the table must provide the best experience. That means that the table mustn't move under any circumstances. To perfect the stability of the table, people in Garlando decided to go with the square steel legs with high-quality leg levelers. No matter if the table is on the straight or bumpy surface, the field will be straight every time.

Impeccable field and players

The playing field on Garlando foosball table is made from tempered glass which provides the fast and smooth game. The entire field is green with white graphics to look like the real soccer field and without any sticker. Every good foosball brand knows that stickers are not an option on a foosball field because they tend to peel off with time, no matter the quality. If you want to play on 100% smooth surface tempered glass should be your number 1 choice. Another thing that a good quality table must have are the curved corners. No more dead balls, stuck-in-the-corner-balls and that is exactly why Garlando has made specialized corners where no ball can get stuck no matter how much you try. Every part of the table is made in a specific way with a specific reason. The 16 mm steel chrome rods on the table are made to withstand 50% more tension than other bars with rubber bumpers in order to absorb shocks and noise.

The players on the field are made from extremely durable plastic so it is safe to say that they are practically indestructible. The rods and the players should work like one and that is why the players are molded directly to the rods so there would be no mistakes in player control. If you ever tried to blame the players for the wrong ball trajectory, you can forget that with this table because the players are specially designed for best ball control.  Also, there is no way your goalkeeper will be on one side of the table because the rubbers on the rods are forcing it to stay in front of the goal. Every rod has the professional handle made from the perfect combination of wood and plastic. No more slippery hands and slipping handles with this table.

Black and grey design

The design of the table is simple and that is what makes it so perfect. You can see that they didn't waste time in making complicated color combination because they were more focused on the performance of the table than the looks. They decided to go with the black and grey combination which makes the table easy to blend in any environment.  It is one of the best foosball tables made for tournaments and you can see why it is approved by the ITSF. Every aspect of the game is thoroughly inspected and designed for best experience.

written by Mark


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