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Kozoom Foos Interview of the week with Detlef Freitag

Posted by on May 13, 2016

Kozoom Foos Interview of the week with Detlef Freitag


Hello Detlef. Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. Please give us some information on who you are and what you are doing.

My name is Detlef Freitag and I was born on the 23th of April 1959 in Kulmbach, Bavaria - Germany. I'm playing table soccer since I was 16 years old and the club I play for is 1 KSC Kulmbach e.V..  After school I played table soccer with my friends and there I met some players from my club which was founded in 1970. Motivated of the success from my team I started to intensively practice my skills everyday. In those days we still played on a original german table (still with a glassplate on top). After a few small successes  I won my first german Championship in the men open doubles in 1980. Until today i am 16 times bavarian cup winner and 14 times bavarian team champion. Also we won 4 times the german team championship.

What is your favourite table soccer memory?

My favorite moment was the Multi Table WM with the Seniors National Team, because it was a team fit very well together. My saddest event was the death of my friend, team-mate Jürgen Stachowiakofas, a good human being
and players of a class of its own. Because of the ITSF tournaments, I got to play in the countries like Austria, Italy, France, Poland, the Czech Republic, Netherland, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxemburg and the big goal of mine & my partner Heinz Kießling is to play one big tournament in the USA. My favorite players in the mens category are Tony Spredeman, Yannick Correia and fort, & in the womens category Amelie Bremer and Stefanie Schmid. For the seniors categoryit is Uli Stoepel, Todd Loffredo, Giuliano Bentivoglio.

Which table is the most common in your country and which type of tables do you prefer to play?Aaccording to you which tables is hard to play?

The home table at my club is the leonhart Table soccer and i like to play on every ITSF table but i prefer the leonhart and Garlando table. The table in which I'm the weakest on is the Bonzini. For my 50th birthday i got a leonhart table from my family and my club and since that I play at least 30 minutes everyday. For practice & experience of playing on different tables, i switch from the german table soccer to the tornado tables. I ended my active career and I played only for fun in some league games with my club.

Is the table-soccer scene growing or receding in your city/region/country?

My club plays in the Bavaria League and in the 2. National League. We organize with my club different benefits- and youth tournaments. In my country table soccer is still only a marginalized sport but the interest in the sport is growing. From my home town kulmbach, Heinz Kießling(my partner) and I go thonored town with a golden medal for our success at table soccer which was unthinkable just a few years ago. What I really like is that Table soccer is evolving more and more into a real sport; now, more and more nations are joining the International Table Soccer Federation(ITSF) and that because of this, our Table soccer family is growing bigger and bigger in the world. In Germany, for the development & growth of the sport Table Soccer, it is mainly due to Klaus Gottesleben, the President of the DTFB.

What special efforts you are putting for the welfare of this Sport?  How do you manage your playing side as player, & your other work responsibilities?

At this time I had done more functional work. I've been a chairman for many years in the bavarian association and until now I'm still the first board member in my club. From 2006 on I started to play more and intesively again. We practice every Friday at my club where now is a ITSF training center too. Since 2011 I'm a member of the german senior national team. With this team we got world champions in 2011, 2012 and 2015.In 2011,  we got the 3rd place in the senior double with my partner Heinz Kießling. With my partner Heinz Kießling we won many WCS tournaments and I finished the year 2015 as the wold best player(Senior Category) in the world rankings. This is really nice for me but I also have to say that players like Uli Stoepel, Todd Loffredo, Giuliano Bentivoglio and others play more men open than in the senior category.I get my motivation and my happiness for table soccer from all my friends aIl over the world made because of this sport.


Thank you very much for these insights into your life. I wish you all the best with playing table soccer.


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