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Kozoom Foos Interview of the week with Kia Wee Lim

Posted by on June 3, 2016

Kozoom Foos Interview of the week with Kia Wee Lim


Hello Kia Wee. Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. Please give us a brief introduction about yourself and how you started playing the sport?

I am Kia Wee from Singapore, South East Asia. In 2009, I happened to visit a pool hall with a foosball table in there and was fascinated by the way some local pro players were playing. That sparked my interest and I've been training with them ever since. It has been an amazing journey so far. I am really glad that throughout these few years, there has been a steady rise in the numbers of ITSF competitions around Asia. The latest one was held in Manila, Philippines, whereby I was thankfully able to bring home trophies for the Open Singles Champion and the Open Doubles 2nd place. My training has brought be far and I have also previously placed 5th in the 2015 Taichung Open. I aspire to one day travel the world to compete in this sport. 

What is your favourite Table soccer memory?

My most unforgettable memory was when I was competing in the 2015 Taichung Foosball Open. I was fortunate to play against one of the world's best foosball players, Tony Spredeman. It was a heated match and I managed to close the score to 4-4 before he scored the winning shot. Although I lost that match, but it showed me that my training has payed off and I aspire to play like Tony, one day. 

Which table is the most common in your country and what kind of match format and tables you prefer to play?Aaccording to you which is hard one(table) to play?

Currently, Fireball is the table i play on most frequently. This is because all Asian ITSF Tournaments are held on Fireball tables. When I first started playing foosball, I played on a Tornado table but I would now say that Fireball is the table i prefer. The difficult tables to play on would be those that I don't frequently play on, like a Garlando or a Bonzini. I find that every player would have a different preference due to the tables that they frequently played in their country region. 

How does the "table-soccer"- evening look like for you? How much it matter for you? Or how often you give time for practicing or enjoying Table Soccer? Do you practice alone or with partner /friends/other players and why?

Foosball is a big part of my life. I try to give as much time, as I can to training, while balancing my work and social life. I would train about 4 times a week and each time at least an hour. During the weekdays, I would train alone as most of the other players are busy with their own jobs. This is good as it gives me time to self-reflect on my game play. Foosball evenings in Singapore are during Friday and Saturday nights. This is when everyone gets together and start the weekend off with a friendly DYP competition. I take this time also as my training as I will have the opportunity to partner with different players and learn to adapt my game. 

In which cities/regions is table-soccer played in your country/city? Is it played everywhere or do you even have problems finding a table to play on?

Unfortunately, well-maintained foosball tables are difficult to chance upon in Singapore. The local players would typically head to a pool hall located in Bugis, a central area in Singapore. Apart from this place, the only other well-maintained table is found in a college where I along with the local pro players will head over to conduct free training for the students there. 

How do you manage your playing side as player and your other work responsibilities?

I am currently working but I do not let that hinder my training time or let foosball hinder my work. Time management is the key. I try my best to complete a certain amount of training hours per week. I will only train after my work hours. 

Is the table-soccer scene growing or receding? Can you explain why (according to you)? What reputation does table-soccer have in your country?

In the recent years, the foosball scene has been increasing especially among youths in Singapore. I think this is because it's a safe sport. Serious injuries are hardly heard of from playing foosball. Also, it's an affordable game that everyone can play. Table-soccer has a positive reputation in Singapore, although not a famous one yet.

As player and as member what you expect for foosball?

In the near future, I would hope for foosball to be a popular sport in Singapore. The local players and I are working hard towards achieving this goal. Together, we hope to expect Singapore to be a regional foosball hub and host several ITSF tournaments that many international players will attend. 

Any message for the fellow foosballers/readers, you would like to add?

Just a word of advice to everyone out there. Commitment, persistence and passion is key to becoming a great player. No one player started out great. A great player has gone through hardship in training and learning from defeated matches. 


Thank you. I wish you all the best with playing tablesoccer. 



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