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Kozoom Foos Interview with Cindy Kubiatowicz

Posted by on October 24, 2016

Kozoom Foos Interview with Cindy Kubiatowicz

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Hi Cindy, thank you for taking time to answer our questions. Could you please start with a short introduction about yourself?

My name is Cindy Kubiatowicz. I'm living in Switzerland. I started playing professional table-soccer when I was 19 years old. But actually I play since I was a little princess. I'm now married for 1 year with my lovely husband Filip Kubiatowicz. He taught me many important aspects of table-soccer and supports me as well. I couldn't be so successfull without him.

What is your favourite Table soccer memory?

I will never forget my biggest succsess. I won 4 Gold medals at the Garlando World Championship Series in Salzburg 2016. We defended our Woman Doubles title with Noemi "The Punisher" Takacs, I also took the 1st place in Classic Doubles with my good friend Dina Mettler, we finally showed our strength with the Woman National Team of Switzerland and won this event, finally, which has a exceptional meaning to me - I won the Woman Singles title on my home table. I have many other important table-soccer related memories connected to my friends and family. I could easily write a book about it.

Which table is the most common in your country? What kind of match format and tables do you prefer to play and according to you which table is hard one to play?

In Switzerland we are generally playing on garlando and thats my favourite table. I prefer to play singles or in defense in doubles. I like to play on every table, its a challenge for me.

How does the "table-soccer- evening" look like for you? How often do you give time for practicing or enjoying Table Soccer? Do you practice alone?

At the moment I dont have much time to practicing or enjoying table-soccer. I'm working a lot at the time and I have a long way to drive. When I find a free evening I always go with my best friend Divyam Täschler to visit some Zurich bars that provide table soccer tables. We crush everybody and have lots of fun. I can practice alone, with my husband or friends. It depends what I need and how I feel.

In whichregions is table-soccer played in your country? Is it played everywhere or do you even have problems finding a table to play on?

We have a big Liga in Zurich, and in every City we have Clubs to play. It is popular in our country to play table-soccer, so its easy to play everywhere. We have many small tournaments organised at weekends and few times in the year some bigger once.

What special efforts you put for the welfare of this Sport?

Acctually I spend more time promoting table soccer and my company than training. When I have great results I always try to bring the Sport into media like newspapers, radio and television. I dont have enough time to enjoy table-soccer. Unfortunately I cant handle it really good.

Is the table-soccer scene growing or receding? Can you explain why?

I think local sports scene will always be growing. There are many good people working for promotion of table-soccer. As to the international scene I think that there are too many aspects that are more important than the players. Thats why many players don't go to big tournaments.

What do you expect for foosball?

I hope that our sport will soon be more popular. I wish that players could live from winnings. That would also be a huge boost to the skills and to the frequency on the tournaments. I find it a very good idea to play events like Champions League, where stong players get together and play for the same team. Thanks to my fantastic Bears Berlin Team, where I was able to experience great moments.

What is your message to the players around the world?

I am very proud to be a part of the worldwide table-soccer family. Don't forget that we build this community and without us it cannot be bigger and greater. Keep promoting, organising and whats most important... KEEP PLAYING!
See You soon at the table :)
Have a nice day.
Best regards





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