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Kozoom Foos Interview with Golshan Chamani

Posted by on December 19, 2016

Kozoom Foos Interview with Golshan Chamani


Hello Golshan. Thank you for taking time to answer our questions. Please give us brief introduction about yourself?

My name is Golshan Chamani, I was born and raised in Iran. Currently from past 3 years, I'm living in Germany. I started playing table-soccer since the age of 10 years and I was the youngest player, probably the first one, in Iran. I learned table-soccer from my father Mohammed Chamani.

What is your favorite Table soccer memory?

My favorite memory is when I had represented Iranian National Table Soccer team in the world cup held in France at the age of 12. For the first time everyone supported me and we all kept together and enjoyed the matches and the atmosphere a lot.

Which table is the most common in your country and which type of table you prefer to play. According to you which is hard one to play?

In Germany, Leonhart is the most common table. I can play on every table, but according to me the hardest one is Bonzini.

How does a "table-soccer"- evening look like for you? How much does it matter for you? Or how often you give time for practicing or enjoying Table Soccer? Do you practice alone or with partners?

At first (when I was 9/10) we had a table at our home and i used to play it for fun, but then I met the other player's and saw how they play with techniques and I wanted to know everything and learn it, and then it was a part of my life, because I had so much fun with it and I wanted to be better as I play with family or other people in clubs. Now I play it for every 2 days (minimum) and going to tournament's almost every weekend. And I used to practice by myself or with my father.

In which cities/regions is table-soccer played in your country/city?

In a small city in Germany, it is little hard to find somewhere, but in most of the places you can find table's and practice there with other people. Even we are trying to have our own hall with table's and new players. And I also try to have it at my school, and offer coaching to other students.

Is Table soccer growing or receding in your country?

I think it will be grow up, because it's something new for some people. Sometimes when I tell my friends that I play Table Soccer and I'm a national player they laugh at me but when they saw how hard it is to play, they took it more serious and they were more interested and wanted to learn it. I think back in Iran, it is not like here for women's, because they don't have events like open singles and they also can't play against/with men's so they can't be good as the players here, and they also don't have junior players (girls). And the other thing is that they can't go to many tournaments because of the numerous problems.

How do you manage your playing side as player and your other school responsibilities?

Sometimes, it is hard in schedule, like attending school and practicing table-soccer, at the same time, but I try to manage. Moreover, I want to make my father proud of me and want to thank him for everything, he did and is doing for this sport and me, even when he annoys me, and talking to me while playing. :D

As a player, what do you expect for foosball?

I expect that people should respect each other, because table-soccer is a sport, so it does not matter with which clothes you are playing and where you are coming from and from which religion you belong, we should play it with sporting spirit. Keep practicing.


Thank you.
Have a great day ahead.
Golshan Chamani



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