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Kozoom Foos Interview with Radek Drda

Posted by on October 12, 2016

Kozoom Foos Interview with Radek Drda


Hello Radek. Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. Please give us some information on who you are and what you are doing.

Hello all the foosball players around the world, my name is Radek Drda and I'm 25 years old.
I'm a manager of FoosForLife project and i live in Czech Republic in a small village.My hobbies are playing table soccer ( preffer winning :)) i l love water sports, drifting and parachute jump. I like to spend my free time by enjoying my life and be happy with my friends.

Which type of table do you prefer to play? According to you, which table is hard to play?

I like to play all the tables. I prefer Leonhart and Garlando. I don´t like so much Bonzini table.Every table has his own secret what I like to use against adversary. I like to play deffence on every table exists.

What does a "table soccer"- evening look like for you? How important is tablesoccer to you and how often do you take time to practice or simply enjoy tablesoccer? Do you practice alone or with other players?

Tablesoccer is a big part of my life. During the time I spend in table soccer comunity I learn a lot to my life. I met good friends around the world, i learn how to behave good, learn english well and see the world. The time i spend with table soccer and table soccer comunity is very important for me. I wish every people to have experience with this awesome sport and awesome people.I practise two days in week and before the important tournaments i practise as much as possible. Usually i practise with my doubles partner Vojtìch Holub. We are the Team and that is indestructible combination for the best results. I will never change :)

Where do you play table soccer in your city?

In Rožnov pod Radhoštìm city we have an international FoosForLife table soccer center, thats perfect place for practise.We are here every day so i tis the best place for all the people who love table soccer. FoosForLife

How do you manage playing table soccer and work at the same time ?

I can manage it well. During the time in my work i work in one time on the table soccer project FoosForLife. If you love foosball you will manage it for you as best as possible. I would like to say table soccer is my work.

What do you expect for foosball?

Every time, when we're going on some tournament with our team, I already know, that there will be a lot of fun, we meet a new friends and we''ll have a good time. Every time when the team FoosForLife go on the tournament is an amazing time for me. We go travel, explore the world and simply enjoying the time. I expect the most is a fun. Be happy have a smile on the face and try to win the tournament. If I win i enjoying the best time and i am happy.

What is your favourite table soccer memory?

My best memory i have. Thats a lot of moments i had during my table soccer. Most amazing I remember is the time when i had broken leg. But i felt more strong than i was healthy. I put my hearth in a game and I did an awesome job during the time wcs garlando and wcs roberto sport. That time i had my best results and i beat a lot of players from TOP 10. But every time when i am in TOP 3 on the tournament is very important for me and a appreciate and remember this time well. I like when i can share my results and succes with my team and we can celebrate it and enjoy the trophies all togehter like a team.Also i had a perfect moments when i help the people when they need it. It was a really good feeling for me i did something nice for the people. I Can write a book about my memories from table soccer and one day I will.

What is your best table soccer result? What you appreciate the most?

WCS 4th place Open Doubles, 5th place Open singles, Master series Prague 2016 1st place. Euro Foos Poland 1st place Open Doubles and lot of other results. Every win and every trophies is the power for the next tournament for me I like the feeling after long day when i finish 1st place.
What is your table soccer plan for this year? What do you expect.
About bigger tournaments, our next stop is on WS Garlando in Salzburg, and than in one week EuropaMeisterschaft P4P in Bonn. Than WS on Leonhart and DM P4P in Bonn and P4P tour in Swiss.We expect the nice results, but this tournaments will be really hard and big. We will do our best for win .

Anything you want to say to all the players and table soccer community?

Sure I want. Thank you all the people for the support and fun I experience with you all the players. Thanks a lot to people from the FoosForLife Team Jan Žanta and Vojtìch Holub and people who support us and sponzored us. Special thanks to Ivo Valenta and foundation Synot for the help they bring to the project. I want to thank to people who knows why I play and love table soccer. We never forget on you Tomáš Chmuroviè R.I.P bro.

Thank you for your time Radek and wish you good luck and best results

It was a pleasure, thank you too.
Wish to all the foos players happy and healthy life


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