Use of Dialogue Spaces Carom Billiard



These Specific Terms and Conditions of Use (hereinafter "CPU") describe the conditions under which the User can participate online in spaces formed by the Dialogue Discussion forums, reviews and chat services (hereinafter "the Dialogue Spaces ") displayed on the site (hereinafter "the Site ").

CPUs complete the Terms and Conditions of Use ( (hereinafter "CGU") of the Site set the rules for use of the Site by User. Thus, the User agrees, at each of his visits to Dialogue Spaces, to meet both the CPU and the CGU. Consequently, the User accepts, fully and without reservation, the CPU and the T & Cs only of his visit to one of the areas of Dialogues of the Site.


By Subscriber means any Registered user who purchased a subscription account with or without Premium offered on the Site.

By Author means a Registered user that offers his contributions (comments, articles with multimedia elements such as videos, images) on the “Kozoom” communities.

By Contribution means any information in any form whatsoever (text, data, images, photos, files, links ...) posted online by the User logged on Dialogue Spaces.

Dialogue Spaces are defined as different interactive services offered on the Site: forums, comments, online dialogues (IM).

By Account, means the personal data supplied by the Registered user during registration or at another connection on Spaces Dialogues.

By User means any person having access to Sites regardless of where he is and how he connects to the Site. The User may be a Subscriber, an Author, a Registered User or more generally a simple user.

For Registered User means a person who has registered for access to free and / or paid services from the Sites.


2.Dialogue Spaces 

Three Dialogue Spaces are available on the Site and allow subscribers to respond. Each User can read the contributions of Authors and Registered Users.

To make his own contributions, the User must register.

- The "Discussion Forums"

The "Newsgroups" are devoted to news of Carom billiards mainly sport.

Access to the areas of Dialogue by the User as a single player is totally free.

Conversely, to participate, registration is required under the conditions defined in Article 3 below.

- The "Comments"

The "comments" are Dialogue Spaces where Users can comment on articles, results, photos, videos, or post on the Players section.

If some of this content is by pay services, only Registered Users who purchased a Premium subscription can comment.

- The "Live dialogues"

The "Live dialogues" are spaces for dialogue offered exclusively to Premium subscribers during live video or scoring broadcasts.


3. Moderation and Administration of Dialogues Spaces

Dialogue Spaces are moderated after posts have been made. The moderator's role is to ensure that users respect laws and regulations in force as much as possible.

However, even if Kozoom Multimedia makes its best efforts to prevent the contents of the contributions from being illegal, or harming others, it cannot guarantee the appropriateness, legality, integrity or quality of contributions and can therefore in no circumstances be held liable for the User Contributions in any manner whatsoever. Therefore, in any event, the User is solely responsible for contributions he makes on Dialogues Spaces Sites. Assuming Kozoom Multimedia is the subject of a lawsuit, it reserves the right to hold the User accountable.

4.Account Removal

In case a User breaches obligations stated in Article 5 below, the Moderator reserves the right to remove the username of the User if necessary (this deletion will automatically result in account deletion), delete all or part of his contributions, and / or exclude User's access to areas of Dialogues, without notification, temporarily or permanently, at any time, to the Dialogues Spaces

5. The obligations of the User

The Contributions of the User should not be written in capital letters.

The Contributions must be properly prepared: spelling, grammar and punctuation rules must be respected. The Contributions that do not respect these basic principles are not understandable and will be deleted.

The User agrees that the contents of his Contributions on Dialogue Spaces is in compliance with laws and regulations and does not infringe the rights of third parties, including the following:

does not affect or does not contravene public order or morality or may not offend the sensibilities of minors,

does not affect the privacy of others,

does not affect the presumption of innocence of persons or respect and authority due to justice,

does not contain disparaging remarks or images, defamatory, offensive or detrimental to the image or reputation of a mark or any person or entity in any manner whatsoever,

does not have pornographic or pedophile characteristics,

does not offer the sale, donation or exchange of property stolen from misuse, fraud, breach of trust or any other criminal offense,

does not infringe intellectual property rights of any person whatsoever,

does not incite hatred, violence, suicide, racism, antisemitism, xenophobia or homophobia,

makes no apology for war crimes or crimes against humanity,

not conducive to discrimination against a person or a group of people mainly because of his political opinions, membership of an ethnic group, religion, or because of their sexual orientation.

does not affect the security or integrity of a State or territory, whatsoever.

disincentive to commit a criminal offense or an act of terrorism.


The User also agrees to:

not to practice any form of trade in his contributions.

not to include addresses or hyperlinks to external sites that are contrary to the laws and regulations that violate the rights of others or that are contrary to these CPUs in his contributions.The User shall guarantee the confidentiality of the password and agrees to bear all responsibilities for and Contributions to broadcast acts committed with this password.


The User must immediately notify Kozoom Multimedia of any legal action, and any complaint regarding the content of his Contributions.


6.The protection of personal data "Observance of personal data"

Since its inception in 2001, has been declared to the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés (CNIL) (French Commission of National Informatic Liberties). In accordance with the law "and Freedoms" n ° 78-17 of January 6, 1978, a User may exercise his right of access, rectification and deletion of personal data. He only needs to write to the Moderator by e-mail to the following email address: or by mail to Kozoom Multimedia at the following address: Kozoom Multimedia Services, moderation, 9 avenue des Frères Montgolfier 33510 Andernos.

Users personal data are kept by Kozoom Multimedia for internal archives. They can only be shared at the request of a judicial or administrative authority.


7. Royalties


The User is aware that the Dialogue Spaces Sites are public and that Contributions received and / or sent through the Dialogue Spaces can be read by all other Users unknown to them, to the author (s) and / or recipient (s).

Similarly, the User is fully aware that the Contributions published on Dialogues Spaces can be referenced through a search engine and then, again, searchable by any User.

The User authorizes Kozoom Multimedia to reproduce, publish and distribute under his username or his identity if he's on the Site, in whole or in part in any media for any purpose whatsoever, the Contributions that he has broadcast on Dialogue Spaces. The first author will be notified by e-mail about any publication of his contributions to other media than the site

The User certifies to hold all necessary rights to authorize reproduction, publication and dissemination of his Kozoom Multimedia Contributions in any medium.

As such, the User guarantees Kozoom Multimedia and against any claim that any appeal could put others in connection with reproduction, publication or dissemination of his Contributions.


8. Cookies

In identifying the User, a “cookie session" is established by Kozoom Multimedia. This cookie session is activated after the User has entered their username and password and shall expire at the closing of the browser. The User must therefore re-enter their username and password at each new opening of the browser when sending a Contribution on Spaces Dialogues.