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  • Which languages does Kozoom supports?

    Step by step more languages are being launched. We can even add more languages if there's a strong need. The Kozoom Carom Magazine supports English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish and Korean. The Kozoom Tablesoccer Magazine is available in English, French and German. For the moment the Kozoom Pool Magazine is only available in English.

  • I did not receive a email to validate my account (created during registration), how come ?

    Please check your spam folder to see if the email ended up there. If it's impossible to track this email, pleae contact the customer service directly; we can validate your account instantly.

  • I’m not able to log in, what should I do?

    Please verify if you have been successfully registered and if you validated your Welcome email. Use your Nickname or Emailadress in combination with the password to log in. You can request a new password by clicking the "Help" button at the top of the page. Contact Kozoom if you’re not succeeding.


  • How do I update my account or profile ?

    You need be logged first. After that click on “account’’ to enter your private menu in which you can adjust your settings. For those who merged their account to a Player profile, more options are available.


  • I purchased a Premium Pass for a month, but I noticed that the payment is recurring. Why?

    A Monthly subscription will be renewed automatically unless the member stops the subscription. You can easily do this by visiting your account, after that the "Premium Pass" tab. In here you can confirm the cancellation. There’s a 1-month notice to stop your running contract. It’s not possible take a Premium Pass for exactly one month due to the 1-month notice. The subscription will be renewed at least 1 time, even when you cancel the renewal directly after purchasing the monthly pass.

    For more information please read the “Terms and Conditions of Use” or contact Kozoom directly.

    The "automatic renewal" system does not apply for the Kozoom Tablesoccer platform.

  • I own a non-English Premium Pass, can I apply for a English one? (and vice versa)

    Contact Kozoom and mention to which language you would like to have your current Premium Pass migrated.

    Make sure the by you desired language is available (depending on which type of magazine you're active)

  • My Premium Pass has not been activated, the status is “Limited Access”, how come?

    Check if we approved and validated your payment. Pay attention, the Premium Pass you are purchasing is only valid for the language version of the Kozoom Magazine in which you requested a Premium Pass. Please contact Kozoom if this problem keeps recurring. 

    Keep in mind: If you purchased a Premium Pass by bank transfer, it can take 2-4 days before the money is being received by Kozoom. Kozoom can only activate your Premium Pass once the payment was executed succesfully. A succesfull Credit Card transaction means an immediate Premium Pass and grants access to all exclusive content of the website.

  • I cannot access certain content, how is this possible?

    In order to access all content it’s necessary to purchase a so called “Premium Pass”. First you need to be registered, if not; please fill in the registration form. Validate the email what has being sent to you. Log in on the Kozoom Carom website using the credentials you used during initial registration. You’re able to choose your subscription, to transfer the payment and after that the Premium Pass will be activated on the same language where you requested it.

    You can use the website in 3 ways :


    • As an Anonymous user (Not-registered)
    • As a Registered user (Not-Premium)
    • As a Premium user (Access to all exclusive content)

    To see the difference; log in on the Kozoom website and click on the Premium Pass banner (visible for those who did not turn Premium yet)



  • I‘m facing difficulties to access the livestreams and/or other videos , what’s wrong ?

    99% of this problem is being resolved after following this checklist:


    • Make sure you have installed the latest Flash Player update.
    • Empty the browser's (we recommend to use Google Chrome) cache-memory regularly.
    • Check your browsers navigation to see if you're using http instead of https.
    • Investigate possible network-restrictions. Also check your internet connection, make sure a Firewall is not blocking or narrowing the connection.
    • Also run a performance test on your local computer to make sure it’s running clean.

    Try to access a livestream on a different computer on a different location (if possible). Should problems persist, please contact Kozoom and provide us as much information as possible about the situation.


  • I cannot view multiple livestreams simultaneously, how come?

    This Kozoom platform has been designed to be a kind of Sports TV-Channel, just like watching television it’s most common to watch one channel at a time. A Premium Pass owner can have multiple log-ins but is only allowed to watch Live, Replays or videos from 1 location, because of the safety regulations, administration and to avoid abuse.

    To compensate this, Kozoom introduced the so called “Matches on Demand’’ functionality in order for everyone not to miss an important match. Only the multicam recorded matches can be offered as a "Full Replay".

  • I am a player but my Players profile is missing, why ?

    Currently our databases are filled with players who competed in Major competitions and events. During initial registration you can approve to have your account linked to an existing Player Profile: The so called "Player Link request".(Kozoom is allowed to have your identity checked). You can also contact Kozoom with the request to have your Players profile created .

    Did you know you can manage your profile information yourself? , like your picture, clubs, material, website and sponsor?  This is free advertism !

  • Live chat feature doesn’t work, I cannot post!

    The Live Chat function is currently supported by most common browsers, keep in mind a Premium Pass is required to post.

    Typ your text in the cloud box and press enter !

    For the moment the Chat is only available during LIVE-broadcasts.....

  • Can I change my Nickname?

    Sure, contact Kozoom via the support function inside your account and mention the new Nickname you desire.

    We'll update your Nickname as soon as possible.

    Keep in mind: Your nickname is the name what will be shown when posting a comment, contributing to the Forum or when participating in the Live chat.

  • Some results, rankings, palmares or other information are mentioned wrong and/or is incomplete, and now?

    Please contact Kozoom to explain your findings, please provide us documents as proof. Please don’t sent us any individual results, it’s better to provide us the results (or a link) to complete events.

    In that case we'll add this information to the database. Keep in mind that it takes some time to process all requests.

  • I see no score when watching a Full Replay

    After opening a replay as Premium Pass member you'll notice the "scoregraph" and "videomarker" button. The "scoregraph" button proofs that realtime score is available for this replay. After this there are 2 options: (1)The videoplayer loads the scoresheet automatically and score is displayed instantly, by scrolling on the timeline you'll also see the scoresheet behaving almost without any delay and synchronized with the replay. (2) If the videoplayer is not able to load the datasheet it will be forced to used the score which is embedded in the replay and is a 1:1 copy of the livescore operators input during the livestream. Which this option the score will only pop-up or being refreshed when a command (score/inning) has been given. 

    Take into considerations that it can take some time for option 2 for the score to be updated. Some patience is needed and further scrolling does not solve the problem.

    If no score is being shown, check if the "scoregraph" button is present. Close/Open your browser. Login again and start the video again. Normally it should be ok.

    We always recommend to clean your browser's cache regurlarly, check for Flash Player updates and to re-login to avoid problems.

  • I’m not able to find a certain video, result, picture, player or event (etc). What should I do?

    • Use Filters to execute the best possible search query.
    • Be as specific as possible.
    • Also try to search inside events or Player Profiles, we link every video to an event and player (if applicable)


    Contact Kozoom if the problem persists, there’s a chance the information is not (yet) made public or present. We’ll add the missing information as soon as possible.

  • How do I create and publish a new sequence in the Instruction section?

    First of all you need to own a Premium Pass to create shots and sequences. At the moment the application is supported by several language for an adequate on-site support. Most important thing to do is to create at least an extra shot within your sequence, otherwise you lose your data and it will not be saved. Check if your position is still there after saving, then you’re free to remove to extra position which was added previously. On the instruction page you can also click the banner to contact the developer of this application directly. It’s also possible to start a Topic in the Forum to share experiences with other users.

    New Feature: Highlight a sequence inside a comment :

    • Open an existing or Start a new comment.
    • Click on the small instruction thumbnail when creating a comment.
    • Fill in the Sequence ID
    • Press "Add"

  • How does it work, the Video Marker ?

    We've added some cool new features to highlight interesting parts of videos and instructions sequences. Premium Members can now embed a video marker or an instruction sequence in comments that are made in the News, Videos, Instruction and Forums. More interaction, more fun !

    For example, it’s possible to highlight a nice shot from a certain match inside a comment.



    Choose the startingpoint of the video you would like to show by pressing the “pause” button. Click “Video Marker” to initiate the Video Marker code which will be shown in the pop-up screen. Use this pop-up to finalize your comment or copy and paste the code into any other comment box within the Kozoom website. 

    Instruction Sequence:

    Click the small Instruction thumbnail inside the comment box editor. Fill in a public sequence-ID and press “add” to insert the sequence inside the comment.

    You can see an example on the English Kozoom Carom Forum by clicking here

    We highly appreciate your feedback regarding this new features. All kinds of improvements are possible but this is a first step to interact with others and to discuss the technical aspects of this nice sport.


  • I have a question/comment/suggestion concerning the Agenda and Live-schedule.

    Please contact Kozoom to report your findings, we do the best we can to offer our members a lot of variety. With your input we can even make this work out better.

  • Can you put my Banner on Kozoom?

    Also for this you need to contact Kozoom. All requests are welcome.

  • How can I contact Kozoom Multimedia?

    At the right bottom corner of the page you’ll find the shortcut for using our internal mailform ("http://www.kozoom.com/en/carom/contact.html").

  • My question is not mentioned in the FAQ, what is the next step ?


    You can try to collect more information by reading the “Terms and Conditions of Use” and the “Use of Dialogue Spaces”. For all other non-answered questions our team is standby to assist you. We do the best we can to answer you as good and quick as possible.


  • i contacted the support service but I did not receive a reply, I need help !

    Normally we will process your ticket the same day, in worst case within 24 hours. Keep an eye on your email inbox but also your spambox


    In order to receive the emails from our Support Service (It might happen our emails end up in your spambox), make sure to mark the following emailadress as safe :




    If you subscrided to our newsletter but you never receive one, the same rule apllies:

    Make sure to mark the following emailadress as safe:



    This will prevent your mail ending up in your spambox.